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Menstrual Cup PLUS (Size 1)



CLAIM TO FAME: A new and improved menstrual cup for a healthier alternative to sanitary pads and tampons

FAST FACTS: Now features 30% HIGHER CAPACITY than the classic Anytime cup (which could hold 20 to 30ml); lets you go through full day without emptying; offers high protection, even on your heaviest day; cup-shaped reservoir works by collecting menstrual fluids once inserted into the vagina; forms a seal to prevent blood flowing out; won’t absorb the blood or natural secretions so as not to cause dryness; less chance for TSS risk than tampons do; USA FDA and SGA approved; minimizes odors so you feel fresh all day; soft and flexible so it’s barely felt when worn; great for use during various physical and water-related activities; reusable and lasts for around 10 years with proper care; comfortable, convenient, and easy to use

PERFECT FOR: Women with low to medium cervix height

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Menstrual Cup PLUS (Size 1)
DIMENSIONS: 4.3cm x 6.38cm
INGREDIENTS: 100% Medical Grade Silicone

Anytime Menstrual Cup

Anytime Menstrual Cup PH aims to provide Filipinas with good quality, affordable, and reusable period protection in the form of a cup-type insertion. Made of a high quality silicone used in the medical and food industry, each cup works by creating a vacuum-like seal once inserted to prevent leakage as it gathers menstrual flow. It can collect 3 times more liquid compared to ordinary pads or tampons, and depending on the strength of flow, will provide protection from leaks for up to 4 to 6 hours for heavy, strong flow and 8 to 20 hours for average flow—letting you last a full day before emptying the cup out. It not only helps you cut out the use of plastic during your monthly cycle but also is perfect for providing comfort and security during physical activities, including water-related sports.

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Certified Buyer
  • Skin Type Combination
  • Skin Tone Fair
  • Facial Features Mestiza
  • Age 22

No more hassle!

It was a bit hard to use at first, medyo scary tbh. Especially removing it, but once you get used it, it's super easy. My tip for first time users is that, if you have low cervix, make sure that when you insert it, it will pop around the cervix opening. As in parang naka-shoot siya sa cervix opening. You can check it with one finger around the cup. Guaranteed no leaks yon, unless mapupuno na siya. Bought it while on sale, so super sulit. Plus guaranteed ecofriendly pa #zerowaste indeed!

18 days ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer
  • Skin Type Oily
  • Skin Tone Medium
  • Facial Features Morena
  • Age 31


I got curious of menstrual cups, not to mention it lessens use of napkins. When this was on sale (50% off), I immediately bought it. To prep myself, I watch videos on how to use this especially on the different folds. I have used tampons before but menstrual cups are a bit different, you really need to prep for it. You need to experiment on what type of fold fits. I'm on my 3rd cycle of using this and i am still adjusting. Place it too high and it gets difficult to remove and it will leak. Put it too low and you'll feel every inch of it. Make sure to "kapa" it so it feels just right, if placed right there will be no leaks. I still use panty liners during light flows. When removing, make sure you push it, like taking #2. No more rashes and itchy lady parts.

about 2 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer
  • Age 32

The cup is OK, but I chose a wrong size

For a first time user, I really waited for a flash sale because I didn't know what type and size to get, so I planned to get 2 cups. The description back then didn't help me that much. Like, it said Size 1 is for those 30yo and below, who haven't given birth. While Size 2 is for above 30yo and have given birth. Being above 30yo who haven't given birth, I was confused what to get. But since I had the impression that the Plus+ variant was already larger than their regular cup, I thought its Size 1 might be just right for me. By the time I got to try the cup, I liked that it's softer than their regular one. However, it kept moving around inside and even shift sideways after some time, hence, the leaks. And it's a bit hard for me to pull it out after, because it gets too high up inside. So with that, I think I'm Size 2. For now, I switched back to using sanitary napkins, until I'm able to buy another cup again.

2 months ago
Certified Buyer
  • Skin Type on
  • Skin Tone on
  • Facial Features on
  • Age 28

My journey to cups

Okay. So i bought this product oct 2018 and its only now that ill be giving my review. Yes. It took me 6 months. It took me 6 months to finally figure out how it works! Every month, i try different techniques, different ways, different whatever just to make it work. But its soooo difficult to make it pop inside. I have successful days but 98% of the time, its not. Ive watched all the reviews online and nothing seems to work. But my determination is strong for this one. My tip for the ladies who's having a hard time just like me: it would be really helpful to know the positioning of your uterus. I found out that mine is retroverted so i figured that might be the reason why it wont fit perfectly inside. What i did -- just put it in backward. Like the folded side is facing the other way. And that did the trick! I can always put it in a breeze and it instantly pops! ^_^ i still get a few leaks (spots) from time to time due to my movement and heavy days. If youre feeling a little skeptical, you can still wear pads or liners with it. The downside: its difficult for me to track the flow of my period. I might need to make a different reference for this.

2 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer
  • Skin Type Combination
  • Skin Tone Fair
  • Facial Features Mestiza

Best Decision Ever!

I’ve been reading so much positive things about menstrual cups, that I wanted to try myself and see if it is true. I saw that Anytime Menstrual Cups was available here and thought of buying one and try it out. When I got the packaged, I followed all the instructions and I also had to do some research to prepare myself. It was intimidating at first but surprisingly, it was easy to do. It was hard to decide which size would fit me and thankfully this one did perfectly. I didn’t have any leaks and I felt comfortable the whole time I was using it. I can’t imagine myself wearing pads after this. Plus it’s such a good feeling that you’re not being wasteful and saving Mother Earth. :)

3 months ago
Certified Buyer
  • Skin Type Dry
  • Skin Tone Medium
  • Facial Features Morena
  • Age 24

don't be afraid to get your hands bloody

I've used these for 3 periods now. I'm really happy that I switched to something that I could throw out after 5 years instead of single use napkins. I CAN WEAR WHITE PANTS on my 2nd day and never had to worry about leaks. These are so comfortable that I once forgot I was wearing one or that I am even on my period. The very first insert is very challenging. A little TMI goes a long way when learning how to use one of these.

3 months ago
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