Hair Fall Control Mask by Pantene

Hair Fall Control Intensive Hair Mask (135ml)

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CLAIM TO FAME: A professional-quality hair treatment that makes hair 10x stronger

FAST FACTS: Strengthens locks to dramatically reduce hair fall; repairs damage and nourishes hair with Pro V formula that penetrates deep into each strand, giving lasting strength from root to tip; light and creamy formula with fresh, delightful fragrance

PERFECT FOR: Weak hair prone to breakage and hair fall

WHAT YOU GET: (1) tub Hair Fall Control Intensive Hair Mask

After conditioning with Hair Fall Control Conditioner, run product evenly through your damp hair, focusing on the ends. Leave on for 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Use weekly.

Really, this brand doesn’t need any introductions. Pantene is such a classic that everybody knows it’s a hair care brand with Pro Vitamin formula - that ingredient that made them into a household name. We’re glad Pantene’s shampoos, conditioners, 2-in-1s, treatments and styling products are now available for all us around the world, because there was a time when their formulas were sold only in Europe, until Procter and Gamble acquired them in the 80s. Even then, they were hot commodity. And why not? Their products have been proven effective and affordable 60 years ago, and remain so till now. It’s because they deliver what their old tag line used to say, Pantene makes “hair so healthy, it shines.” How much simpler could that be?

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Top Reviewer


Introduced this to my mom who was in so much need of an effective hair loss treatment and she was so satisfied!! She noticed quite a difference by the number of hair that gets left on her pillow when she sleeps! Not only hair loss, she said she felt a difference in hair texture, that her hair was softer and it looked fuller and healthier, which lead to her looking younger than most of her friends who had damaged, colored hair. So satisfied with this product because it worked on my mom!!

2 days ago
Top Reviewer

Deep treatment!

I use this 1-2 times a week for a deep conditioning treatment of my weak hair. Since i have been using this product, i noticed a huge difference on my hair fall issue. My roots became stronger and less hair fall. Plus it leaves my hair smoother, softer and shinier!

about 1 month ago
Top Reviewer

Very good!

I love Pantene and I honestly think that my hair loves this brand too. I often get dandruff every time I use a really rich hair mask but with this Pantene Hair Fall Control Intensive Hair Mask, that was never an issue. I use this twice a week and it repairs my hair strands. It smells nice too.

3 months ago
Top Reviewer

Been using this for years

I used Pantene Hair Fall Control intensive hair mask along with its shampoo and conditioner for years to help maintain my brittle, limp hair. I was quite satisfied because not only did it smell clean, it also helped reduce hairfall. I guess using this product for so long made me so used to it that it stopped working. I will buy this again in the future, I'm using organic hair products for now.

7 months ago
Top Reviewer

Very good!

This is another product from Pantene that I absolutely love. I have thin, fine and limp hair and hair fall is bad news for me. I love how this hair mask really nourishes from the roots and makes my hair stronger, resulting to less hair fall. It is also rich in texture but it does not weigh my hair down.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

Extra Conditioner

I use this at least twice a week by leaving it on for about 10 minutes. My hair is always soft and smooth after an application of this! And I'm guessing it helps out with my hair fall, although I'm using the anti-hair fall shampoo and conditioner daily as well.

about 1 year ago

so soft!!!

this made my hair sooo soft and i can't believe how cheap this is compared to other hair masks. hairfall lessened a bit after a week of using. didn't stop completely, but i'd still say this product is worth it for the price, unless you really have chunks of hair falling out every time you brush or shower

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Try it!

I had problems with hair fall and since I was using Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner at the time, I figured to try this Hair Mask as well. This one left my hair moisturized and healthier upon every usage. I will be honest to say that in my case, to see significant difference in hair fall, you really have to use the three products religiously which I did. It is worth trying for.

3 months ago
Top Reviewer


Once I just used a normal conditioner, but when I tried this product which my mother used, I think its really nice and better to use this once a week even if you're using a conditioner. It really makes your hair smoother and silkier! With constant use, I think it can really help your hair better.

4 months ago
Top Reviewer

An affordable alternative to salon treatments

I use hair masks during weekends when I'm not in a hurry. This one from Pantene makes my hair soft and less frizzy. This is a great alternative for salon treatments, and affordable too!

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Just okay.

I've been using this Hair Fall Control Intensive Hair Mask consistently for 2-3x a week for 3 weeks already. Like their other Damage control mask, this one leaves hair softer and smoother. I use this after Pantene conditioner as written in the directions. But after 3 weeks of use I still haven't seen much improvement or didn't see noticeable lessening of hair fall.

10 months ago
Top Reviewer

Just okay

It moisturised my hair well, but didn't notice any huge difference in terms of preventing hair fall.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

No effect on hair fall

Added bounce and shine to my hair but hair fall still the same when I use this product. I also find the packaging unhygienic.

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer


not enough instruction on proper usage. i.e. time its supposed to be left on on your hair so i don't know if i am using it properly. cheap compared to the other masks i normally buy.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Not very effective

I used this once because I was having tremendous hair fall and I did not see any difference at all. I will stick to anti-hair fall shampoos rather than using something extra like this.

about 1 year ago