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Muscle Mend Balm

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Soothes minor aches and pains

Effective in soothing muscles aches & minir pains like headaches, nausea, even colds! Its actually a multi-purpose product. I love the scent and it helps me during my bouts of vertigo or when I get car/plane/sea sick, i use this as an alternative to the All Is Well Oil - in fact it works even better. I also use this to relieve the itchiness from insect bites or when I have a cold I even use this as a rub. Worth your money!

over 2 years ago
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Smells like body butter, works like Katinko.

I got my BeautyMNL packages today and this is the first one I opened since I'm having some stomach cramps. I thought this was too expensive for a soothing balm but the tub was bigger than I expected and now find it really affordable. This was better than the Ginger Rx Oil in helping relieve muscle aches & pains. And compared to Katinko, this one has a very nice scent, you'll feel like you're applying body butter and not medicine on your skin. The only thing I didn't like was the balm was too soft to touch, that it is easily mashed with fingers that you get more product than you want.

over 2 years ago
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Handy muscle-soother for active ladies! ❤️

I'm a pretty active individual. I hit the gym, attend ballet classes, go on duty rounds and pretty much cause my muscles enough pain to paralyze me whenever I get the chance to finally rest. I bought this product cause I thought it's quite handy and I surely need the extra help to mend my aches. The container is not that big, but the content will take longer to finish than one would expect (but this is entirely up to the user. If the usage is more frequent or if more is used per application, then expect it to finish up quicker). My application amount is just the right amount with the use of 2 fingers, scooping enough to cover the affected area thinly. Massage the area and voila, it'll do the trick.

11 months ago
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I use this to massage and to reduce muscle pain. The scent is relaxing and i feel that it is effective. Just okay for the price. I love using it after a long day. It is soothing and it feels good when applied to my body. My husband also like it so i keep on buying it for him. Thumbs up

over 1 year ago
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Stress go away!

I amin love with this product! I am very stressed with work. I need some time to relax and calm down, but o just couldnt do it. I bought this product because i felt that my back were hurting and this product helped me relax and remove that ache on my back

over 1 year ago
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Great product ^_^

I was really happy that i bought this. Im expecting it would have a reGular smell of menthol like the other products . Surprisingly when i tried it, it smells really good like a stress reliever itS super menthol but with a different scent. And it has the same smell and texture used when i went to a spa. Really relaxing. . ^_^

almost 2 years ago
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Soothes my sore muscles

It gives me relief from muscle pains and i love how it leaves that cold mentholy feeling after i apply it on my sore muscles. just a few product can do The job so this products can last for months, the smell is also nice and it does not just my eyes even of i apply it around my temples every time i have a migraine.

over 2 years ago

great product

I love Zenutrients products - local and organic at that. I do a quick self massage before I sleep and use this balm on my shoulders and temples. It is a bit watery but just a dab of this product goes a long way. I have had my tub for several months now. Value for money. I will definitely re purchase.

about 2 years ago
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It works well on minor aches. I also used it to relieve the itchiness of bug bytes! Although the balm melts on my skin, I still prefers the oil type massage oil. It is affordable and the best part is that it is natural and organic! If you are travelling often, this would work well for you because the balm consistency will prevent spillage and you can bring it with you anywhere.

9 months ago
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Good for Seniors

There are around four senior citizens in the house already. The result: groans from muscle pain and arthritis all over the house. We already ran out of our usual oils and balms, so we decided to try this. There's a noticeable menthol smell typical of balms for muscle pain but it's not an obnoxious kind of smell. It definitely helps with their pains and aches. And I can use this when I have headaches too. In our house, it's like a bigger version of Vicks really.

over 1 year ago
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Must have for Titas of Manila

This is really great in soothing sore muscles, including aching lower back. I just apply at night, it helps me sleep easily, and pain is gone by morning. I applied this after I started working out after a long hiatus since getting pregnant and breastfeeding. My muscles didn't ache as much as I was expecting.

over 1 year ago
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This is a very very light soothing balm, different from what I am used to. I like my soothing balm to be very intense, but this one does not give you that. I am rather disappointed with this product because of that, it does not soothe my muscle aches and the fact that the effect only lasts for less than 5 minutes. The tub is big, but I have tried it a couple of times layering and layering the balm to get the desired "soothing" effect, but it never intensifies. It just leaves my skin oily and greasy. The smell is nice though as if I have been on the spa. Maybe if you just want to relax and have a nice smelling soothing balm by your side, this is a good one, but for soothing the most intense back aches and pains, this is not your buddy for that matter.

6 months ago
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Isn't working for me!

Is mine expired? Did I get the same product? Because the Zenutrients Muscle Balm I got isn't doing anything to my muscle pains! :( I mean, sure it smells great--but the soothing / cooling effect I expected isn't there consistently. :( Maybe I just need something stronger, or apply a thick slob of the product? Or perhaps I need to stand in front of the fan to feel the balm take effect...? Whatever it is, I'm not really happy with my purchase. :(

10 months ago