Lemon-Citronella Repellent by Zenutrients

Lemon & Citronella Bug Repellent Spray

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CLAIM TO FAME: An all-natural, citronella-infused bug spray with a splash of lemony freshness
FAST FACTS: Repels mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and biting flies; safe for kids with its DEET-free formulation
PERFECT FOR: Warding off pesky bugs, especially during the rainy season

WHAT YOU GET: (1) bottle Lemon & Citronella Bug Repellent Spray

Suitable for day or night. Although non-toxic, do not drink or rub into eyes. For use on the face, apply gently with your fingertips. For general application, rub generously onto desired areas. Safe for use on children, but for babies under 6 months, only use with doctor’s advice.

Don’t panic, it’s organic! All-natural, non-allergenic, and of premium quality — that’s what Zenutrients promises with every product. What started in 2007 as a way to create skincare items that addressed the needs of people with allergies and sensitive skin has now become a well-loved brand with a line of delectably pure products for your every need. Each of their offerings is specifically handcrafted to be nothing but good to your skin — so you won’t need to do anything but use them knowing that your skin is in the best of hands.

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Certified Buyer

Thumbs up!

Just recently used this product and i'm happy that i tried this to my kids. It is oil based but not so sticky and has a lighter scent compared to the previous citronella bug spray of h*man natu** i've been using before. Get the protection for my kids against dengue and insect bites without their constant complain about the smell and how sticky it feels on their skin.

over 2 years ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Mosquitos No More

Others might take the smell as too strong but for me it's just enough, I actually like the smell, just enough but it still gives off the vibe that it's an insect repellent. It's oil based but not sticky when applied unlike the other repellent lotion that's very sticky and you can really see globs of lotion left on your skin. I also tried using this as house repellent spray, tried it when I wanted to open the window but since there's no screen, I sprayed this in the room to repel mosquito's. It's really effective both ways. Note though that the spray isn't really for surround spray.

about 1 month ago
Top Reviewer


Used this while hiking Mount Pinatubo. I am usually the favorite of mosquitos and other insects but surprisingly I was not bitten nor did I get itchy!! The smell though is too strong so I wouldn't use this for daily use. It wasn't that comfortable also - I mean you will feel that you put something in your skin. Perfect for outdoor trips and camping.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer


This is a good insect repellent. very effective and it doesn't smell that bad which is a deterrent with the products. It is a bit sticky with application so I spray sparingly and a couple of inches away from the skin. It really is effective and lasts the whole night. Perfect for outdoors stuff.

over 1 year ago
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Certified Buyer

Goodbye pesky mosquitoes!

This is a good organic product, though i find it a bit sticky when applied on my skin, The smell tends to fade after a short period, but effective with keeping mosquitoes at bay. Overall this is a great buy, effective and hello it's organic!!! will repurchase again! keep on producing quality but not so pricey stuff Zenutrients! You're one of my favorites :)

about 2 years ago
Top Reviewer

Really good!

I first tried this when another mommy friend recommended it to me and said it worked for her baby. It worked on mine, too. The smell is very pleasant unlike other organic mosquito repellants I've tried before which had a hint of garlic smell. The liquid in this spray on is also skin-friendly. It didn't make me or my baby itch. Some bug repellants can really burn the skin. I am so happy to see this product here.

about 2 years ago