Beauty Blender (Single) by Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender (Single)

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CLAIM TO FAME: The ultimate makeup sponge applicator

FAST FACTS: Signature elliptical shape invented by Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann Silva; designed to “bounce” makeup onto skin for a flawless finish; blends product with utmost ease; soft suede texture; latex-free, odor-free, and non-allergenic

PERFECT FOR: Hard-to-reach areas, like the corners of your nose and underneath your eyes

Also available in a duo pack.
Winner: Allure Best of Beauty 2013, 2012, 2011, 2008, and 2007

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Beauty Blender applicator, with insert pedestal

Suggested Usage: Bounce applicator against your face when applying makeup. Use pointed side around the nose and mouth and under the eyes. Use rounded base to apply foundation and blush on the larger areas of your face.

Use Beauty Blender damp, whether you’re applying dry or wet makeup. When the sponge is wet, it is normal for it to expand to nearly twice its original size.

Care: Wash after use and place in the Beauty Blender insert pedestal to dry. Applicator should not come in contact with extreme heat of any kind.

Introducing Beauty Blender, the ultimate makeup applicator and best blending sponge you’ll come across. The curved elliptical shape makes application foolproof by allowing you to access hard-to-reach areas with ease. Thanks to creator and Hollywood makeup extraordinaire Rea Ann Silva, the Beauty Blender adapts to every contour on your face, giving you flawless, even maquillage (no streaks!).

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Certified Buyer


I couldn't imagine how a makeup sponge could be any more effective than the ones you could get in big disposable sets, so I doubted the hype and thought the Beauty Blender was way too expensive for what it was. I was proven wrong, it's not even a placebo effect, this really does blend in foundation the best, makes it look seamless, light, and skin-like. I wear glasses and I find my base doesn't gather where the pads on the glasses touch the bridge of my nose anymore. I also find that I tend to use less foundation when using this. Highly, highly recommend this.

4 months ago

Best beautyblender ever!

This beauty blender is the best out there so far. I've tried the other beauty blenders brands but this one is definitely the best. The foundation feels so light on the face and has a natural finish. It blends so nice that it makes a huge difference unlike when using a brush. Definitely worth it even though it's a bit more expensive.

4 months ago
Top Reviewer

Oh the beauty!

This is perfect for everything. Especially when it comes to blending my CC cream. This beauty blender really evens it out. Though, I wish they had a nude color of this one because seeing the brown stain on this one makes me uncomfortable so I try to clean it as much as possible. Overall, I very satisfied.

5 months ago
Top Reviewer

The ONE and ONLY Beauty Blender for ME! <3

From the reviews I've watched and read; NOTHING BEATS THIS SPONGE! I get so excited the first time I use it on my face and I keep loving this Beauty Blender for giving me perfect application of cream products and it is bouncy! I feel like my face is beautifully airbrushed! For cleaning; I use bath gel and hot water to remove any stains. The only problem for this is, the 'pinky' color fades over washing. Overall, I'm super happy that I'm owning this on my collection!

12 days ago

I get it now

Your everyday make up will never be the same! Makes putting make up on easier and makes your finished look even better than it used to be. The price is worth it. Thumbs up! Definitely a good investment. So much hype for this product and know i know why! Will definitely stock up and get every kind of sponge by beauty blender there is

20 days ago
Top Reviewer

Best blending sponge

The Beauty Blender is the best blending sponge in my opinion. However, it really is on the pricey side. I use this every single day to ensure that my foundation is flawlessly applied. I first use a buffing brush to buff in my foundation and then I go over it with the Beauty Blender, and I find that it provides the best results.

about 1 month ago

Game changer

This changed my make up game... Ever since I used this, I fell inlove with it and never stopped using it. I tried finding dupes for this but nothing can beat the original! It makes my make up look refined and natural! It is kinda pricey but it is a great investment.

about 1 month ago

Best makeup sponge

I was hesitant to buy this at first because, let's admit it, the price is steep - but it's so worth it. Nothing beats the original beautyblender. It works like magic! It grows to double its size when you wet it, which amuses me every single time. It's incredibly soft and bouncy. Gives me a flawless finish regardless of the makeup that I use this for - liquid foundation, concealer and even powder blush!

about 2 months ago
Top Reviewer

Game changer!

This made me wonder why i have not tried this product since it came out the market! It is totally a game changer. And made my makeup routine a lot easier! I use it to apply bbcreams and foundations. Even undereye concealer and for baking. It makes my application flawless! Definitely one for the books!

about 2 months ago

Deffo worth the hype!

A product that has quickly earned (and maintained) a cult reputation for all good reasons. It's remarkably lightweight and soft. Most sponges have a certain degree of "give," but the Beauty Blender is so soft that you can compress it completely in your hand. This gives an air brushed finish to the skin!

about 2 months ago
Certified Buyer

Must have!

Still the best sponge that has ever existed!! Love how it blends my foundation and concealer so well! Super easy to clean and the color does not wear off! Definitely an essential for every make up junkie out there! <3 my BB's almost a year old but it is still as good as new!

about 2 months ago
Top Reviewer

Blending is key

I love this so much!! At first, I only used my fingers for blending, but when I tried this, it had such a great difference and effect! It makes your look more airbrushed and flawless! Remember to clean it though because you don't want the accumulated bacteria to transfer to your face. This is a bit pricey but I tell you it's definitely worth it :)

about 2 months ago

My one and only

Love love love this! After using this once, i completely stopped using brushes to apply foundation. This applies liquid foundation so well and so naturally. If i want more coverage... i just dab and add more product. It is also easier to use. And ive tried a lot of sponges and this is the best one there is. Ive been using mine now for 6 months and its still good.

2 months ago

A must for every make-up junkie!

I've always been loyal to my flat top kabuki brush when it comes with applying my liquid foundation. But when I stepped on the bandwagon and finally tried this product, I have never applied my liquid foundation with a brush! I'm so amazed how the Beauty Blender always gives me that airbrushed look right after I blend the foundation into my skin. I also noticed that I don't waste that much foundation when I use the Beauty Blender. Plus, applying my make up has never been this quick and easy since I switched to the Beauty Blender! Every make up junkie should have this in their make up stash! Please do not buy knock-offs! I highly recommend this product!:)

2 months ago
Top Reviewer

A good investment

I usually don't give in to make up trends especially if they're leaning on the pricey side. So initially, I got myself a cheaper version of a Beauty Blender. A week later, the foam was breaking down when I was cleaning it - so that was a complete bust. Finally, I bought myself the legitimate one and it's so worth it. It's sturdier and more compact than what I previously got. It blends my make up perfectly and it doesn't break into pieces when I clean it. Never again will I buy cheap knock offs.

3 months ago
Certified Buyer

Best decision for a makeup rookie

I encountered this due to my week-long spree of watching Youtube tutorials in desire of knowing more of makeup.. And due to positive reviews, well raves of many online, I decided to purchase one. True to what they say, it is so soft and bouncy, and blends the foundation I put to a nice finish.. Yes I am still a rookie but this item, a must-have and I am just as pleased I got one for myself. Truth be told, I bought a local market substitute and definitely, there's a big comparison from texture to blending ability...

3 months ago
Certified Buyer

My holy grail

Was curious with this sponge since everyone on Youtube was ravin' 'bout it. Decided to buy it and fell in love with it. It's such a nifty makeup tool. It deposits pigments. It's super soft and fluffy just like a marshmallow! It really does an unbelievable job of applying liquid foundation, so you get a flawless finish that seems invisible to the naked eye.

3 months ago
Certified Buyer

Simply the best! Substitutes on the market don't even come close

This cult favorite is so wildly popular for a reason: once you apply your make-up with a Beauty Blender, there is no going back. Something about the material in this sponge makes foundation look flawless as it blends seamlessly and makes any product you apply look like natural skin. It's also amazing for applying concealer around the eyes. I've also used this to apply powder products such as blush and face powder, and the results are simply amazing. It removes the powdery look, making it look like natural skin. This will forever change how your make-up looks and applies! If I could give it 10 stars, I would.

3 months ago
Top Reviewer

If you're not a fan of brushes, this one's for you.

I remember the first time I got this, I was so amused with how it gets big when wet that I even tried to prank my grandfather with it as magic. It is hands down one of the best make up applicators I have ever used. That is after straying from these sponges and using brushes and my fingers instead. But as I wanted sheer and very light coverage for my foundations, I realized that using this wet gives me my desired coverage the best so my love affair with it was rekindled. The price may initially be off-putting but this sponge really lasts a long time especially if you care for it properly. Will keep repurchasing this and the RT Miracle Sponge.

3 months ago

Great for traveling!

This blends makeup so well. All you have to do is bounce it on your skin and it makes your makeup skin-like. Traveling? Bring this instead of makeup brushes! With brushes you would have to bring 3 or more brushes and that just takes up so much space and you may even end up damaging the bristles. But with this, this is the only tool you need for your makeup? First use it with your concealer then foundation then blush and then use it to pick up powder and set your makeup! Give it a quick wash before leaving the hotel and you can use it the next morning!

3 months ago