Cherry Blossom Hand Cream by L'Occitane

Cherry Blossom Hand Cream

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CLAIM TO FAME: Bestselling hand cream

FAST FACTS: Softens and protects hands; non-greasy formula; cherry blossom extract from Provence

PERFECT FOR: Reviving tired and dry hands

WHAT YOU GET: Cherry Blossom Hand Cream

Apply as often as needed.

Natural and organic ingredients are at the heart of L’Occitane. Founder Olivier Baussan himself in fact, distilled rosemary and lavender to explore plant benefits and what nature has to offer. Distillation of essential oils and putting the highest concentration possible in their products is a tradition that has been carried out since the brand’s birth in 1976. The brand also instills respect for the environment through eco-friendly and sustainable efforts. L’Occitane has maintained its heritage by being true to its birthplace, Provence, France, and by being close to its environment. Green, aromatic and authentic, these best describe their line of beauty products.

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Top Reviewer

Perfect for travel!

I have excessively dry hands and it is terrible especially when I travel to colder places. In my recent trip to the US, this hand cream saved my life! The back of my hands were scaly dry no more! I love that this isn't greasy at all! It's amazing cherry blossom scent is also an added plus! Totally raving about this product and I keep it on my purse whenever I travel!

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

Worker hands no more!

I love how non-sticky this lotion is and let's not forget about the smell! This is by far, my most favorite hand lotion and I use it everyday! If you are a crafter or just like to use your hands a lot, give yourself a treat and buy this!

over 1 year ago

Must try!

I tried this by accident because it was part of a promo with two other scents in a small container. But wow, I'm glad I did. IT SMELLS SO GOOD. I actually love how the packaging is cherry blossoms, but the smell didn't disappoint too! It really helps hydrate my skin, considering how my skins is extra dry even. Get one!!!

over 1 year ago

perfect for a working girl

i love the scent of cherry blossom. i use this type of hand cream whenever I'm in the office and after a whole day of using my fingers typing on my laptop. the scent is very rejuvenating plus ensures that my hands are soft. plus i love japan, so the scent takes me back to cherry blossom season of japan.

almost 2 years ago


Love it. The thing about hand creams is that they double as lotions--but with thrice the potency! Don't limit yourself to using it on just your hands. Elbows, heels. If it's need moisture, this thing douses it in it! I'm a sucker for cherry blossoms so this scent wins it for me. *The body lotion and shower gel are TDF as well!

over 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Skin Saver

I love how pampered I feel every time I use this hand cream. Its light and non greasy and instantly nourishes my skin. I love its light delicate fragrance. The packaging is an added plus too and doesn't take too much bag space. This hand lotion is great to give as a gift or to keep handy on your desk. I feel its well worth the price.

over 1 year ago