Tea Tree Deo Spray (50ml) by Zenutrients

Cooling Tea Tree Deodorant Spray Lotion (50ml)

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CLAIM TO FAME: A naturally antibacterial deo spray that keeps you feeling cool and fresh for hours

FAST FACTS: Organic, tea tree-infused formula; provides long-lasting protection against unpleasant odors; leaves a refreshingly cool sensation on the skin

PERFECT FOR: A fuss-free spritz of freshness that lasts all day long

WHAT YOU GET: (1) bottle Cooling Tea Tree Deodorant Spray Lotion

Spray onto underarms after cleansing. Do not apply to broken skin. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Don’t panic, it’s organic! All-natural, non-allergenic, and of premium quality — that’s what Zenutrients promises with every product. What started in 2007 as a way to create skincare items that addressed the needs of people with allergies and sensitive skin has now become a well-loved brand with a line of delectably pure products for your every need. Each of their offerings is specifically handcrafted to be nothing but good to your skin — so you won’t need to do anything but use them knowing that your skin is in the best of hands.

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Top Reviewer

My UA loves organic!

I have been using this product for the past six months has always kept me feeling and smelling fresh despite my daily commute. It’s non irritating and doesn’t aggravate darkening around the UA. I noticed it also calmed down the chicken skin parts around my UA. I will definitely buy again and buy some more!

about 2 years ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

No more dark-Pit-phobia

I dont use deodorant due to fear of dark underarms. Last summer i had to ise some because it was extra humid. After a whole day of research, i zeroed it down to tea tree. It kept me fresh, my underarms are extra smooth (cant say it lightened) and felt really cool. The spray bottle makes it suitable for sharing that my sister started using it. I am definitely covered next summer.

5 months ago
Top Reviewer


I was looking for a pit friendly alternative to my ex... deodorant since I was having problems with it. My previous deo would combat the stink and sweats but darkened my pits and made them a bit itchy so I started looking for natural alternatives. Now I have tried this and it does what my previous deo does except it made my ua brighter and softer! No more darkening and itch too!

5 months ago
Certified Buyer

No odor, no allergies!!!

I developed allergies upon prolonged use of commercially available deodorants which made my UA itchy and dark so I decided to look for an organic one which is not harsh on the skin and came across this product. I am a big fan of zenutrients particularly the All is Well line so i was happy to give this deo a try. I have been using this for only a week but I am very satisfied with the results since my allergies disappeared! While Tea Tree deo has a strong peppermint smell upon application (which actually is not a bad thing), the smell disappears once it dries down and leaves no trace of odor on my UA, it's as if I didn't apply anything at all. It lasts the whole day too. However, I can't say if it can withstand sweat since I'm usually in an air-conditioned area. The only gripe I have is that despite being a spray type, the lotion is quite thick and needs to be spread out evenly by hand, otherwise it won't cover the whole area and will take a longer time to dry. The cap of my bottle is also loose so I almost dropped it a couple of times. But the product itself is effective so I'm giving it a two thumbs up.

9 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer


After reading about the detriments of using other deodorants, I started using this organic UA deodorant. It gives my underarm a cooling sensation whenever I apply it. I like that it comes in a spray container because it is more hygienic than roll-on deodorant. It dries into a matte finish few minutes after spritzing my UA with it and I've been using this ever since I first tried it.

9 months ago

Switching to organic deo!

I read multiple articles saying that using traditional deodorants can really be harmful to our bodies. So I definitely wanted to try to switch to more organic deodorants. I tired this one and found that I really liked it! It has such a nice, refreshing scent. It really helps in keeping the bad odors at bay. However, I do find that this has weak anti-perspirant properties. Still, I will continue to use this and will probably repurchase after I run out.

10 months ago