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Skin Brightening Daily Scrub by Aveeno

Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub

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CLAIM TO FAME: A gentle, exfoliating facial scrub for brighter, radiant skin

FAST FACTS: Removes impurities and gently exfoliates with smooth, round microbeads to reveal clearer skin; Reduces redness, improves skin tone and nourishes skin with moisture-rich ACTIVE NATURALS® Total Soy Complex; soap-free, oil-free formula; hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic; gentle for daily use on sensitive skin; dermatologist-recommended

PERFECT FOR: Dual-purpose daily cleansing and exfoliating

WHAT YOU GET: (1) tube Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub

Massage product onto wet skin in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid contact with eyes.

For close to 70 years, Aveeno has been all about discovery: unlocking the promise of centuries-old remedies through scientific advances, and letting its customers discover natural beauty and well-being in their lives. With unique, exclusive formulas made only from beneficial ACTIVE NATURALS® ingredients sourced from nature, each product has been proven to deliver real skin and hair care benefits. No wonder Aveeno has made a mark as a brand trusted not just by consumers, but by beauty and healthcare professionals as well. If you haven’t discovered Aveeno, it’s about time you do.

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Top Reviewer


I love aveeno products. It doesnt just make you achieve brighter face but ofcourse with glow. You will not look pale unlike others. This is leaving my face smooth and supple. It doesnt break me out though i have sensitive skin. This product has microbeads helping you clean your face well.

1 day ago
Top Reviewer

I love thissss

I love this! It is an effective facial scrub that does not damage my skin. It has tiny beads that gently exfoliates dead skin cells from my face. It leaves my skin super soft and plump! If you're like me who uses this twice a week then it will last you for months since it is 140g. I highly recommend for you to use this twice a week if you are oily like me or once if you have sensitive skin.

14 days ago

Clean and bright!

Another sold out product which I was suppose to purchase! 😞😢😭 Anyway, this product holds true to its claims. I have sensitive skin and was hesitant to use facial scrubs on my face but I just took that jump and used this product and I love it! I use it everyday, yep everyday, to gently exfoliate my skin. I find it drying though if I use this twice a day so for people with sensitive skin, just use this once a day. Its beads are so minute and gentle. I didn't experience any break outs or allergic reactions. It's so gentle and strong at the same time because it really does clean your face leaving it clean, clear and glowing! I will definitwly repurchase! Now on the waiting list. 😂😂😂

about 1 month ago
Top Reviewer


I have acne prone skin and I have large pores that gets clogged by dirt all the time. To make sure that I do not break out, I use this Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub from Aveeno every other day and I like how this is very gentle to the skin yet effective at the same time.

4 months ago

A little goes a long way

I have a really oily face and I'm always exposed to the sun and polluntants of Manila. I use this everyday in the shower and I promise that it's your best bet against the elements. You don't have to fill your palm to clean your entire face. One bottle got me through a whole semester, given that I only use it once a day. It's worth buying because it leaves your face refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

4 months ago

Worth the splurge :)

Another great product from Aveeno! I'm almost finished with my first container and I'm definitely going to re-purchase this. My dad was the one who introduced this to me and it's a product he swears by so I just had to try it for myself, was not disappointed! My skin was glowing and supple from the first wash. I love it because it isn't too harsh to the skin and it didn't break me out. I usually use this thrice a week.

5 months ago
Top Reviewer


I use this Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub from Aveeno perhaps 2 to 3 times a week and I just love how this makes my skin feel extra clean and exfoliated after every use. I just like that the beads in this scrub are very gentle to the skin but I still feel them working really hard in cleansing my face.

9 months ago
Top Reviewer

2nd HG Scrub

This is my second Holy Grail facial scrub after St. Yves' Green Tea Scrub. I love how this exfoliates my skin without irritating it. It helps with my oily skin and this lessens my oil production and this makes my skin smooth which helps my skincare products sink in faster than normal.

9 months ago

My Favorite Daily Scrub!

Super love this product! It's good for oily/combination skin. I use it twice a day everyday and it didn't irritate my skin, which is good. You can use it every other day if you have dry/sensitive skin. It made my skin brighter and minimized breakouts. The smell is pleasant, too.

9 months ago
Top Reviewer

very nice

I have large pores that gets irritated easily. Having pointed that out, I really suffer from bad break out every now and then. To avoid this very unfortunate skin event, I use this scrub every other day. I like how it lifts away all the impurities on my face without being harsh to it.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

Nice scrub

I use this scrub on my face when I want to exfoliate and when I think my skin needs to take a rest from all the stuff I've been putting. It claims to be a daily scrub but as other reviewers have pointed out, this doesn't really need to be used every day. Just a couple of times a week or once a week will suffice.

12 months ago
Top Reviewer


I just finished my tube and I can say that this is such a wonderful scrub. I love that it is really exfoliates my skin without being too harsh. I find that the particles in it are not too grainy. I also like how it smells refreshingly good. You also just need a small amount to cover your entire face.

12 months ago
Top Reviewer


I don't use it everyday because I think it would be too harsh on my skin, but it's great to use twice a week.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer


It's perfect for everyday use, leaves my skin more nourished and glowing.

about 1 year ago

A Gentle Scrub for Everyday Use!

I always go back to this stuff. It hasn't let me down once. I use this when my skin needs to be scrubbed smooth. And even if I opt to use it everyday, the product has never irritated my skin. It is perfect for sensitive and acne-prone skin like mine.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Gentle Daily Scrub

Scrubs are one of my favorite skin care products. I love that this one isn't as abrasive as others, but it still gives you that smooth, clean face after using it. I didn't notice it at first, but this really does brightens your skin with every day use. I like that it doesn't have an overpowering scent.

9 months ago
Top Reviewer

my scrub staple

I never really got how facial scrubs work, but this product made me realize why it's a must do. the beads are 'felt' enough without being too harsh. my skin is left moisturized and more or less even. proven safe for everyday use too - not like other scrubs that dry up my skin. i'm giving it 4 instead of 5 stars only because it's pricey.

12 months ago
Top Reviewer


I have sensitive skin, but this is still gentle enough to use. I only use it twice a week, though.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Lightly-scented Exfoliator

I like the mild scent. The scrub granules are big, so it offers regular exfoliation (versus micro-exfoliation), while the medium the granules are suspended in doesn't foam up. Just a word to the wise: This expires fast, especially if you don't use it regularly.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Kind of meh

Tried this before. What I can say is that the beads are not too abrasive upon rubbing on skin, it's quite comfortable to use. What I don't really like is that it feels kinda oily after rinsing. I haven't seen any visible improvement on my skin tone though since I have hyper pigmentation problems and skin blemishes.

about 2 months ago