Sun Protect SPF50 (125ml)  by Nivea

Moisturizing Immediate Collagen Protect Lotion SPF50 (125ml)

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CLAIM TO FAME: A lusciously-moisturizing sunscreen with collagen protect

FAST FACTS: Effectively and immediately protects against sun burn and premature signs of skin aging with SPF 50 PA++ and UVA/UVB protection system; helps prevent sun-induced wrinkles and intensively moisturizes with advanced collagen protect; light, non-sticky, fast-absorbing, water-resistant, delicately scented formula; skin compatibility dermatologically proven

PERFECT FOR: Protecting and nourishing skin while under the sun

WHAT YOU GET: (1) bottle Moisturizing Immediate Collagen Protect Lotion SPF50

Apply generously onto skin before sun exposure. Re-apply frequently.

As one of the world’s largest skincare brands, Nivea understands skin like no one else. With each product backed by over 130 years of experience in skin care and the world’s most modern skin research center, Nivea has proven to be a trusted brand that brings out the most beautiful, healthiest-looking skin. Whether male or female, young or old, oily or dry to everywhere in between, you’re sure to find products that gently yet effectively cleanse, nourish and protect your skin, just the way you need it.

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I don't usually go out in the sun much and I'm not a beach buff but whenever I do, this product has yet to fail me. It's really effective in protecting my skin from the sun, and the smell and stickiness on my skin are not bothersome at all. This is definitely a good sun block.

27 days ago
Top Reviewer

The sceeennnttt!!

My friend let me try this when we went to the beach. She was applying this and smelled it on her. I asked what she was using and told me it was this, while I was applying this I couldn't stop saying "ANG BANGOOOO." Other than the amazing smell, it also wasn't sticky and didn't wash off after going in the water. Even though we were under the scorching sun for almost 6 hours, I was pleased I didn't got any sunburns or didn't go 5 shades darker. Planning to use this as an everyday lotion because I really like the scent.

3 months ago
Top Reviewer

Sunscreen buff

I have this for a year and I finished the whole bottle since I apply sunscreen daily. It is so moisturizing and I loved it. P.S.: USE SUNSCREEN DAILY because the sun's rays are more harmful than ever! It's better to be protected and safe from skin cancer :)

3 months ago

It's a Must

Whenever we go for a swim this Nivea Sun Protect Lotion must always be in our things. I love their formula that when you put it in your skin you'll get immediate protection from the sun, which is unusual in other SPF product which you'll have to wait for 20 minutes for it to take effect. Very light on skin and it doesn't feel sticky when applied.

5 months ago

My Staple Sunblock

This is my go-to sunblock specially during summer and when I travel. It's very effective and it has a non-sticky finish. It's also easily absorbed by my skin and true to its words on being waterproof. It's very handy and doesn't smell like the usual sunblocks in the market plus it's a bit affordable compared to its competitors.

9 months ago

Real Protection from the Sun!

What I love about this sunblock is how it effectively protects my skin from the sun. It's very lightweight when applied to skin, no greasy or oily feeling which is really important for me because I don't like going out on the sun and looking like I was dipped in oil. And it's very gentle on the skin even my 6 year old daughter have been using this each time we go to the beach.

9 months ago
Top Reviewer

I love it!

Nivea's Moisturizing Immediate Collagen Protect Lotion SPF50 is a must have product. It has a high SPF that protects my skin from sun damage like sun burn and dark spots. It is totally non greasy and water resistant. It smells okay and my skin can quickly absorb it. I love it!

9 months ago
Top Reviewer

Gentle sunblock

This is probably the only sunblock I would let near my skin if I were suffering from a mild skin irritation. I used to like Coppertone more, maybe just because my family started using it before Nivea sunblocks became popular. When I first tried this sunblock, I was doubtful, but it works! I even use it on my three year old's skin because the sunblock doesn't upset his sensitive skin. Perfect for days out in the park, or even at the beach!

9 months ago

Absolutely a good buy

Trusting Nivea as a well-known brand plus my mother who gave this to me last summer, I can say that it didn't disappoint me. Price is much affordable compared to other sun screens. I love the scent as it is not overpowering. It can blend well on my perfume so it really is a plus. I feel protected by having it on my skin. It is water resistant, light and non-greasy. I recommend this to everyone.

10 months ago
Top Reviewer

Reliable Sun Protection

My brother, a true-blue adventurer, was the one who introduced me to this product. I think it's more affordable than most of the sunscreens out there without foregoing quality. I feel much confident going on adventures myself knowing that this will protect and take care of my skin at the same time. It's light, water-resistant, and non-greasy too! Plus the smell is not as overpowering compared to others. I would definitely buy this again.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

Very good!

I really enjoy using Nivea products. I find the brand's products really effective and reasonably priced. This sunblock is exactly what I want my sunblock to be. This goes very light on the skin. It is not sticky and it really shields my skin from sun damage. I like its mild scent too.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

Sun Protection at its finest

I see to it that my skin is protected whenever I go under the sun. I use this especially during my beach trips. It smells nice and the formula is not that thick. It dries fast and my skin can absorb it easily. It has an SPF50 and it is not sticky.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

Love the immediate sun protection

I love how this sunblock makes sure that my body is well protected every time I hit the beach. It offers immediate protection against sun burns. It spreads beautifully as well on the skin. It is quickly absorbed by the skin without the greasy after feel that most sunblocks have and is water resistant.

12 months ago
Top Reviewer

Great Sunblock

This is my go-to sunblock when I hit the beach or when I have activities that require long sun exposure. The consistency is not greasy on the skin, and is well-absorbed. The spf is enough to protect the skin from the harmful uva/uvb rays of the sun, but you still need to reapply every 2 to 3 hours if under direct sunligh.

12 months ago
Top Reviewer

worth every peso!

Nivea's sunblock is great to use at the beach or even just your poolside! I love how I can use this even when playing tennis since this doesn't make you feel too icky and sticky! I also love how the smell reminds me of the beach. You can totally feel it protecting your skin cells from the sun. And although the sunblock is a teeny, bit pricey, I promise you it's worth every peso!

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer


Great sunblock to use for the beach.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

great sunblock

great coverage.. higher spf..

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer


Have used this for years! Never fails to provide awesome coverage

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Love it

Excellent sunscreen. Not heavy and non sticky

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

awesome beach sunblock

love that this sunblock provides immediate protection because sometimes i'm out so long, i have to reapply often. it's reassuring that i don't have to worry about it. and sure enough, i never burn with this so long as i've covered every part. i personally love the smell... it brings me back to beautiful memories of Boracay every time. It's on a the pricey range but it's worth splurging for well-protected skin.

about 1 year ago