Deep Moisturizing Shampoo by Mane ‘n Tail

Deep Moisturizing Shampoo

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CLAIM TO FAME: Cult brand Mane ‘n Tail’s potent formula for shinier, healthier locks

FAST FACTS: Cleanses hair as it locks in moisture; helps repair hair damage from excessive styling and harsh environments; deeply moisturizes for ultra-manageability and elasticity; fortified with Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E to nourish each hair strand

PERFECT FOR: Cleansing dry, damaged hair in need of decadent hydration

WHAT YOU GET: (1) bottle Deep Moisturizing Shampoo

Work product onto wet hair, massaging gently from scalp to tips. Rinse. Best when used with Mane ‘n Tail Deep Moisturizing Conditioner.

Say hello to cult brand Mane ‘n Tail! What began as a hair care line for the manes and tails of show horses has since evolved into a premiere line for our own tresses. Benefit from a collection of shampoos, conditioners, all-in-one treatments, and styling products, fortified with moisturizers and emollients that leave hair ultra clean, soft, and shiny. Yay for humans!

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Top Reviewer

Moisturizes deeply

I prefer this than the other variant which made my hair really dry and rough. This shampoo really moisturizes my hair deeply. It has an okay scent and it makes my hair really clean and soft. I also noticed how it made my hair stronger and less breakage. My hair is now more manageable!

11 months ago
Top Reviewer


I bought a sachet of this and after using it, my hair feels squeaky clean but not smooth enough.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Deeply moisturizes but..

Does what it says on the package, deeply moisturizes the hair. It strips hair of all the gunk and buildup, and that's saying a lot for my thick, coarse hair with an oily scalp. However, I found that if I use this for too long, my scalp somewhat develops an "immunity" towards the formula, which is a shame because I haven't been able to finish a bottle yet.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

Cleans really well.

This stuff is good at giving my hair volume, Got my hair nice and clean and hopefully, it will make it longer and stronger.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Breaks through the frizz!

Helps to thicken and keep hair shiny and healthy! And this is coming from someone who lives with frizzy hair every day! A must try!

about 1 year ago

Not for me

I was using this variant together with its matching conditioner for like a month now. It leaves my dry coarse hair looking all hydrated and healthy. But the only downside of this one is that I don't think the shampoo works just as fine as the conditioner. I love the conditioner so much but the shampoo just feels sticky and I don't think it removes all the product buildup.

2 months ago

There's good reason why this is a HIT

Ladies with limp and lifeless hair, come on down! Mane and tail might just be the shampoo for everyone with thin and and would like more volume to improve their styling prowess. I've used this along with the conditioner and had noticed instant results. The shampoo itself creates more volume but isn't moisturized enough.

5 months ago
Top Reviewer

horsetail hair?

I used to use this before when my hair was really short and I wanted it to grow faster. Was it effective? I am not really sure but I liked the feel of it on my hair. It is not drying but it does not leave your hair really soft at the same time so I recommend to use conditioner after using this.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

Not for my hair

I tried to use due to its promise to do a Deep Moisture Shampoo. But it I wasn't that satisfied. Maybe it is just my hair that is overly damaged and dry. That it truly needs one that will revive and a decadent hydration. I don't blame the product at all since it works for the others. It just did not match my hair.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

A bit sticky!

I love how this shampoo gets rid of the buildup on my scalp! But sadly, it dries out my hair and it's kind of hard to rinse out because it's really sticky.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Not for constant use.

Many people have been saying that this shampoo makes your hair grow faster. My hair already grows at quite a fast pace so I did not notice this particular effect. It is indeed deeply moisturizing for the first few days of use, but isn't consistent--the moisture then becomes oiliness at the scalp, paired with dryness at the ends. Not a very desirable combination. This is one of the shampoos that may work best if switched with other brands from time to time.

8 months ago
Top Reviewer

Dry hair

Mane 'N Tail's Deep Moisturizing Shampoo may work for others but not on me. The scent can be improved and the price is a bit high. Upon using it, it does not lather that much but it cleanses my hair well. My hair became dry and hard to comb after.

9 months ago

Disappointed :(

I gave this product a try as I've heard that this shampoo is effective by making your hair look healthy as I have a really dull and dry hair due to excessive coloring. But after using it for a couple of weeks, I was so disappointed because I didn't see any changes at all. :(

11 months ago

Dry Hair

I have heard about this product working wonders. But for me, I gave it a try, twice (bought two bottles), and was not very satisfied. They say you're supposed to have thicker hair, like that of a horse's mane, but I think (in my personal opinion), they fell a little short in their claim to fame. My hair was not thicker, and it became dry.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

Gave me dandruff

I just bought this in a sachet just to try it out. Unfortunately, I did not like this shampoo as much as I thought I would do. Yes it cleanses my scalp thoroughly and it actually makes it smell so good. But the thing is, this shampoo irritated my scalp that I had dandruff after using this. :(

11 months ago