Versatile Chevron Scarf by Vain Accessories

Versatile Chevron Scarf

₱1,350.00 ₱750.00

Slip on this pretty scarf around your neck, charmingly patterned in chevron, for an instant pick-me-up to any ensemble. Soft, light, and so lovely you won’t be able to resist picking it up again the next day.

Its gorgeously bright hue will remind you so much of sunshine it instantly makes your day. Drape it over a nautical-themed look for an unexpected pop of color.

Light Gray
Its delicate light gray hue will remind you so much of a gorgeously cloudy day it instantly sets a mellow mood. Pair it with a monochromatic outfit for a soft addition of color.

Its vivid hue is so reminiscent of fresh and tangy tangerines it brightens any outfit up in an instant. Wrap it over a tight white top and mono-colored skirt for an unexpected pop of color.

Run by a fashion maven and certified arm-candy addict, Vain Accessories goes to painstaking lengths to bring in the most stylish and sartorial jewelry from all over the world. With a collection that goes playful and quirky to elegant and chic, we’re pretty sure something from their collection has your name on it.