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Smooch Lip Detox with SPF15 by V&M Naturals

Smooch Lip Detox with SPF15

₱205.00 ₱185.00
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CLAIM TO FAME: A smooth-as-butter balm that soothes dry, cracked, and even bleeding lips

FAST FACTS: Oil-based, petroleum-free, sun-protected up to SPF15

PERFECT FOR: Perpetually-chapped puckers

WHAT YOU GET: (1) tube Smooch Lip Detox SPF15

Apply all over dry, chapped lips as needed.

V&M Naturals crafts all-natural products that can be used by both sexes–in fact, its namesake acronym stands for Venus and Mars! Priding itself on being the first true Emu Oil skin care line in the Philippines, the brand swears by 100% pure recipes that blend “miracle” oils and premium herbs. Its products are based on archaic beauty rituals that are still effective today, and their formulas are free from pre-made bases, sulfates, surfactants, alcohol, sugar solutions, and parabens.

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Certified Buyer

My fave local lip balm

Feels great on my lips, no weird texture or smell or taste, love the cool peppermint feeling, plus it's a local product using natural ingredients! I just purchased another one. I keep one by my bedside to use right before I sleep, and another in my purse to use on the go. :)

about 1 month ago

My lipstick's perfect match!

I am a fan of local brands and when I saw this product, I immediately grab it thinking that one can never have too many lip balms especially with our weather. I initially applied it at night but I wasn't used to having only a sheer layer of balm. The product feels really thin if compared to carmex or the usual petroleum jelly. The end of my balm that you twist to pull up the bullet was broken. Sounds disappointing, right? But because of love for local brands, I gave it another go but this time using it as a balm prior to applying my lipstick and it was just PERFECT! It was thin enough that I do not need to wipe it out with a tissue before applying my lipstick and was very effective when used before any matte liquid lipstick that tends to be very drying. I now use this everyday and I'm very glad to give it a 2nd chance! (I use a lipstick brush to apply it since mine was broken.)

3 days ago
Certified Buyer

PERFECT lip balm!

My lips have always been dry and chapped, so I've always been on the lookout for great lip balms. This one is definitely the best so far! It makes my lips so soft and can go under matte lipsticks well. You don't need a lot of the product in one application either, just one swipe is enough. Definitely worth its super affordable price tag!

13 days ago
Top Reviewer

Pampering my lips!

I'm a fan of this Lim Balm! It relieves my chappy lips from minty feel! It brings out the natural color of my lips and it's not greasy or has waxy feel which I love! This balm are made naturally out of essensial oils. Now I have well-moistured lips I've ever wanted without worrying about chemicals! Thanks V&M Naturals! <3

15 days ago
Certified Buyer

Lip saver!

I have a very dry, chappy, lips. Regardless of the amount of liquid that I drink, my lips always remain dry. THIS PRODUCT IS A REAL LIP SAVER! I noticed drastic changes with my lips when I started using this product. What I like about this are the following: (1) my lips are moistened eve without applying this product (2) my lips lighten (I SWEAR!!) (3) the balm doesn't feel too "waxy" (4) it smells and tastes sooooo good (thank you peppermint!). Recommending this to all gals and guys out there! Hello beautyMNL, please restock! Definitely repurchasing <3

16 days ago
Certified Buyer

Can't live without!!!

After a month of using this, i can say that it works so much better than the other lip balms i tried, it really nourishes my dry lips and i noticed that the color of my lips improved as well, my lips aren't dark but it's pale without lipstick, but now it's quite pinkish. I also love the minty flavor that i get addicted in applying it all throughout the day. I also apply it before sleeping. I would say that i can't live without this now, i even purchased 2 more pcs again to make sure i will not run out of stock.

19 days ago
Certified Buyer

Legit gives moisture!

I have a relationship with lip balms for it is necessary for my lips that always wants moisture. This lip balm does give my lips the necessary moisture I want for a longer time than the usual balm I used to have. What I seriously like is that it doesn't give that sticky feels and sticky thingy after I put it over my lips with lipstick. And it feels like my lips chewed a bubblegum due to the mint which is soo refreshing. The container of the balm just needs more aesthetic and quality for I feel conscious that it will not last.

21 days ago
Certified Buyer

Lip saver balm

I'm 100 percent in love with this product! I brought this lip balm just 2 weeks ago wishing to help my lips hydrated through out the day. Due to excessive use of matte lipsticks and having a lip balm that won't last an hour my lips become so dry and itchy, their were also a time that it was starting to peel some skin. I really got scared and thought that I got an eczema then I got across with this all natural lip balm with SPF and it doesn't disappoint. It doesn't feel waxy and it plumps the lips, take note the minty and cool feel too... Highly recommended!!!

about 1 month ago
Top Reviewer

Soft and crack-free lips

I love peppermint lip balms and this is the best i have tried. i love that is has SPF and all natural. this really keeps my lips hydrated, crack-free and best of all, soft. my routine is put a lip balm before bed to help my lips rejuvenate especially after a day of matte lipstick. it does the job pretty well, highly recommended!

about 2 months ago
Top Reviewer

Dupe for Rosebud Salve

My favorite scent is Mint and that is the only reason why I bought this but then this product surprised me. I ran out of my favorite Smith's ROSEBUD SALVE in MINTED ROSE for me this is a dupe for that. Unlike other balms this one is not waxy and it feels like BUTTER on the lips. It plumps the lips too so hoard this while you still can

about 2 months ago
Top Reviewer

must have balm

I love this! It' always in my pocket wherever I go. the peppermint smells great and the balm just helps my cracked lips and keeps it well hydrated without being waxy or oily. I like that I can apply it on top of my lipstick to refresh my lips or just put it on by itself for a natural look. The balm stays put without smudging or fading for a good long while.

about 2 months ago
Certified Buyer


This along with a lip scrub = smooth, baby soft lips! I've tried other more expensive and popular lip balms but they only seem to just leave an annoying thick sticky and shiny or waxy film on my lips and never actually hydrate them. By the end of the day, my lips would just look dead and gross until I tried this. The texture when applied is really smooth, non waxy, thick, sticky, or uber shiny. I also love the cooling peppermint sensation, the added SPF, plus the mix of natural oils and butters actually nourishes and smoothens my lips like nothing else! I never have to find another lip halm ever again because this does the job sooo well for my then always flaking and dry lips. I sound too much for just a lip balm but I just really love this and I've recommended this to everyone and I will repurchase for as long as they make this!

3 months ago
Certified Buyer


The refreshing (peppermint) feeling when you glide the product unto your lips is what I love the most. Plus the fact that it's all natural! My lips are thanking me for throwing away the lip balms I had before (chemicals!) and this has SPF, I really recommend this! Thumbs up for this product!

3 months ago
Certified Buyer

Great Buy

I just received this today and I am totally loving it. Great that it has SPF. The peppermint gives a tingly cool effect on my lips and leaves it soft and supple. I also like that it is clear and not tinted. I will definitely try more products from this brand.

3 months ago
Certified Buyer

Miracle balm

Been using the product for more than 2 months now and the results are great! No more chapped lips and my lips lightened. Had this product when I was in college and even my friends are impressed of the results. I will definitely buy another one!! Thank you so much VNM Naturals for making this incredible balm.

3 months ago

Love my smooch lips

Another great product from V&M Naturals! My lips have been dry and the sides are dark, due to my use of lipsticks that left a dark stain on my lips. I love how it moisturized my lips and has gradually lightened the color back to its natural shade. My lips is now soft and smooth . I will try to use this as a primer prior to lipstick application to protect my lips. Will I buy this again? Absolutely YES!

3 months ago
Top Reviewer

Cool lip balm

I love this lip balm because of all the benefits I get from it. It has sun protection which is SPF 15 which is good for everyday use. It doesn't have petroleum, which other people might not want. It makes my lips tingly (in a good way) and cool because of the peppermint. I love it.

4 months ago

Worth buying

I am not a fan of clear lip balm but i bought this due to good reviews and i'm in definitely need of a good lip moisturizer. I apply this every night before bedtime and wake up every morning with a less dry and soft lips. Surprisingly, the balm is absorbed by the lip without the oily and greasy feel. You can also apply this under your matte lipsticks.

5 months ago
Top Reviewer

Oh my goodness!

This product is one of the best, I swear. I use this night and day, especially when I am about to sleep because my lips often get really dry throughout the night. After using this, I am always amazed by how it makes my lips so soft and not chapped at all. Thumbs up for this!

5 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer


this is my holy grail lipbalm like the others! i love the tingling sensation, i love how it moisturizes my lips and i love the fact that it has spf in it. i love that this is locally made with natural ingredients too! i honestly have nothing bad to say. it moisturizes my lips thoroughly unlike other lip balms that just put a protective moisturizing coat over my lips. it feels comfortable too. i just really love this and i've repurchased for about 5x now. i'm glad beautymnl now carries this because it's not easy to get especially when it's always sold out everywhere!

5 months ago