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Fully Refined Emu Oil (50ml) by V&M Naturals

Pure Fully Refined Emu Oil (50ml)

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CLAIM TO FAME: A miracle oil that cures a variety of skin ailments, from acne to allergies, dry skin to dark spots, rough patches to parched lips

FAST FACTS: Fastest-penetrating natural oil in the world, found to heal, hydrate, and beautify skin

PERFECT FOR: Multi-purpose use depending on your skin woes

WHAT YOU GET: (1) bottle Emu Oil

Massage a few drops of Fully Refined Emu Oil onto your skin and watch it work its magic!

V&M Naturals crafts all-natural products that can be used by both sexes–in fact, its namesake acronym stands for Venus and Mars! Priding itself on being the first true Emu Oil skin care line in the Philippines, the brand swears by 100% pure recipes that blend “miracle” oils and premium herbs. Its products are based on archaic beauty rituals that are still effective today, and their formulas are free from pre-made bases, sulfates, surfactants, alcohol, sugar solutions, and parabens.

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Certified Buyer

Hooray for Emu Oil!

So happy to have discovered this product! My skin is softer but not oily. My skin absorbs it really well. I'm also happy to note that I no longer have breakouts during my period, my scar which was caused by an insect bite is no longer prominent. I also use emu oil to treat the chicken skin on my arms and they are almost gone.

3 days ago
Certified Buyer

Love this emu oil!!!!

I bought this for my brother's psoriasis. Lo and behold! It worked for him. He's been using it everyday. No more itchiness and redness!!!! Amaaaaazing! I also had an acne breakout recently. So frustrated with the products that I was using until I tried this emu oil! My skin becomes so soft, reduced redness and acne scars less visible. I will definitely buy this one again. Happy to bought it at a discounted price in BeautyMNL. Just to add, BeautyMNL delivery is amaaaaaaaaazing too!!!!

14 days ago
Top Reviewer

Amazing Oil

I can attest to the effectiveness of V&M's emu oil. After I tried using Venus and Mars' CPCG oil, I started using this. It can remedy so many skin issues such as dry spots, breakouts and skin allergies. I was amazed that emu oil can address skin oiliness as well.

8 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

My skin savior

Back in the 2009 when I suffered from acne breakout, this was my skin savior along with the mineral makeup. Slowly but surely, my acne was cured without any scars or marks left behind, and I had managed to regain my clear skin. It also didn't worsen my oily skin. It is best to note that this should be consistently used for a long period of time to get the best result.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

This product is phenomenal.

This is great stuff! I use it on scars and I've seen remarkable results!

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

Acne Gone!

I recently purchased this refined emu oil for my boyfriend who has severe acne scars and almost cystic acne. I knew of this oil from a bazaar and was looking for it online to order and good thing beautyMNL has it. Even up to now it works wonders to the skin from dry to oily. After 5 days of using the product, I can really attest to how it reduced redness of the acne scars and his pimples are now less visible and others are completely gone and this is just within 5 days of using the oil. With continuous use, I know his smooth skin will be back in no time. This oil is also great for insect bites and rashes as well. It definitely moisturizes the skin and has hydrating properties so a little goes a long way once you apply it. I will surely repurchase again for maintenance of my dry skin and my boyfriend's acne problems. One thing I don't like though is if you're uncomfortable with too much grease you might want to put just a little or dots on a certain area to treat.

3 months ago

Great for healing skin!

I had a major breakout after months of relatively good skin, like pimples and several little bumps around my mouth, my chin, my forehead and my cheeks. It was scaly and flaky and looked a little like perioral dermatitis. I tried a peeling solution and it made me flake even more! I couldn't cover it with makeup without looking cakey. My original plan was to buy rosehip oil from v&m for post-acne scars but I saw a post about emu oil and its multitude of benefits (including psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis). I've been using it for a week and I can honestly say my break outs/little bumps/rash have subsided tremendously. There are still some bumps but I can feel them slowly flattening out!

8 months ago
Top Reviewer

Holy grail!

I use this oil everywhere. Mostly for wounds and scars but I also use it on my face but only when I feel lazy to go with my every night skincare routine. It moisturizes your face and gives you that dewy look the day after. I don't recommend to apply this daily though. Since it is raw, there is a chance that some particles of it would clog your pores but other than that, this oil works wonders! best used with rosehip oil, too.

8 months ago
Top Reviewer

Healing oil

Most V&M products don't really work for me. But, I used this on a fresh tattoo and it healed well. Apparently, emu oil is great for tattoos. I don't like using this on my face, though. I find it too greasy and it's not a dry oil like rosehip oil. It also goes rancid quite fast, so store this in the fridge or in a cool, dark place.

10 months ago
Certified Buyer

Good for Hair

I don't know if I didn't use it long enough on my skin but I didn't see any visible results in weeks. It didn't break me out though which is good and if I put a moderate amount of oil, it doesn't grease up my face. LOVE it on my hair though! Doesn't grease it up, and softens it. I have dry, course hair so that's helpful.

4 months ago

Needs to be massaged in

I use this on my face when I give myself a facial massage. It is a bit heavy but after a 5 minute light massage it gets absorbed by the skin. This product is nice because it doesnt have much of a scent and that it should work on all skin types. I always wake up to dewy, soft feeling skin whenever I use it the night before. It didnt do anything to improve any acne scar, but it doesnt aggravate it either which is a good thing.

9 months ago
Certified Buyer

Should have stick to tsubaki oil

It is ny first time to use Emu oil from V&M because I got curious on its ad where it says it a miracle oil. That kinda tickled my brain. I have skin asthma and I have very dry skin, so oils really do great on me. I am a tsubaki oil user and it's perfect on my skin. But sometimes even though you think you already found what's perfect for you, we still experiment. It been a month now from the time I used emu oil and I have unbelievable break outs now and I had to see a dermatologist to check on it. She said, it might be an allergic reaction to the new product that I am using, since i have allergies with all kinds of poultry products. Because I didn't do my research about emu oil before i used it, it was later that i knew that it came from emu bird. So, if you have allergies like me, maybe this oil is not for you. I will just go back to my tsubaki oil.

2 months ago