Lulur Soap by V&M Naturals

Lulur Soap

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CLAIM TO FAME: A skin-invigorating formula inspired by the ancient Javanese beauty ritual of Lulur, in which a bride-to-be was massaged, exfoliated, bathed, and moisturized

FAST FACTS: Sloughs off dead cells with its unique texture; clarifies the complexion using turmeric, emu oil, and tea tree; laced with all-natural calamansi, papain, and arbutin to whiten dark patches

PERFECT FOR: DIY spa-seekers in the mood for at-home pampering

Note: Given the handmade quality of each V&M soap, colors may not be exactly the same as seen in photo.

WHAT YOU GET: (1) bar Lulur Soap
NET WEIGHT: Approximately 135g
Emu Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Turmeric, Tea Tree Leaves, Shea Butter, Arbutin, Calamansi, Papain, Olive Oil, Coconut, Mango

Create a creamy lather by adding a little water unto this handmade bar. Spread the lather gently unto the skin. Rinse, pat dry and say hello to suppler and brighter skin!

V&M Naturals crafts all-natural products that can be used by both sexes–in fact, its namesake acronym stands for Venus and Mars! Priding itself on being the first true Emu Oil skin care line in the Philippines, the brand swears by 100% pure recipes that blend “miracle” oils and premium herbs. Its products are based on archaic beauty rituals that are still effective today, and their formulas are free from pre-made bases, sulfates, surfactants, alcohol, sugar solutions, and parabens.

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Certified Buyer

Exfoliating at its finest 👍

2 years and for more! My skin has never been good since using this product. I love how it leaves my skin so squeaky-clean without harming it. 😍 With its natural and organic ingredients, my skin had never experienced any irritations unlike any other soap. Oh and not to mention its micropeeling helped me achieve a healthy looking brightened skin. I must say this is so worth the money you spend for it. 😊 Thank you v&m for this.

8 days ago

Love but pricey

I used this on my face and it makes my face really super dry so i just used it on my body, this soap easily melts but it really do exfoliates your skin. If only i can buy a lot of this soap to see the difference after using it for a month because after using it in a week, my skin feels soft and smooth. What more if i use it longer. But one soap only lasts me for a week. I cannot repurchase because i find it pricey for a soap. Only cons is drying and pricey but over all , i love this soap

about 2 months ago
Certified Buyer

Natural exfoliator

One of my favorite V&M soap. It gives micropeeling but no tingling sensation at all. It made my skin radiant and smoother without worrying about harsh chemicals. Its really a good exfoliator! You do need to keep it somewhere dry as it melts easily though but overall, its totally satisfactory.

6 months ago
Top Reviewer

Exfoliating, leaves skin feeling soft and smooth after every bath

This is the first soap I purchased from V&M. This is really exfoliating and makes you feel pampered after every bath. It leaves skin softer and smoother. I recommend this to those with rough spots/patches on their skin and also those who shave their legs, this is great in preventing ingrown hair. It also has V&M's signature product which is emu oil so expect your skin troubles (bacne, light scars, uneven skintone,etc) to get better.

9 months ago
Top Reviewer


V&M Natural Lulur soap is just like Asian Secrets lulur body scrub but in a soap form. This one effectively exfoliates all the dead skin cells in my skin in the most gentle way possible. I like how this also leaves my skin with a really nice scent to it. It also makes my skin smooth and supple.

10 months ago
Top Reviewer

Kinda-like DIY Microdermabrasion!

If you want to exfoliate and even out your skin tone, this soap is the best choice for you. The key is to leave it on for a few minutes before washing it off. Melts quickly though. It's best to pair this with the Bare it all cream to moisturize (as the soap will tend to dry out the skin).

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Bacne (And All Other Kinds of Acne), Begone!

Made the healthy switch and started using V&M Naturals upon discovering them at a Christmas Bazaar <3 Never looked back since! I use this for all the rough patches on my skin and my skin has never been smoother :)

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

V&M Lulur soap

V&M products really intrigue me because I hear a lot of good reviews. This Lulur soap is a great exfoliator, it's like I used a peeling gel all over my body whenever I'm using it. Problem is it's drying my skin, I only use it every other day and I must use lotion every after use.

14 days ago
Top Reviewer

Addicted to turmeric

I got this turmeric soap since I'm a new convert to turmeric :) I have really acne prone skin (especially in the face and back) and I've noticed a lot of improvement after using turmeric scrubs I got from Cambodia, so I was excited to use this turmeric soap and it did not disappoint! The spots on my upper arms and back disappeared after two weeks and they haven't come back :) my only concern is the soap loses its shape really fast :(

16 days ago
Certified Buyer

You cant go wrong with V&M

V&M may be pricey but they offer quality products. Their soap can last for months at a time and the scent is mild and refreshing. It did not cause any allergic reaction though the skin under my eyes began to feel dry. Apply moisturiser after use. All in all, this is a good buy, but Im also curious to try out the rest.

23 days ago
Certified Buyer


I have been using it for a week and its doin well with me since im morena and has skin asthma i am very particular with my soaps i usually even use liquid baby soap but i LoveLuLur scrub that when i saw this soap here i did not hesitate to Try. Since most special soaps quickly melts i cut the whole soap in 4 so it would last me for a month. And after use make sure ur soap Dish is dry and not soaked with water.

about 2 months ago

Exfoliates well but dries your skin

I tried a couple of bars to see if it actually works. It's true that it isn't as toxic as some of the commercial whitening soaps but it's still quite drying. Make sure you don't skip putting lotion after a bath or your skin will look like the Sahara afterwards.

6 months ago
Top Reviewer

Great for sensitive skin

I have good and fair skin in general, but easily irritated and prone to bumps if the ingredients are harsh and not compatible with my skin. This soap is good, did not irritate my skin and leaves it moisturized and soft. It's quite expensive for the amount of product and I used it for short time so I don't know if it lightened skin. Not much I think.

11 months ago
Certified Buyer

Squeaky clean

I love the fresh scent of the soap and how it leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean after using it. I use it for my whole body specially for my UA and I leave it on for several minutes for better results. I have not yet noticed the whitening effects but I think this should be more visible after I finish off 1 bar. The product melts quickly, same with other organic soaps so I cut it into small pieces.

12 months ago
Top Reviewer

Nice soap but expensive

Used lulur hoping it would help with my uneven skin tone. While I haven't used it long enough to know if it actually works, it cleanses my skin well and leaves a refreshing feeling.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Made for Bacne

I bought this one for my boyfriend. He is using this one on his body only not on the face. It really cleared his bacne, though it's not that much, it really dried up immediately.

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Nice organic soap

This soap didn't work for my acne. It is quite moisturizing because of the shea butter, but that also means it melts quickly. I would cut it up into smaller blocks to make it last longer. I wish it was better cut, so it's easier to store and use. I also don't find it very exfoliating. It does have a bit of texture and it's not harsh, but I think it's just too soft to be effective.

7 months ago