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Volum’ Express Hypercurl Mascara

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Your lashes, only better!

I think rhat it is my heritage to have sparse and short lashes. But with maybelline's hypercurl volum' express mascara, my lash problems have become obsolete. It not only thickens, but it lengthens.. And the icing on the cake? It gives my lashes a slight curl. How great is that? No need to use a lash curler (which totally freaks me out, btw). This mascara has a great formula which doesnt weigh down my lashes. It is really buildable but does not get clumpy. Best part is its smudge proof and water proof. It is affordable, so go get one now! :)

over 1 year ago
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I have nothing to complain about this product! It's cheap, doesn't feel thick and heavy on my eyelashes just right amount to extend your lashes and make your lashes look good, and not clumpy. And it is waterproof as it claims. I'm super satisfied with it and really a great steal!

over 1 year ago
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My All-time Favorite Mascara

This is my favorite mascara ever since college! It does accentuate my lashes without weighing them down and it stays all day too. It does its job, it lengthens and volumizes my lashes in one coat. Plus, it's affordable than other drugstore mascara available in the market. This mascara is highly recommended!

9 months ago

Fave brand

I first received this as a christmas gift from my dear friend. And for the past 5 yrs, I am consistently using it. Since I am a chinita, it is best to use this hypercurl mascara, since it makes my eyes more bigger and my eyelashes fuller. Also, it is water proof ans less smudgy than other macaras that I've tried before. Definitely a must buy for all chinitas out there. 😘😘😘

23 days ago
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This is so good!!!!!!!!!!

This makes my lashes look BOMB AF! Every time i wear it, i feel like my lashes look longer, and fuller! I also love that it's so water proof. No need to worry about it smudging under my eyes and making me look like a panda haha i tend to have watery eyes so this is perfect for me. The affordability is also a huge plus! I don't need to worry about breaking the bank to make my eyes look geeeewd.

4 months ago
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Maybelline is known for their amazing products that can compete with high-end makeup. This mascara is probably one of them. Grab this mascara if you're a makeup newbie or if you just want that natural looking eyelashes. Plus it's waterproof AND smudge-proof! Perfect for Philippines' humid weather. Go and add this to your cart because it's super affordable, it won't hurt your wallet.

4 months ago
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Cheap but great!

This is by far the most waterproof mascara from maybelline. I dont know but it is just super long lasting that i even have a hard time removing it with makeup removers. It is also really black that it makes your lashes more beautiful. There is not much lengthening or volumizing but this is perfect for everyday use.

6 months ago


Natural look of eyelashes are indeed , so i tried this hypercurl mascarra with a shade of black , glam eyes achieved and it's not heavy-wearing unlike other mascarras that eyes got irritates , and this hypercurl mascarra is smudgeproof / waterproof .. No need to use Curl up , applicator of mascarra will do .. it lengthens and volumized the lashes , Good for heavy duty because it last long ..

6 months ago

Never away without this

I've been getting compliments lately about my lashes. Imagine spending a few hundreds for a really good product. I honestly think eyelash and brow products are Maybelline's forte. I would certainly buy this all over again because aside from being cheap but quality, it didn't irritate me as wel. Unlike before, my eyes were always itchy whenever I use a different mascaras. Safe, cheap but high quality!

11 months ago

Lashes on fleek !!

I love this mascara because even if it's cheap it still does the job well! Its water proof and stays on for the whole day. No more worrying about smudged mascara 😊 also this doesn't weigh down my lashes it actually holds the curl of my lashes for the whole day. So much love forthis product 💖💖💖

7 days ago
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One of the best-cheap mascara I have

One of the best-cheap mascara I have.. Gives big full eyelashes, like you're wearing a false eye lashes. Maybelline is a dupe brand for the high end Brands!!! I usually have a panda eyebags after using a mascara for 5 hourrs it when to my under eye, so there's a shadow under my eyes, thats what i get whenever I use a non waterproof mascara, as for the maybelline... fortunately, it doesn't, the hardest part is removing the mascara so buy a good quality of make-up remover

7 days ago

Natural looking eyelashes!

Definitely my favorite mascara because it gives me a natural and full volume eyelashes. It's really waterproof, light-weight and great in achieving your "no makeup" makeup look. Also very affordable and worth it! It will just be hard to remove it since it's waterproof so I suggest using an oil-based makeup remover. Perfect makeup beginners!

11 days ago
Top Reviewer

Everyday Mascara

This is truly an everyday mascara. It's cheap so you don't have to choose the days when you will use it. It immediately adds definition to your lashes. My lashes are quite straight, with this product I don't always have to tug on my lashes with a curler. Not sure about the volumizing claim but it clumps up your lashes so maybe it does? I also like that it's waterproof!

14 days ago

Natural-looking eyelashes in 1-2 swipes!

This mascara emphasizes my already full and long eyelashes. The product is waterproof and smudge-proof and that is what I really like about the product. When swiped multiple times, it doesn't clump! This is my go-to mascara and it never fails me. I use this in special events and even when I attend school. Thumbs up!

14 days ago
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Vavavavoom volume!

This product will increase your lashes by volumes but still maintain a natural look. It isn't sticky at all! Your lashes won't clump together after a long day like most affordable volumizing products do. If you are on a budget this is your bet! And if you arent- go buy this and save some cash! You won't have to look elsewhere for a good volunizing mascara.

16 days ago

Your eyes are going to LOVE this!

I've been using this product for years. I love this mascara so much! It's consistency is not that sticky so it doesn't clump easily,one of the reasons why I love it, it also has the natural look when applied and the staying power of this mascara is great! It stays on may lashes for 2-3 days which is a plus coz I'm tight on my budget. Hahaha.. This product definitely is a must! Worth the money and the experience.

17 days ago

Best for price!

I've been using this mascara since I was younger and it is still the best drugstore mascara. It does a great job of adding volume to my lashes and keeping the curl, but no lengthening. It can get clumpy if you don't scrape some product off before applying, but nothing a spoolie or makeup remover can't fix. And it is definitely waterproof and needs to be removed with makeup remover so it last all day!

23 days ago
Top Reviewer

Nice and Cheap!

This a nice, cheap product, especially for women like me who don't want to spend a lot on mascara given its very short shelf life (should be disposed after three months). I have used this product for years and is a standby in my makeup kit, although it does tend to get clumpy and smudgy as time passes and the wand gets buildup of old product.

23 days ago


All I can say about this product is AMAZINGLY SATISFYING! This product exceeds my expectations in Maybelline mascaras. I really love how it curls my lashes and how it stays althrough out actually hindi mo na kailangan mag re-apply as long as hndi siya excessively na mababasa or something! Highly recommend product for others to try aside sa maganda yung ginagawa ng product na to affordable pa!

24 days ago
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Cheap but works!

Best drugstore and cheapest mascara that works. It 's as if your own lashes but longer and better. It does not feel heavy so my curls stay up in place. It's waterproof but easy to remove with makeup up removers. It doesn't look falsies and won't make you too made up.

24 days ago