Micellar Water Pink (125ml) by Garnier

Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water Pink (125ml)

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CLAIM TO FAME: An all-in-one cleanser that lifts away makeup and soothes sensitive skin

FAST FACTS: Quickly and effectively purifies your skin; thoroughly removes pigmented cosmetics without the need for harsh rubbing; enriched with nourishing micelles that attract impurities like a magnet; cleanses all residue from the face, eyes, and lips; no-rinse formula is gentle on all skin types

PERFECT FOR: A fresh, non-greasy finish

January 10, 2017
”This is the only makeup/eye remover you need. No greasy film, no stinging, no oily residue. Cleanly wipes cosmetics off your face.”
–Laurie Lucas (from amazon.com)

Wonderful product!
August 12, 2016
”This cleansing water has dramatically improved my dry, sensitive skin. Since I wear tretinoin night cream to sleep and makeup during the day, I need my skin well-cleansed twice a day. Even using gentle cleansers does not alleviate the harshness of our San Diego hard water. I was constantly battling irritated, flaky skin. I don’t know why this Micellar water makes such a difference, but it really does. I apply it generously to a cotton ball and thoroughly wipe my face morning and night. My skin is lightly moisturized with zero flakes or irritation, which is major, considering the side effects of tretinoin. This is the type of product that I hope will never be discontinued! Five stars!”
–C. Hartley (from amazon.com)

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water Pink

Apply onto face, eyes and lips with cotton pads without rubbing. No rinsing required.

For over 100 years, Garnier has created advanced and accessible skincare to answer to all your beauty needs. The brand has now expanded its beauty expertise to cover hair care, hair color, body care, sun care, and deodorants. Created in Blois, France in 1904, the company was originally Laboratoires Garnier before it was acquired by L’Oréal in the 1970s. Today, Garnier is sold all over the world with specific product lines targeting different cultures and skin types.

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Top Reviewer

Perfect for lazy girls!

I hate washing my face at night; I always have a hard time sleeping after. So, for a long time, I'd been using a toner to clean my face. Eventually though, it made my skin kinda dry. This has solved all of that. It not only removes stubborn makeup, but also lifts deep-seated dirt. It's super gently on my sensitive skin and so so hydrating. The tiny lines caused by my old regimen are gone. I also experimented with just using micellar water as a cleanser in the mornings in lieu of my facial soap and water after reading it in an article and, I kid you not, my skin got softer and smoother. I don't care that my hubby mocks me for spending money on "fancy water." This is HG stuff, girls~

7 months ago

Gentle to my skin~

I love this! I was having hard times before because Im not aware yet of the existence of micellar waters so I only used eskinol for my make-up, but this definitely made my experience with make up better! It made removing my eyeshadows easy and it's really good that I can use this for my lips to remove lipsticks. It's only a shame that it can't remove waterproof mascaras like Maybelline's. T~T

5 days ago

A staple in my skincare routine

I don't always follow my skincare routine but I make it a must that I at least use this to cleanse my face before going to bed. This really does the job. It gets rid of the dirt on your face and can even remove make-up. It's not harsh on the skin which is ideal. I was actually shocked to find that even when I didn't leave the house or do strenuous work, dirt still builds up on my face. That's when I realized the importance of cleansing. Although my skin has improved with the help of other products, I'd say this is the foundation of it all. I finished three bottles of this size and have finally committed to buying the bigger variant because I really can't live without it anymore.

6 days ago
Top Reviewer


Best micellar water. This is very gentle on the skin and really removes every trace of makeup. Don't tug your skin lang ipress mo lang muna siya sa skin mo para matunaw yung makeup then gently swipe the cotton pad. I also use this for cleaning my makeup brushes and sponges. Love that it's travel friendly and very convenient.

12 days ago
Top Reviewer

Gentle yet effective!

Bought this in a supermarket just to check out what's up with all these micellar water hype. I didn't even know what criteria I was looking for when I tried this out but it checked all the boxes for me! It's effective and efficient in cleaning up dirt and removing impurities, even waterproof makeup without me having to rub or tug my skin (I use it after I double cleanse as a replacement for cleansing astringents/toners). Yet it doesn't dry me up or leave my skin tight or flaky but rather , supple and soft. It's gentle enough for my sensitive and acne-prone skin, and it doesn't sting my eyes even when I accidentally sprayed some directly into my right eye (I always transfer all my skin care to spray bottles or containers with pumps). And best of all, it's really cheap!

19 days ago


I'm in love with this product! This surpassed my expectations especially for its price. It deeply removes my makeup and is something I reach for every single day since I'm too lazy to do my skincare. I use this more than i use my makeup wipes. I've been using this for 3 months and it has never broke me out! It has a scent but not too disturbing :)) I'm more than halfway through it and will totally repurchase!

22 days ago