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  • Skin Type Combination
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  • Facial Features Morena
  • Age 21

Was Expecting Greater Results. Sadly There Isn't Much...I Think.

DISCLAIMER: IM JUST AN AVERAGE GIRL, FACING NORMAL CHUBBY HARDSHIPS. I AM NOT A NUTRITIONIST NOR A TRAINER (I would love to be one thou :D ) This is an honest review from someone who is both an endomorph and mesomorph. Meaning i am blessed with a body that has curves in the right places but I'm also cursed with the fact that i can gain weight easily and have a very hard time losing it. That being said, I found out about this GNC CLA from Kris Bernal (our local artist) and thought that maybe if i used this dietary supplement it could aid with my workouts and diet and maybe shed the pounds that i've gained again from these past years in college. I've already used about 70 of the capsules in a span of two months. I've currently used it consistently for 3 weeks and this is what i've noticed: (1) my menstruation is 10 days delayed now. Is it because I started to eat healthier again and doing more rigorous exercises again? This didn't happen before like 2 years before when i also tried to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. (2) I haven't noticed any big changes. It doesn't seem to have any great effect on the weight loss factor. (3) also i have recently read this on a LIVESTRONG article "If you have a personal or family history of heart disease or diabetes, consult your physician before taking CLA supplements. Health professionals with the University of Michigan Health System report that treatment with CLA supplements may negatively affect the function of your blood vessels, which may elevate your risk of developing heart disease. Additionally, CLA supplements may also increase your blood sugar levels and may exacerbate diabetes symptoms in affected people." my DAD tried this, not as much as I do but i think this contributed to his diabetes problems, because his blood sugar went up again. FINAL THOUGHTS: would I recommend this? maybe if you're an ectomorph or someone who has a body of a model and wants to stay lean but have that model-ish muscle. But for someone who is like me, I think it might take more repurchases to actually see any effects? But I'll try to give it one more shot. I'll try to work harder, maybe I just to push harder.

almost 2 years ago