3 Minute Fall Control (180ml) by Pantene

Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner Hair Fall Control (180ml)

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CLAIM TO FAME: A daily deep conditioning treatment that strengthens hair

FAST FACTS: Protects, nourishes, and smoothens strands in just 3 minutes; strengthens hair at a structural level; reduces hair fall due to breakage; prevents split ends; leaves hair healthier, softer, and shinier

PERFECT FOR: Weak, falling, thinning hair

WHAT YOU GET: (1) tube Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner Hair Fall Control

After shampoo, apply evenly onto damp hair. Rinse off thoroughly. Recommended for daily use.

Really, this brand doesn’t need any introductions. Pantene is such a classic that everybody knows it’s a hair care brand with Pro Vitamin formula - that ingredient that made them into a household name. We’re glad Pantene’s shampoos, conditioners, 2-in-1s, treatments and styling products are now available for all us around the world, because there was a time when their formulas were sold only in Europe, until Procter and Gamble acquired them in the 80s. Even then, they were hot commodity. And why not? Their products have been proven effective and affordable 60 years ago, and remain so till now. It’s because they deliver what their old tag line used to say, Pantene makes “hair so healthy, it shines.” How much simpler could that be?

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Soft and Smooth

Love the scent and the way it makes my hair feel so soft while rinsing. You get the bang for your buck. I was surprised by the size too. I imagined it being a little smaller but got a pretty good size for my money. PLUS it came with a freebie at the time!

8 months ago
Top Reviewer

Great conditioner

This is one of the best affordable conditioners that I have ever tried. I cannot comment much about hair fall control but in terms of conditioning, this one does it very well! My hair is softer and more manageable. It also makes my hair less frizzy. I like the scent athough it may be too strong for others. Overall I will continue to purchase.

8 months ago
Top Reviewer

Miracle Conditioner!

I've been shedding my hair for a few months now and I'm not happy about it. Unfortunately, other brands of conditioners are not helping. Conditioners make my hair fall problem worse even if I don't put on my scalp :(. I bought this Pantene Minute Miracle Conditioner Hair Fall Control in sachets to see if the claim is for real. And hooray! My hair did not shed even while washing off my conditioner! This also mademy hair frizz free with no tangles even if my hair is slightly wet while combing it! I highly recommend this conditioner because it helps!

about 1 year ago
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Pantene 3-minute miracle conditioner is really a heavenly product! My holy grail conditioner! It does not leave my hair greasy unlike the other brands. Plus it leaves my hair soft. It makes you feel that your hair is really being treated within just a few minutes! Definitey worth the price.

over 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

My hair's new bestie!

A workmate gave me a tube of this Pantene conditioner to try because I was so loyal to another brand but noticed that my hair fall has become more frequent and in bigger volume. I'm thankful she was concerned and that I immediately used it because I have noticed less hair left on my pillow and when I comb my hair. I feel my mane has become healthier and I can continue growing it up to my waist. *wink wink*

over 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Greatest Hair Treatment Ever

The first time I used this, I was apprehensive because I have tried many hair fall control treatment that gave me zero results. I was encouraged to try this when my sister gave me a tube to try. To my amazement, I just use this once a week and it dramatically lessened the amount of hair fall. I don't have to wake up to numerous strands of falling hair on my pillow. It leaves my hair stronger and healthier which I love.

over 1 year ago