Hair Fall Defense (180ml) by Cream Silk

Cream Silk Hair Conditioner Hair Fall Defense (180ml)

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CLAIM TO FAME: Cream Silk’s latest Break-Shield Complex formula, made to strengthen breakage-prone strands

FAST FACTS: Reinforces strands and boosts hair health with customized nutrients; provides deep conditioning with advanced technology; lengthens and smoothens tresses for long-lasting results

PERFECT FOR: Decreasing hair fall

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Cream Silk Hair Conditioner Hair Fall Defense

After rinsing off shampoo, massage in the conditioner. Work your way from the ends to the roots. Rinse after 1 minute.

Because it promises to bring out hair’s full beauty potential, Cream Silk delivers what they believe shampoos alone could not: smooth, tangle-free, expertly-conditioned hair. Their wide array of products that now include leave-on conditioners and treatments has consistently addressed women’s unique hair needs since 1984. And they still do, 30 years later. This is clearly why Unilever has named Cream Silk as THE conditioner brand trusted most by Filipinos. See the difference for yourself.

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Top Reviewer

Best go to conditioner

Creamsilk has always been the trusted brand for conditioners. It doesn't make the hair dry and frizzy. My problem has always been falling hairs due to stress but this help me minimize it. This is my favorite out of all the their variants. the smell is so nice and very long lasting. Amoy bagong ligo always.

21 days ago

Worth your money!

I love Creamsilk! i have recently switched to Creamsilk after using another mainstream but more expensive brand of conditioner. I switched to Creamsilk because of it's price and the results on my hair! i have very thick wavy hair and this has helped reduce my hairfall. Asides from that, i love the smell of Creamsilk! I like it's strong "conditioner" distinct smell. Hehe. I must say that I wish they would improve on their packaging. I still get creeped out with the fact that there's still a model's face on the packaging. Anyways, this is definitely a must buy and must have for those who want healthy hair without breaking their wallet! Thank you, Creamsilk!

2 months ago
Top Reviewer

My hair-saver!

I have very thin and limp hair and this is mainly aggravated by my terrible hair fall. Good thing Cream Silk came up with this variant which really helps me save much of my hair. When I use this conditioner, I observe very little hair coming off my head as I shower. Great product overall! Will definitely recommend to my friends.

3 months ago
Top Reviewer

The best of creamsilk

Im really addicted to super straight hair so I used the pink version of creamsilk. My go to conditioner ate creamsilf and tresemme but creamsilf is the more affordable one so most of the time this is what I use. I tried other variants. The nect I tried was the ue for damage hair but I still like the pink one. I was hesitant to try this but I dont have that much hairfall. But eversince I try this green variant for hairfall, I regreted not trying it before. So far this is thebest. My hair is fuller and softer compared to using the other variant. I recomment this to all.

4 months ago
Top Reviewer

Great scent that lasts

I love the scent of this conditioner and I find that it lasts all day on me. It moisturizes my hair and makes it soft and manageable. I don't find that this conditioner weighs down my hair even on my no-shampoo days. One major con for this product is that i don't really notice a difference in my hairfall. I bought this hoping i would see less hair in the drain after my shower but that didn't happen.

26 days ago
Top Reviewer

Creamsilk is the best!

I use this interchangeably with the daily treatment variant.. I actually notice no difference (haha), except that I think this one is more sticky than the daily treatment variant, that I need to wash it several times, especially around the neck area since it feels super malagkit otherwise. Still effective in treating my hairfall though. Plus its super affordable and available. A little amount goes a long way, I love its smell, and this keeps my hair moisturized (but not oily!) all day, until the next day.

3 months ago