Eyebrow Mascara by Dolly Wink

For Soft, Featherlight Brows: Eyebrow Mascara

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Highlight the beauty of your eyes with brows that are groomed to perfection with an easy to use eyebrow mascara from cult beauty brand Dolly Wink. Made with a corkscrew brush of Dolly Wink’s original design that thins at the tip to make pulling shorter brow hairs from the root and coating them with mascara a breeze, it creates a naturally fuller look with just one or two applications. It’s formulated with micro pearls to give brows better body, and infused with panthenol and ginseng root extract to condition brows and keep them soft and manageable.

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Eyebrow Mascara

Wash with warm water.

Since 1947, Japanese beauty company Koji Honpo has pioneered the development of false lashes, offering an extensive range of products for both beginners and pros. A collaborative effort with “gyaru” icon Tsubasa Masukawa gave birth to Dolly Wink—a gorgeous selection of lashes and lash accessories for every girl, look and occasion. Dolly Wink’s line has since extended to liners, pencils, and brow enhancers and shapers for customers to achieve a complete eye-catching look. Now, eyes that captivate are yours for the batting with one of Dolly Wink’s many phenomenal beauty offerings.

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Lasts forever

I've tried several brands of browcaras and this remains one of my favorites. It glides smoothly and my brows stay in place. It also shapes my brows nicely on days that it is already thick and I dont have time to get it waxed. A testament to its staying power is that the girl who waxes my brows complains that it is so difficult to remove. I got Mocha and will try Cocoa next time.

about 1 month ago


I really love this brow mascara since I like to dye my hair often and because my eyebrows grow out quickly, they don't stay the same color as my hair for very long. I've tried the Mocha shade and it matches my hair perfectly! This is also a lot more convenient compared to brow pencils and powders.

5 months ago

Love it!

Really like this mascara! It's easy to use and the Mocha shade matches my dyed hair perfectly. It doesn't irritate my skin and fixes my brows nicely. It also lasts me the whole day, even through all the heat and sweat! It can be a bit of challenge to remove though, but overall, it's a really great eyebrow mascara!

5 months ago
Top Reviewer

Very handy!

I just dyed my hair and now I finally have a reason to use this that is extra light than my real hair color. So far it hasn't done anything that might disappoint me, it makes my brows stay in place and it changes the color so it would match my hair. Sweat can't wear it off!

8 months ago
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On the go brow cara!

For Soft, Featherlight Brows: Eyebrow Mascara. The name alone will surely capture your attention. The color is very cute, not too light and not too dark for me. The staying power lasts for 8 hours max if you're not sweaty. This brow mascara will hold your eyebrows in place for a long time so the price is always worth it.

almost 1 year ago
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I love this product so much! It is hassle free, quick and looks amazing too. I used to use Anastasia Brow Wiz (which I LOVE), when I ran out I just grabbed this to give it a go. I get so many compliments on my brows when I wear it too! Makes them look fuller, matches my hair color almost perfectly, I use the shade Mocha.

about 1 year ago