Feminine Girl Lashes (Lower) by Dolly Wink

Feminine Girl Lashes (Lower)

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Enhance your look with eyes that captivate as Dolly Wink introduces a dizzying selection of flutter-ready lashes for every occasion. Charm with a sweet and feminine glance as you don this lovely set of lower lashes designed to mimic mascara-kissed strands. Natural clusters with long and shaggy lashes highlight your eyes from below, creating a soft look that’s perfect for every occasion.

WHAT YOU GET: (2) pairs of No.12 Feminine Girl Lashes

Since 1947, Japanese beauty company Koji Honpo has pioneered the development of false lashes, offering an extensive range of products for both beginners and pros. A collaborative effort with “gyaru” icon Tsubasa Masukawa gave birth to Dolly Wink—a gorgeous selection of lashes and lash accessories for every girl, look and occasion. Dolly Wink’s line has since extended to liners, pencils, and brow enhancers and shapers for customers to achieve a complete eye-catching look. Now, eyes that captivate are yours for the batting with one of Dolly Wink’s many phenomenal beauty offerings.