En Pointe Pencil Sharpener by Dolly Wink

En Pointe Pencil Sharpener

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Keep your beauty pencils in tip top shape with a sharpener to make sure they’re all ready to use for any occasion. Adorably heart-shaped and stamped with Dolly Wink’s recognized logo, it’s a breeze to identify when kept in your everyday cosmetic kit or vanity.

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Pencil Sharpener

Since 1947, Japanese beauty company Koji Honpo has pioneered the development of false lashes, offering an extensive range of products for both beginners and pros. A collaborative effort with “gyaru” icon Tsubasa Masukawa gave birth to Dolly Wink—a gorgeous selection of lashes and lash accessories for every girl, look and occasion. Dolly Wink’s line has since extended to liners, pencils, and brow enhancers and shapers for customers to achieve a complete eye-catching look. Now, eyes that captivate are yours for the batting with one of Dolly Wink’s many phenomenal beauty offerings.

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Pink and deadly!

Deadly for lip/eyeliner/eyebrow pencils that is! I love how only a few turns gets your product as sharp as can be and the little pick for cleaning little residues that find themselves stuck gets cleared super quickly. And did I mention it's super cute as well? =) This is definitely worth its price!

6 months ago
Top Reviewer


This is really expensive for a sharpener but now I understand why. One twist and your pencil will be sharp enough. This is what I use for my eyebrow pencils so I'm really glad because my pencils stay longer than when I use a different sharpener. I'm buying one for my daughter!

8 months ago
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Cute cute cute

This came to me missing the pick for cleaning. I hope I get aget a replacement soon or the pick comes in the mail. Its design is really cute and a great addition to my collection of tools. I bought this mainly because the heart shape is just rhe cutest. Plus it's real affordable, costing less than P200.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

Must-buy for those with pencil products

I use this En Pointe Pencil Sharpener by Dolly Wink for sharpening my Me Now Kiss Proof Lipstick. This can also be used for eye liner pencils and other pencil make up products. This is very easy to use, and is more affordable than other make up sharpeners. This is a must buy.

12 months ago
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This sharpener is really great for sharpening makeup pencils and lipliners! And comes with a picker to unclog any leftover makeup from the blades! And it's really cute!

over 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

It works!

I love this sharpener, it really works! I've had diff sharpeners, and this one is super small and cute! I love that it comes with a little pin that you can use to pick out those stubborn little things that get stuck when you sharpen your pencils. The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't have a cover so you can't really use it on the go or keep it in your makeup kit, it's more of a stay-at-home item.

8 months ago