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Soothing Ointment (25g) by Lucas Papaw

Soothing Ointment (25g)

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Let’s talk about a brand new obsession: we simply can’t shrug off the relieving and cleansing powers of Lucas Papaw Ointment. Even beauty guru Michelle Phan is obsessed with this iconic Australian homegrown product. A certified celebrity staple, this amazing topical application works wonders for minor burns, insect bites, chapped lips, splinters, rashes, and even unruly brows. With so many uses, it’s no surprise that it has developed a cult following across the world.

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Soothing Ointment

Treat minor burns and open wounds: prevent bacteria from entering wounds or complicating burns by applying a small amount on affected area.

Pamper your feet: rub into any rough, dry patches on your feet to keep your toes baby soft and smooth.

Instant makeup: apply some to the cheeks and eyelids for an instant makeup shine and finish. You can also apply to lashes after curling for added volume, or to your brows to set them in place.

Barrier cream: confidently dye your hair and brows without the worries of the dye staining or not rubbing off.

Treat nappy rashes: apply a small amount on your little one’s nappy rash and see its fast-acting effect.

Tame flyaway hair: use sparingly to manage your frizz.

Soften cuticles: coat your cuticles with the ointment on your next DIY mani for easy push back and to keep them nourished.

A cult brand from Australia, Lucas Papaw is a family-owned company with over 100 years of history. Named after its formulator, Dr. T.P. Lucas, the famous ointment is made from fresh, hand selected Queensland papaya, one of the finest natural ingredients in the world. Used to treat numerous types of illnesses and diseases, people today can derive the same benefits that thousands enjoyed more than a century ago.

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Certified Buyer

Perfect lipbalm

I am using this as a lip balm every night before going to bed. It provides moisture that i dont get with usual lipbalms. The tube lasts me almost 10 months now since I used only a really small amount and a little goes a long way. I always bring his with me when travelling since it can also help with other skin concerns like dryness, insect bites and etc. This is a staple in my kit and would definitely repurchace.

5 months ago
Top Reviewer

Versatile hero product!

Most people use this as a lip balm, but much like Vaseline, I think this is actually more suitable as a barrier cream than an actual moisturizer for the lips. That said, I think this product is truly amazing. It's great to go over little scrapes, burns, and bug bites because it creates a protective barrier that allows the area to breathe, but the actual product also cleanses the area while it soothes. In a pinch, this is also fantastic over sunburns as an aloe vera substitute.

8 months ago
Certified Buyer

Handy Dandy All Around Ointment and A MUST have!

I bought this product because of my curiosity for the hype it had. So when I started to use it as a lip balm and I was like " Ay, iba to!" It proves itself that this product really is what it claims it to be. I use it everyday for all my skin troubles like chapped lips, red insect bites, itchiness, scraped skin and even use it as a hand cream! And it comes in a handy dandy container in which you can bring it anywhere you want. Thumbs up for this one!

17 days ago
Top Reviewer

Healing Powers for a CKD Patient like me

My Aunt bought me this product because she knows that I hurt myself a lot especially now that I am a Chronic Kidney patient. Every time I bump myself, it results to wound. I always use Lucas Papaw to my fresh wounds and I was so amazed it healed a lot faster than using just alcohol (which totally hurts) and betadine. I read that this has natural healing properties so I use it even in the itchy parts of my skin. My skin is so sensitive that using Lucas Papaw soothes me.

21 days ago
Top Reviewer

A must-have in every girl's beauty/skincare kit

So I ordered mine from an online seller when the hype was at its "peak" so in short, I have been using this products for some months now. Initially, I was only using it on my lips as a balm (because every one else was, lol) and when I noticed how soft and smooth they became, I started applying them too on other dry parts of my skin. I use it on my elbows, which used to be really rough (they're super smooth now!) . I also use them on my brows, after shaving, so as to avoid irritation caused by my razor. Basically, you can use it for anything, so I don't see why you shouldn't keep one in your kikay kit.

22 days ago


My cousin have this and she suggested I use this to treat my 1st degree burn at the my hand. After doing 1st aid with my burn I applied this for 3 days and the swelling immediately stopped and redness didn't even stayed long. My burn didnt scar and I'm totally satisfied with this.

22 days ago