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Green Coffee® CollagenPlus by Ultra Green Coffee

Ultra Green Coffee® CollagenPlus

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CLAIM TO FAME: An appetite-suppressing green coffee that’s rich with collagen

FAST FACTS: Formulated with 2500mg marine collagen from Korea; extracted from raw, unroasted green coffee beans rich in antioxidants and chlorogenic acid; stops free radical damage on the skin; stimulates and helps restore balance to tired skin; filled with skin-brighteners such as glutathione, acai berry, aloe vera, Vitamin C; aids in burning fat and increasing metabolism

PERFECT FOR: A healthier way to satisfy caffeine cravings

WHAT YOU GET: (1) pack Ultra Green Coffee® CollagenPlus
EXPIRY: 1 year
INGREDIENTS: 2500mg marine collagen, glutathione, acai berry, aloe vera, Vitamin C

1-2 packets per day. Consumption suggestion is minimum 8 weeks.

Ultra Green company seeks to create and promote delicious yet healthy beverages in the Philippines and worldwide. Their Ultra Green Coffee, for instance, is a superfood-rich alternative to regular coffee. Ultimately, it strives to spread awareness about living conscious and more healthy lifestyles.

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Certified Buyer

Healthy daily fix

After 2 pouches and 4 weeks of religiously drinking this coffee, I'm already noticing improvements on my body especially on my skin. My pimple scars, although still visible are now lighter, and my pores reduced in size. My pokemarks are lighter as well. I am using it together with a vitamin c + collagen serum which I apply externally on my face for more effect. Cravings are gone as well, and I don't feel bloated anymore (for some reason, my tummy used to have gas all the time). I shed almost 2 kilos during the 4 weeks, without no strict diet. I still take food as how I usually do it, but I would say the intake was lesser because I don't eat now because I crave for it, I eat just because my body needs it.

3 months ago
Top Reviewer


I love this more than the green coffee. It has a mild scent and taste. Also noticed a subtle effect on my skin, like less oily skin. I also have more energy for the day and i don't get too sleepy in the office anymore. Also, whenever i feel hungry during snack time, i just drink a mug of this and problem solved ;)

3 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

My everyday coffee 😍

I am more than inlove with this!!! It helps me to lessen my craving for food since im used to love eating but now? Guess what! I am super busog lagi. Like what happened na lagi akong nag snack? Haha plus the collagen makes my skin glow. It also helps my digestion. Will definitely order again and again!

about 1 month ago
Certified Buyer

collagen makes it unique!

i tried this after having tried the original ultra green coffee and honestly, while i did enjoy this, i do still love the original one more ;) i just prefer the taste of the other one. nonetheless, it's still a good healthy alternative to your regular 3-in-1 coffee especially when you're in a hurry. can't attest to how effective the collagen is, but it's nice knowing that your drink has collagen in it right haha :) it does help suppress my appetite just like the original one so i still love it!

about 1 month ago
Certified Buyer

Awesome and Healthy Morning Drink!!! :-)

All I can say is that this drink is awesome. It didn't make me palpitate like what a regular coffee is doing to my system. Haven't see any effects on my skin as it is only the second day of drinking it. But I am hopeful. Will definitely repurchase. :-)

about 1 month ago
Certified Buyer


So, I just made an account in Beaty MNL and i happened to scroll by this product, it caught up my attention because of the packaging and the word "collagen" on packaging. But I hesitated since malakas palpitations ko sa regular coffee i used to buy, but I bought it anyways ^_^ I got my parcel the next day! Boy that was fast <3 I tried one pack for the day since i get really bad palpitations. It did wonders to me! I didnt even get any palpitations from this coffee and OMG! My cravings was minimal even if it was just the first day. I used to order two orders for my every meal since i do eat a lot (haha). This coffee made me lose a kilo for just 5 days of straight drinking and the best side of it is, NEVER did I even starve myself just to lose weight. Now, I just eat normally and lost my cravings even though i watch a lot of mukbang videos. I also noticed that my stomach has gotten flatter and my skin is GLOWING everyday. I just hope it could help me get rid of the nasty pimple marks I have on my cheeks. So I just bought another pack since there is a promo for free shipping. It is indeed a Beauty in a Mug <3

about 2 months ago