Snail Repair Eye Cream (15ml)

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O Hail Snail

I've already recommended it to my friends. This has gotten me hooked on snail everything. I bought this just so I could meet the PHP 1,500 requirement for getting the free eye cream and I am so glad I did. I've started to get tiny crow's feet, and after a month of using it, the lines are significantly reduced. Not totally eradicated, but I'm happy with the results.

8 months ago
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Awesome for its price

I'm very picky with eye creams since I have really sensitive eyes. I teared up with other eye creams, but this one is gentle enough for me. It reduced the puffiness I've had since childhood. It lightened up my dark circles as well. Since it doesn't have retinol I use it on mornings, too, hydrating my eye area so my makeup stays on longer.

over 1 year ago
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Tired eyes no more!!

I bought this product about a month ago. I've been looking for a good eye cream since I work night shifts, which always makes my eyes look tired and puffy. I started to notice that my undereye area became darker and I was permanently sporting fine lines despite my age. It was then that I knew I needed an eye cream, and I was lucky enough to come across this product. The reviews were great, so I decided to try it. I usually just put a small dot on my ring finger then pat it around my eyes. I noticed on the first week that I looked less tired. I'm still not sure with my dark eye circles, but that I can live with. I'm definitely loving this product and will surely purchase again once I run out. P.S. The small tube lasts super long.

8 months ago
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The best eye cream i've ever tried.

I was intrigued with snail creams. I guess this is the fad right now so I decided to give it a try. What I liked about this product is the price is very affordable and the product is very effective. I've been using this product for 3 months now.. so far its working for me. No complains at all 👍🏻 Will definitely recommend this to everyone 😊

9 months ago
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Refreshing to the eyes

This was the first time I tried an eye cream and it doesn't dissapointing. The cream is not that heavy and oily,and it feels so refreshing and soothing on my tired eyes.Its very affordable too.A little goes a long way.The smell is nice and not overpowering I used it on my nightly routine.My eyes becomes brighter and it doesn't sting too.Love it!

7 months ago

The bomb! <3

Been using this for a few weeks only on night time and I can say that this product is the bomb! I'm quite young but I have laugh lines around my eyes that they usually call as crow's feet but after religiously using this product for a few weeks, it kinda disappeared! For a little tube, it goes on a long way since you just need a little to cover one eye each! Will definitely repurchase again <3

about 1 month ago


Everytime I use it at night, my undereyes are not so dull the next morning. I even get compliments from officemates that I look blooming, even though I only got less than 5 hours of sleep the night before. It may not show results right away, but it will give results that will last. And its a plus that its usually on sale! Yoohoo😊

about 1 month ago
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Goodbye panda

Is it just me or did this really reduce the dark circles under my eyes overnight? As a working girl now, I can't help feeling like a panda - with the eyebags and dark circles and all. But after I dicovered this, I might redeem myself soon enough! I'll be using this day and night. Loving the results and will definitely hoard once it gets back in stock!

about 1 month ago

The best eye cream!

I have been using this for more than 2 months and it actually works in preventing my eyes from getting puffy. I also noticed that the lines under my eyes are no longer visible. I like the fact that a pea-size amount goes a long way for both eyes. Will definitely repurchase this!

about 2 months ago

More than meets the eye!

I've been using this eye cream for more than a month now and I'm quite satisfied with the results! The past few months have been quite tough for me, I've been getting a lot of sleepless nights, so, I've been dealing with puffy eyes and dark circles again. I don't want to use concealers as much as possible, so, I'm glad I found this snail eye cream from Beauty MNL! It took me about a few weeks to see the results but I'm really satisfied with this product! Though crow's feet is not yet visible on my face, I think I'm at a time and age wherein I should do something to prevent it instead of obsessing about it once it's there. You should give this a try too!

about 2 months ago
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No bags, no sags, no lines

This wonderful snail eye cream, which is light, supple and non-greasy has given my eyes a whole new life in just 1 week. No bags, sags or lines. I love this eye cream and will be reordering before I run out. Like what I say in a lot of my reviews here in BeautyMNL, anything snail is the best <3

2 months ago

Designer bags instead of Eyebags!

This is the first time that I tried a Korean eye cream since I ran out of my original ones from Israel. Since I am a fan of almost everything Korean, why not try this? I was hesitant at first because, snail?? Whut?? GUURLL I've been using this for a week now and BES KAKAIBABE! My eyebags from kakapuyat cos of KDrama are now smaller and the darkness is almost gone. HG for puyat girls out there!

2 months ago

Affordable yet effective 👌

I thought I can never get rid or at least lessen my dark circles ever. I almost accepted the fact that I am going to have these panda eyes forever, until I saw the reviews of this product. I purchased it when it was on sale, so affordable compared to other eyecreams. I am now using it for more than 2 months and I am seeing improvements in my eye area. It lessened the lines and my dark circles are lessend too.

7 days ago


I initially bought this product just because it was on sale and the reviews were great without expecting too much from it. Now I've been using this product for almost a month and the results are amazing, it did lighten the dark circles and puffiness around my eyes. I also thought that I'd finish the tube in a month but I still have a lot of product left. Will definitely purchase this again.

9 days ago

Holy grail eye cream, for a cheap price tag!

This is a cheap eye cream that works wonders on your face! I am surprised because it really works. I don't need to put concealer under my eye after 2 weeks of using this. I use this day and night, after my serums and before my moisturizer. It makes my eyes look perky and my face bright even though I didn't have enough sleep. I highly recommend this!

12 days ago

Eye creams do work!

I love this eye cream because it instantly soothes my tired eyes. And because it contains snail essence, it helps renew skin cells for brighter under eyes! How great is that to say goodbye to dark circles. I use this every night and it slows the wrinkling on my smile lines. Thank you dear snail!

14 days ago

Cheat treat

Been using this for nearly a month now, and the 2nd tube came from BeautyMNL. I love it because it's light and is easily absorbed by the skin. It has no annoying scent and even if a bit of the product enters my eye (yes this always happens to me) it does not sting. It does not do much to target the dark circles but it does make a good make up base. It also has that subtle effect to make your eyes look refreshed.

14 days ago

Beyond satisfied!❤️

i really have a problem in my eye area. It's usually tired, dark and puffy. It's my first time to use an eye cream and I was really amazed! my eyes dont look tired anymore, (even with just 3 hrs. of sleep) Mizon snail repair eye cream is really THE ONE. An under eye cream that works as intended. Im beyond satisfied and will definitely repurchase once available ❤️❤️❤️

15 days ago

Snails for my eyes.

First time to use an eye cream because I was one of those who thought moisturizers and eye creams were the same. Bought my first tube and was so pleased with it that I bought another one for backup only 10 days after I bought my 1st tube! Been using it for 3mos now and apply it all around my eyes and I am still on my 1st tube. Love the cool feel it gives a few seconds after applying it and how it perks up my eyes. I also use this during the day and it absorbs well that I can still put on eye makeup with no issues. Hope in the long run it does help prolong appearance of crows feet hehe. Love love love snails!

18 days ago

Droopy eyes no more!

I ran out of the eye cream I used and this one was the cheapest option I found, and since it already had a lot of great reviews, I did not hesitate to buy this. I am glad I did! This is now my favorite eye cream -- better than the one I used! This really lifted my used-to-be droopy-isque eye bag.

18 days ago