Oyster Mushroom Crunchies by Blessed Mushrooms

Oyster Mushroom Crunchies

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CLAIM TO FAME: A pack of delicious mushroom snack chips

FAST FACTS: Provides an excellent source of fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals; makes a great source of vitamin D; contains antioxidants to protect the body and the immune system; cholesterol and fat-free
PERFECT FOR: A tasty yet healthy snack

WHAT YOU GET: (1) pack Oyster Mushroom Crunchies
EXPIRY: 3 months
INGREDIENTS: Fresh Oyster Mushrooms, Vegetable Oil, Flour, Salt, Spices

Store horizontally in a dry place. Do not compress and stack more than 5 packs.

Blessed Mushrooms products are made with top-quality ingredients and the freshest oyster mushrooms, making their organic mushroom snacks 100% guilt-free. Nutritious and delicious, Blessed Mushrooms is perfect for healthy eaters.

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Certified Buyer

My goodness, this tastes GREAT!

This taste like Mang Juan! It tastes porky, how do they do that? It's both healthy AND good. I'm speechless that I get to take care of myself but binge on good food at the same time! I'm buying more and trying all flavors. I bought cheese and sour cream and onion. :)

10 days ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer


I bought the original one and all I can say is that my cravings are oh so satisfied! It tasted like chicharon but it's not pork, knowing that I am high blood... I love also how they cooked it, it 's not too oily unlike your ordinary chicharon. The downside of it is, it's too expensive, but if you really want junk food and craving for it, you should go buy this instead. At least it's a bit healthier than your average junk food / chicharon. I bought one again because it's the time of the month when I go salt crazy (monthly period) and just want to indulge junk foods. lol.

11 days ago
Certified Buyer


I'm so thrilled that I was able to discover this delicious snack. I didn't expect much from it but now that I've tried it, I can't stop eating it! I got the cheese flavour and it reminded me of the cheese powder they use in Potato Corner, however, the mushrooms didn't taste processed at all; as I expected it to be. I'm excited to try the other flavours especially the spicy. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who is looking for a healthier alternative and can't stop snacking.

13 days ago
Certified Buyer

Yes for a Healthy Snack

looking for a healthy option and since i've been seeing posts about veggies turned into snacks, I wanted to give this a try. doctors' advised is to go on a healthy diet and I guess this could help since it has all the ingredients needed for those who will need a healthy lifestyle. I like that my kid also love how it taste (original and barbecue) and so Im waiting for another coming today. I will get to taste the cheese flavor too. I might be needing to stock up for more on my next purchase.

18 days ago
Certified Buyer

happy taste buds while being healthy! ;)

This is my first time to try this brand and I can say that this is more tasty than JA Lees Mushroom Chicharon (I've only tried JA Lees Mushroom Chicharon once and it seems to me that there's something missing on the taste). I am so crazy about crispy foods and since I decided to go on a diet, I've been staying away from junk foods. I am just so happy to find an alternative which makes my taste buds happy! I tried their Barbecue flavor and I can't wait to try original and spicy which I also ordered. Although one original flavor is missing from my order, I am happy for their fast delivery. I just wish they would double check before delivering the items. Overall, I can say that this item makes me and my taste buds really happy while being healthy!! Will definitely order again! :)

30 days ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer


I bought the sour cream variant and mygad!!! It is addicting. Not salty, not bland just the right amount of flavor to keep you craving for it. I'm planning on buying barbecue flavor next. Im also excited for my family to try this since we love snacking, atleast with this it is healthier.

about 1 month ago