Makemania 3D Brow Mascara by BCL Cosmetics

Makemania Data 3D Eyebrow Mascara

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CLAIM TO FAME: A colored brow gel that adds hold and definition to your brows in a few quick swipes

FAST FACTS: Made with vitamin B5, keratin, and silk proteins; lightly coats brows with a natural color; holds hairs in place; creates a soft but polished look

PERFECT FOR: Your daily makeup routine

WHAT YOU GET: (1) tube Makemania Data 3D Eyebrow Mascara

Apply going against your eyebrow hairs to deposit color. Afterwards, comb through your brows in the same direction as the hair growth to smooth them out.

You may or may not have heard of the Beauty Creative Lab, or BCL for short, but we’re sure you’ve heard of their products. BCL is a Japanese brand responsible for some of the Asian beauty world’s most famous cult classics. Their Browlash EX, Makemania, and Tsururi lines, for example, command quite the following—and you can bet your favorite mascara there’s a good reason for all the commotion.

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Top Reviewer

Saved a life

Love how this is a quick fix for sparse brows!! I don't really have sparse brows but I trimmed mine too thin by mistake and grabbed this because I needed a really important, effective fix no matter the price and this worked really well! Nothing too bad, it looked so natural when blended with a spooly!! Really awesome!

3 months ago
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Certified Buyer

Simple and easy to use

I use browcaras whenever im in time constraint. Its easy to use. What i love about makemania's browcara is the brush is actually a little comb. This makes it easy and clean to use. I love how it makes my browns pigmented and thick. He natural brown color is just perfect

5 months ago
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Switched from Eyebrow Pencils to Brow Mascaras

I have switched from using eyebrow pencils to highlight my brows to using eyebrow mascaras. They are easier to maneuver, applies more evenly, and only needs a few strokes to achieve perfect brows. I got the red brown shade and really liked it. With this brand though, make sure to apply evenly because the consistency has a tendency to clump.

10 months ago
Top Reviewer


I love using this everyday to make my eyebrows stay their shape and form all day. I love that this is very comparable to high end brands. I use this Makemania Data 3D Eyebrow Mascara from BCL Cosmetics to make my eye brows appear fuller and neatly with just a few brush strokes.

12 months ago
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Bolder, better brows

Brow mascara is such an easy way to get more defined brows instantly. I find brow pencils a bit more difficult to use compared to this because with brow pencils, you need to be mindful about how heavy or light your strokes are. With brow mascara though, all you need is a few swipes and voila, better, bolder brows!

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

I love every bit of it!!!

I like the unique mascara wand coz it allows me to deliver the color equally. Pink Brown is the perfect color to match my Rose Wine hair and I do think it's a more affordable version of my Benefit Gimme Brow gel. I'm definitely trying more products from Makemania next time. :)

about 1 year ago