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Tattoo Brows Gel

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CLAIM TO FAME: A temporary but long lasting, peel-off eyebrow tattoo

FAST FACTS: Creates a long lasting and water proof tint that lasts for 3-7 days; naturally enhances sparse brows; available in three shades—deep brown, natural brown, and grey brown

PERFECT FOR: Korean straight brows

WHAT YOU GET: (1) tube Tattoo Brows Gel

Apply gel on brows, then let it dry for 2 hours. Peel off from inner to outer brow and wear for 3-5 days.

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10/10 would recommend!

I'll get straight to the point and say that this product is perfect for those with sparse brows! This isn't practical for everyday use, but when a guy asks you to go swimming on the first date - THIS will be your best friend! LOL! As long as you avoid washing this with cleansers or makeup removers, it should stay put for at least 24 hours or up to 2 days. If you go swimming, remember to gently dab any excess water off with a towel - NEVER rub. The lasting power on this is not very strong because I do find that it becomes a shade too light everytime I shower, but nonetheless, with care - it does mimic tattooed brows for a fraction of the cost. Try leaving this overnight if you want optimum longevity. I still recommend using your usual eyebrow pencil or shadow for work/school, but for overnight trips and vacations, I highly recommend using this for a long lasting and natural look that's smudge proof. Also, the applicator may seem intimidating at first, but it's fairly easy to use. This is also cheaper than most tattoo brow products on the market, so it's safe to say that I love it!

21 days ago
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I instantly bought this because it come in Grey Black because I got this shade in the Karadium eyebrow pencil and it was a perfect match. Be aware that all instructions came in Korean, but I’ve watched videos and got how to use it and that’s how I applied it. First off I think I over did the application and painted on too much and like other similarly reviewed tattoo gels, left it for an hour and it stained my skin and brows really, really dark and came off so unnatural. I quickly washed it off with my African black soap and I got most of it off, so be aware soap is the enemy. So I re-applied and this time I just did the tops of my brow hairs and a little around it. I didn’t do a full coverage as this does peel/scraped offpretty easily even applied sparingly. I left it to dry for the 20 mins, peeled it off and checked the results, which was patchy and a bit uneven. So I did another layer, checked, did another layer and finally got the color and coverage I wanted at the third layer, so I loved it was buildable if you can’t get it right in one go. I did this Saturday morning, and it’s still on, though a lighter dark brown, as I type my review Tuesday early a.m. As long as I avoided directly soaping my brows specially washing my face was the trickiest, it’s already lasted through 3 showers with shampoo, I’d forget I had it on, what staying power. I’ve never tried any other tattoo gel, was planning on getting the much reviewed Maybelline one but saw this first in that color plus on sale, well here we are. So highly recommended! I may not use this daily as my way of application takes time, but for long weekends going out of town, I appreciate not having to do my brows daily.

about 1 month ago

Great Tattoo Alternative!

When you're wishing for tattooed eyebrows but can't make yourself commit just yet, this one's for you! Looks the part, easy to apply and stays on for days. This is a no brainer since the price is also this good, it was easy for me to decide to make the purchase. Color application is pretty good, product consistency is also good, wand is easy to use, and the result met my expectations. Works as described. Korean brows achieved!

3 months ago
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Natural Looking Brows

I bought this a shade too light for me but I've tried putting it a few times and it really does its job well! The tint lasts for days without having to reapply it! I left the tint on overnight and removed it the next day- also, no problems encountered with the removal. No hair was removed while removing the tint unlike other brands. Bought another one in the correct shade (hopefully!) Can't wait for it to arrive!

5 days ago
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Amazing Brow tattoo ❤

Grey Black ❤ I used it for two weeks now, at first, in a bit doubtful if it really last since I am using pencil for my brows. And it amaze me, the first apply lasted 4 days with great natural color. But you need to wash your face with mild soap. Or else it will gone sooner. I can now do traveling worry free for my "Kilay is life goals" achieved. :)) Great for no touch up when traveling and no make up look. :D will definitely buy again. ;) Thanks Novo cosmetics

7 days ago