Raw Cacao Nibs (70g) by Manila Superfoods

Raw Cacao Nibs coated in Coconut Sugar (70g)

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CLAIM TO FAME: A pack of raw and organic cacao nibs

FAST FACTS: Acts as an anti-depressant and balances the mood; balances the brain chemistry; dilates blood vessels and reduces blood clotting; builds strong bones; assists in regulating heartbeat and blood pressure; detoxifies the liver; helps increase focus

PERFECT FOR: Guilt-free chocolate snacks

WHAT YOU GET: (1) pack Raw Cacao Nibs coated in Coconut Sugar (70g)
EXPIRY: 09/2018
INGREDIENTS: Raw Cacao Nibs, Coconut Nectar

Manila Superfoods began as House of Matcha PH, selling all things matcha–from stone-ground powder to biscuits to face masks. Now venturing to a whole new world of healthy options, Manila Superfoods is your go-to brand for affordable and healthy snacks and superfoods

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Certified Buyer

Oh boy!

Oh boy indeed! I was trying to lose weight but was having a hard time with my sweet tooth cravings. Was trying so hard to stay away from those calorie high candy bars when I read good reviews about this product. Although I have decided to try this, I wasn't expecting much from this since it is made from (raw) cacao. I expected a lot of bitterness and I was prepared from it (anything in the name of dieting, right?!). Oh boy again, I was pleasantly surprised when I first tasted this, it's just the right amount of sweetness! Chocolatey taste that taste even better than those imported chocolate bars! And I initially thought it has nuts but then I realized it was the cacao bits and I more pleasantly suprised. Will def repurchase!

2 months ago
Certified Buyer

My daily chocolate fix

As someone who loves sweets too much, health becomes at risk to many unwanted things. This had me going on having discipline with myself. I was hooked after having my first taste of this. I have this as a daily snack already. This brand is quite expensive compared to others, but I place my bet on this that it has the best cacao nibs with its right tasteand right bit sizes.

2 months ago
Certified Buyer


It's my first time to try cacao nibs and I must say that it tastes like slightly burnt nut covered in sugar. It has a bitter sweet nutty taste. What I like about it, is that it has low calories so you can munch on these without worrying about gaining weight.

3 months ago
Certified Buyer


I really thought that this will be too bitter for my liking, but this tastes like regular chocolate nibs! Too good, plus you won't feel too guilty since it doesn't have artificial additives. I either mix it with my oatmeal or add it to my own "trail mix" that has macadamia nuts, goji berries, and pretzels. Yum!

3 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Surprisingly good!!!

These sounded really good on paper. I bought the smaller bag, however, just in case it was less like chocolate-covered cacao beans (from Tablea, yum) and more like the grocery store small-t tablea I was silly enough to bite into as a kid (don't judge!). Now I wish I bought the bigger bag! It's so good -
chocolatey, nutty, sweet, and with just a dash of bitterness to make it interesting. The coconut sugar also adds a bit of its own flavor. 70g of this is actually a decent amount, considering this isn't really the type of food you eat by the handful. Love this, definitely buying again.

4 months ago
Certified Buyer

Healthiest chocolate substitute

This product is the best and healthy alternative to chocolate. It’s bitter sweet and you won’t have any guilt in eating the entire pack. It’s good to eat this as a snack. I would definitely try the other products of Manila Superfoods. It’s cheap but very healthy. A good food for all those who are into healthy eating.

6 months ago