Mango Banana Fruit Crisps by Oh So Healthy

Mango Sweet Potato Banana Fruit Crisps

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CLAIM TO FAME: A trio of sweet and healthy dried mango, sweet potato, and banana chips

FAST FACTS: Made from 100% real and natural mangoes, sweet potatoes, and banana; naturally crispy and crunchy; prepared using the most natural ingredients and without any frying or oil; does not contain unhealthy fats, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives

PERFECT FOR: Health-conscious folk

WHAT YOU GET: (1) bag Mango Sweet Potato Banana Fruit Crisps
INGREDIENTS: Mango Puree, Sweet Potato Puree, Banana Puree, Organic Maltdextrin, Cornstarch, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Rice Bran

Oh So Healthy offers a fun and nutritious line of new snacking treats made from 100% real fruits. Each of their products are prepared using only high-quality ingredients. Filled with nutrients that your body needs, their fruit chips do not contain unhealthy fats, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives. The brand is also committed to deliver products that help support the local agriculture, sourcing their products from farmers in the Philippines. Enjoy this all-natural and fresh new way of snacking on your favorite fruits with Oh So Healthy!

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This is a snack that you would love if you are looking for something that is healthy and oh-so-yummy at the same time. I did not imagine to love this product until I have tried it. Even my niece and nephews love it. This definitely is worth the try. The price is worth it, considering its taste, packaging and etc. :)

6 days ago

Healthy 😶

If you want a snack and you dont want to gain weight but stay healthy. This one is definitely for you. I just hope it comes with much more in it for a pricey one. Still thumbs up for this delicious, yummy and a healthy snack. Good for all eating conscious people like me who doesnt want to gain so much weight but love eating snacks. 😂

8 days ago


I got this as a freebie to my purple yam. I looove the taste. tastes like crispy dried mango. yum! I wish there was more inside! haha. I could definitely eat this everyday! mag buy 2 take 1 uli sa next week!! everyone in the family loved it even my little nephew.

12 days ago

Happy tummy!

This is definitely a must-have for someone who really loves snacking but also want to be as healthy as possible. Since it is made from one hundred percent real mangoes, sweet potato, and banana, you will not be confused with its taste. Cravings satisfied! I love that it has natural ingredients and does kot contain healthy fats. The price is also worth-it. This is also perfect for gifts to those healthy conscious folks.

23 days ago
Top Reviewer

True love

A type of snack that is guilt-free! Oh my, oh my. I have met my one true love. you could just munch this whenever you feel like it without feeling so guilty after, though there is still some limitations, you still must know the appropriate amount to eat. Overall, an extremely good snack.

23 days ago
Certified Buyer

new kind of healthy snacking!

i love the combination of these three! mango, banana, and sweet potato are somewhat common when it comes to chips, but combining the three in a single product gives it a new twist. not to mention the texture and crunchiness of this is really different and i'm glad i gave it a try. still good, but i do prefer the guava, purple yam, and banana variation over this one ;)

24 days ago