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BeautyMNL Skincare Set for Oily Skin

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CLAIM TO FAME: An exclusive beauty bundle targeted to keep oily-skinned ladies looking fresh and fab all day

FAST FACTS: A skin-saving set that prevents you from looking wilted from morning till evening. Tried, tested, and approved by the BeautyMNL Team, each kit is discounted and comes with a FREEBIE! Includes:

  • (1) COSRX Low pH Good Morning Cleanser: A 2-in-1 deep facial cleanser and gentle skin exfoliator that helps diminish blemishes
  • (1) Skin Genie Apple Cider Vinegar Toner with Vodka and Witch Hazel: A clarifying toner that purifies, soothes, and hydrates with anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties
  • (1) Esfolio Pure Snail Moisture Soothing Gel: A lightweight, hydrating formula with 95% Snail Secretion Filtrate to renew dry skin and heal blemishes
  • (1) Beauty Bakery Charcoal + Clay Scrub Mask: An exfoliating scrub and purifying mask that thoroughly cleans by drawing out toxins, excess sebum, and deep-seated dirt
  • (1) FREE COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch: A pack of hydrocolloid stickers that spot-correct pimples as it soothes blemishes and reduces redness

    PERFECT FOR: Zit-free, shine-free skin

WHAT YOU GET: (1) BeautyMNL Skincare Set for Oily Skin

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Restock pleaseeee

While searching, reading reviews and exploring the site. I bumped into an article. I immediately tried to follow the link to the best skin sets....and alas!
You've ultimately hit best of each set. But then it is out of stock. Each day I tried to open the site with a hope it's already available.
Please restock... I'm really waiting for this set. The items are exactly the items I need the most.

about 1 month ago
Certified Buyer

Great for Beginners

For those who have no idea how to begin, this is a great buy! I have been searching on how to start with a skin care routine and i immediately followed the link to this set when I saw the article. As this did not clear my skin from acne, this set made my skin less oily. (1) Cosrx Good Morning cleanser leaves my skin feeling clean without the stripping feeling. After every wash, my face still feels soft and moisturized. (2) Skin Genie ACV Toner: i love the scent of this toner, unlike the over the counter toners in the grocery, this product feels very gentle on skin, leaving it soft after every application. (3) Esfolio Snail Gel - the smell of this is cute, and it's very cool on the skin. I use it as moisturizer in the morning and sleeping mask at night. It may feel sticky but upon waking up, your face feels really soft. I also think that my blackheads and whiteheads lessened because of this. (4) Beauty Bakery Charcoal Scrub + Mask - this is really nice!! Although I wasn't fan of the smell, I eventually got used to it. I love how I have the baby bottom feel of my skin everytime I use this. (5) Cosrx Pimple Path - two words: HOLY GRAIL!

26 days ago
Certified Buyer

Beautymnl, Thank you so much!

When I saw this, I did not hesitated to get it. I ordered it right away and boy was it the best purchase I have ever made here! This set is a total bang for your buck! I've been using everything on this set for three weeks now and I must say that the results are great! My breakouts have lessen and my skin is brighter and smoother! I absolutely love every single thing in this set!

about 1 month ago
Certified Buyer

Heaven se(n)t

I didn't think twice in purchasing this product right after I saw it and I am glad I did bought it. First, The good morning cleanser is divine and so gentle on my skin. I was actually shocked too when I saw it cause its bigger than what I expected. The toner is so addicting too. I love the smell and who would have imagined that there's ACV there? Now I know why those 2 are so popular.

2 months ago
Certified Buyer


I have oily skin and prone to acne, but when I heard that there's a set of skin care for oily skin, I really rushed to buy this product and can't wait to use it! I really love the cosrx low ph cleanser which gives me refreshed feeling every morning. While the skin genie apple cider toner, I used it every night with snail soothing gel after, and it really relieves my skin when I get up in the morning. The charcoal + clay scrub mask is the best! I used it once a week to clean and exfoliate my face. Also, the cosrx acne pimple master patch is really effective! Just put it in your zit overnight, and it will surely be gone!

2 months ago
Certified Buyer

Really suited for oily skin!

I like that all the products are targeted to oily skin and back up their claims. With this set, you already have a basic skincare routine which is easy to follow and can reduce pimples and oil production in the long run. The two products I love in this set are the COSRX Low pH Good Morning Cleanser and Acne Pimple Master Patch. They both exceeded my expectations. The cleanser effectively cleans my skin without irritating it or drying it out and pimples disappear after 1 or 2 days when I use the patches. The other products are good as well. They are effective in what they do but I just don't like the scents of the toner and the scrub mask. The Esfolio Snail Gel makes my skin itch however I try to put it or however thick or thin I put on.

26 days ago