Raw Cacao Nibs 1/2 lb. by The Superfood Grocer

Raw Cacao Nibs Coated in Coconut Sugar 1/2 lb. (227g)

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CLAIM TO FAME: Antioxidant, iron, and magnesium-rich pure cacao nibs

FAST FACTS: Known as the “Food for the Gods” by the Mayans and Aztecs; helps promote cardiovascular health by lowering cholesterol, improving blood circulation, and repairing blood vessels; the highest source of Magnesium in the world; helps regulate metabolism; heightens brainpower by increasing neurotransmitters in the brain; energizes muscles and builds strong bones; extremely high source of Iron; stimulates endorphins to promote a feel-good vibe; reduces PMS symptoms; increases focus and alertness

PERFECT FOR: Guilt-free ‘brain’ food

WHAT YOU GET: (1) pouch Raw Cacao Nibs Coated in Coconut Sugar 1/2 lb.
EXPIRY: 1 year
INGREDIENTS: Cacao Nibs, Coconut Sugar

Munch on these pure nutrient-rich chocolate nibs on its own, or sprinkle as a topping on your healthy snack, raw ice cream, or chia pudding. Can also be mixed in smoothies or desserts to give it a chocolate superfood kick.

The Superfood Grocer is here to wake you up, arm you with knowledge, and empower you to choose to become your strongest, healthiest, most vibrant selves— for yourself and your loved ones. They believe in achieving the highest form of health by shedding light on the need to add nutrient-rich, plant-based, whole foods to our daily diet. Whether you’re young or old, in the best of health or the worst of it, physically active or a couch potato, The Superfood Grocer is here to tell you that it can be done. And it should be done. There’s no better way to live than to have a strong, vibrant, healthy body in fighting form— regardless of age, weight, or any other starting point.

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Certified Buyer

My New Favorite Snack!

This is so good! Been wanting to try Superfood Grocer products for quite a while and stumbled upon this here. Good thing, you get free shipping when you buy a Wellness product! Can't stop munching on these on its own, can't wait to try it on smoothies! Great way to curb my sweet tooth cravings, I think I just found my new favorite snack. Yay!

2 months ago
Certified Buyer


This is perfect for all ages! Also its packaging is such a big help. RESEALABLE!!!! Hahaha i can carry it everywhere I go. And I can share it to everyone. Its like, eat chocolate while living healthy. More more more chocolate. Perfect for chocolate addicts. And for diabetic person.

9 days ago
Top Reviewer

Fix for your sweet tooth

Being on a diet means giving up desserts, whenever i am done eating lunch, i would oftentimes crave for something sweet – good thing i discovered this guiltless treat. I have tried it on cereal and in smoothies, but i really enjoy "nibbling" on it. i can easily read the ingredients, you know without those scientific names, and for me this means the product is in its truest form. Plus, kinilig ako sa 13 calories per serving! Will definitely repurchase.

14 days ago
Top Reviewer

Chocolate without the Guilt

This is absolutely delicious. I like my chocolate low fat and as dark as you can get to make it as healthy as I could but really they don't hold a candle to raw cacao nibs. This is the richness of chocolate without the sugar, fat and preservatives. Buy it for yourself and chuck out the snickers, I wasn't craving for it at all.

26 days ago
Certified Buyer

My boyfriend loves this!

I bought this in a whim just for the sake of trying it and I was not disappointed. The taste will take getting use to, especially for those used to the sweet taste of store-bought chocolates. But even my boyfriend who is a sweet tooth loved this and has been pestering me to buy 2 more packs for him, haha. The good thing is you can enjoy this and feel really good because of the health benefits that its packed with. Healthy and tasty snacks for the win!

26 days ago
Certified Buyer

My favorite study buddy!

I can't really study effectively without munching on something, so I used to eat a lot of salty potato chips and other junk foods but then I found this gem!!! It's so great for when you just want to stuff something in your mouth and not feel guilty about it!

28 days ago