Macaron Bath Soap Trio by The Soap Farm

French Macaron Bath Soap Trio

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Take a trip through the delectable streets of Paris as your favorite French confection, the ever-popular macaron, is turned into a trio of pretty all-natural pastel soaps that pervade each shower with a lovely, yummy scent. The top and bottom ‘cookies’ are made from creamy whipped pastel soaps sandwiching a soapy gylcerin filling in between. Fragrant and absolutely delicious, these are a must-have for those with a sweet tooth.

Each trio comes in a lovely package, perfect for gifting to friends and family. Use them as an all-natural soap for the face and body or as adorable decor for guest rooms and powder rooms.

Note: Given the handmade quality of each Soap Farm soap, colors may not be exactly the same as seen in photo.

WHAT YOU GET: (3) French Macaron Soaps
- Almond (Blue)
- Lemon Creme (Yellow)
- Strawberry (Pink)
NET WEIGHT: 50g each
SHELF LIFE: 2 years

INGREDIENTS: Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Glycerine, Purified Water, Fragrance Oils, Soap Safe Colors, Milk, Herb Extracts, Fruit Juice and Fruit Extracts

What’s there to love about The Soap Farm? You can satisfy your sweet tooth sans the calories with their unique range of scrumptious handmade soaps, all crafted with all-natural ingredients for your bath time pleasure. Enthrall your little ones with a handful of gummy bear soaps, or gift friends and family with yummy-scented pieces made to look like their favorite confections.

The creative team behind this delightful brand isn’t only passionate about creating the perfect bath time experience; they’re goodhearted as well. The Soap Farm provides a livelihood program for women, teaching them basic soap making and basic costing skills.

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Top Reviewer

Macaroon replica soap <3

Oh! I love Macaroons alot and they are pretty cute aswell. So cute that you'll feel a guilty to eat them. (lol) Now these soaps are too pretty to use. Ugh! (the struggle is REAL) I'd love to have this on my table and gift them for my friends. They would love it, Surely! I hope they have more stocks of these! The Soap Farm, I'm a FAN of your handmade soaps! :)

about 1 month ago
Certified Buyer

So cute and realistic!

It's so easy to mistake them as real macarons, so be careful!! haha! I gave several soap farm products to my teen cousins last christmas and an overprotective tita almost returned them to me. She got scared they might mistake it for real cookies. -_- anyway super love this brand! It's now my go-to gift in a pinch.

7 months ago
Certified Buyer


My favorite treat is always French Macaron and you made into soap, i went crazy!!!!! They look so delicious!!! and the smell is sooooooooooo amazing!!!!!! This will be a great gift idea for your friends, love ones and kids. I cannot choose what to use because they all smell delicious! I will definitely buy again :)

9 months ago
Certified Buyer


These macaron trio soaps are so adorable and so yummy looking. It looks so real that you would want to eat it. Its also a plus that it comes in three lovely scents that is sweet and very refreshing. It is an awesome gift idea because it comes in a very adorable packaging.

11 months ago
Top Reviewer

Yummy TReat :>

This is a yummy treat that you can take inside your bathroom, its smell so sweet and refreshing. and good idea soap for kids who doesn't want to take a bath. Its very unique and glam. it lathers very well and another great gift idea this season :> very affordable and classy!

12 months ago
Top Reviewer


These Macaron Trio looks so good enough to eat. It also doesn't hurt that it comes in three lovely scent: almond, lemon creme, and strawberry. The Soap Farm uses all natural ingredients which is perfect for all skin types. Because of its adorable packaging, it is great to be given as gifts or just plain decors in the bathroom.

about 1 year ago