Oh-reo Cookie Bath Soap Trio by The Soap Farm

Oh-reo Cookie Bath Soap Trio

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How to wash with an Oh-reo? Lather, rinse, and repeat! You won’t have to dip these tasty babies in a glass of milk to get yummy results. Chocolate glycerin cookies are filled with a rich glycerin chocolate creme filling to create a carbon copy of snacktime favorite Oreo that produces a creamy and milky lather in the shower. Each set comes in a lovely package, perfect for gifting to friends and family. Use them as an all-natural soap for the face and body or as charming decor for guest rooms and powder rooms.

WHAT YOU GET: (3) Oh-reo Cookie soaps
SHELF LIFE: 2 years

INGREDIENTS: Coconut Oil, Glycerine, Purified Water, Fragrance Oil, Soap Safe Colors, Milk, Herb Extracts, Fruit Juice and Fruit Extracts

What’s there to love about The Soap Farm? You can satisfy your sweet tooth sans the calories with their unique range of scrumptious handmade soaps, all crafted with all-natural ingredients for your bath time pleasure. Enthrall your little ones with a handful of gummy bear soaps, or gift friends and family with yummy-scented pieces made to look like their favorite confections.

The creative team behind this delightful brand isn’t only passionate about creating the perfect bath time experience; they’re goodhearted as well. The Soap Farm provides a livelihood program for women, teaching them basic soap making and basic costing skills.

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For Kids....' Toilet!

My niece and nephews will not be able to help themselves from washing their hands too much! Haha! I just love how cute and pretty it looks, so much like the real thing. This is the perfect gift idea because everyone needs soap (one way or another) and the fact that I will also be helping the livelihood of women is an additional cause! Cannot wait to start giving these away!

30 days ago
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Keep these away from children! Haha

These cute delectable and yummy soaps, Oh-reo Cookie Bath Soap Trio from THE SOAP FARM should come with a warning label: KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN! DECEPTIVELY AND CLEVERLY STYLED TO LOOK AND SMELL AND FEEL LIKE THE REAL DEAL! because they smell and look so very good! :D And I love how subtle the scent rubs off on my hands. Worth trying

6 months ago
Certified Buyer

Oreos in the bath! Just don't twist, lick and dunk ;-)

I love chocolate-scented products as well as trompe l'oeil items so I just had to get try these Oreo soap cookies from The Soap Farm! They look exactly like the real thing: size, patterns, etc. Since they are just like the cookies, they are a bit thin for soap so I don't expect them to last long. Plus with the irresistible scent, I spend extra time lathering up in the bath. When I was opening up my BeautyMNL package at work, my officemates also found the soap adorable so I might just get them as holiday gifts. Good price point too! Would definitely purchase again, or I'll try the chocolate chip cookies or chocolate bar next :-)

8 months ago
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So cute and adorbs!

It looks just like the real Oreo cookies! I would love to acquire some more! this is great for give aways or if you just feel like collecting it. Keep on creating this yummy creative soaps! Had so much fun smelling and adoring this thing. can't wait to try the cookies and cupcakes :)

9 months ago
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It looks yummy! I had to remind myself that these were soaps. I gave this to a guy friend and he was really amazed how they resembled actual oreos. He has yet to use them since he considered it would be a waste if they'd just be used them for bath purposes. I must say, I did not regret choosing these soaps as holiday gifts.

9 months ago
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I love this!

These came in today (along with other soaps from The Soap Farm). I love all their soaps! The product details are amazingly accurate and they smell good too! These are the absolutely the perfect gifts for Christmas. Hope the other variants will be re-stocked. Would love to try them all. :)

10 months ago
Top Reviewer

Oreo Cookies

The design of this soap is too cute and it is just like real Oreos. The Soap Farm uses all natural ingredients which is perfect for all skin types. Because of its adorable packaging, it is great to be given as gifts or just plain decors in the bathroom. Plus, it smells so good and sure to last for quite a long time.

almost 1 year ago
Top Reviewer


Cute soaps makes me happy. The packaging is great!

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Smells good!

I love the scent of this soap! I'm super happy with this!

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

This ain't no twist, lick, and dunk kind of Oreo

This soap took longer to get here because they switched couriers. Hopefully it won't happen on my next transaction. The soap looks cute but the smell doesn't last that long. But the soap is great for gifts. Remember not to eat it though because it really looks like an actual Oreo cookie.

4 months ago
Top Reviewer

Too cute to use

I find this soap too cute to use. It has a very creamy lather but I don't like its scent that much.

about 1 year ago