Brow Tattoo Gel Tint by Maybelline

Maybelline Brow Tattoo Gel Tint

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CLAIM TO FAME: A natural-looking brow tint that lasts up to 3 days

FAST FACTS: Glides on smoothly for easy application; long-lasting, subtle tint sets in minutes; peels easily without tugging at the skin for a satisfying reveal; leaves brows looking soft and full

PERFECT FOR: Brows on fleek without the fuss

Quick and easy!
August 2017
” The Maybelline New York Tattoo Brow 3 Day Peel-Off Gel-Tint is such an amazing product. It is so easy to use. All you have to do is paint it over your brow, wait about 20 minutes or until its dry and then peel it off! I was a bit worried to try it but I gave it a go and was very impressed. It was easy to apply and was so easy to peel off. Now my brows look perfectly shaped as if I just filled them in with the perfect shade. This product is so convenient, I will never go to a salon to get them tinted again! I have been recommending it to all my friends.”
– Julia Gronowski (from beautyhaven.com)

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Maybelline Brow Tattoo Gel Tint

Step 1: Use the applicator to apply an even layer of brow gel tint over your brows. Follow your natural shape. Quickly orrect any mistakes with a cotton bud.
Step 2: Let the gel set for 20 minutes to 2 hours.
Step 3: Once dry, peel off the formula. Start from the inner corners of the brow to the tails.

Note: Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight.

From a small, family-owned business that began with a tube of mascara, Maybelline has grown to capture a market of modern muses around the world. Inspired by trends from the catwalk and the sidewalk, Maybelline New York empowers women to make a statement, explore new looks, and flaunt their own creativity and individuality. Now the No. 1 cosmetics company in America, Maybelline’s iconic tagline encourages women to be strong, confident, and unique. “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.”

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Top Reviewer

So Cool!

This is a new product for me and it was a fun experience. It is amazing how this works. What i did was i drew my desired eyebrow shape and then applied this product following the guide. I went to get some chill time while waiting for the product to do its magic until I had to peel it off already. It's fun and amazing. Super natural looking just like those permanent brow tattoos. The color matches my brows and it fades a little as time passes by but still looking natural. Definitely a must try!

6 months ago

Swimming proof! Waterproof! Smudgeproof! Proof all the way!

I purchased this one before leaving for Jakarta and put it on the morning before packing my things to leave. We left in the afternoon and got stuck in a traffic while the sun is up and I'm sweating all over. Our flight was at midnight and we arrived like 3am. I was so so tired that I just washed my face and slept and it was still there till the morning. I went swimming the next day and my golly wow it's still intact! Though you can see that it's slowly diminishing, it really stayed for 2 days. It claimed that if you put it on for 2 hours it will last for 3 days but on the 3rd day, it's very slightly visible but visible all the same. This is really worth the price!

2 months ago

TIme saver

Saves me 5 minutes of prep time and it looks so natural. Its a bit shiny after peeling so what I do is I top it off with a little brown eye shadow and that does the trick. I have been using it almost everyday so I'm almost out of it. So time to restock!

7 days ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Good enough

My mom asked me to order this for her since she was looking for a good product that can last the whole day. And it is great that this one can last for over a day. The only downside though is that you have to allot enough time to put and leave it on your brows for it to last longer. The application is also something that you have to be careful about.

28 days ago
Certified Buyer

Works Wonders!

I used to have brow tattoos bought from Japan but now I don't have to do that! This stuff works just like the ones from Japan and it's more affordable! Will definitely order this again once my stocks need to be replenished! This thing is definitely waterproof, smudge proof, sweat proof and long lasting!

about 1 month ago
Certified Buyer

My New Holy Grail!

It's been a few week since I've bought and tried this product, and I must say that it's amazing! It's sooooo easy to apply and to peel off! It's smudge-proof, sweat-proof and long lasting! Aside from that, it's also buildable so you can get your desired brows! Maybelline you done it again! Can't wait to repurchase it!

about 1 month ago