Turn Up Color Treatment by April Skin

Turn Up Color Treatment (60ml)

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CLAIM TO FAME: A temporary hair tint in a wide range of fun colors

FAST FACTS: Enriched with 20 herb extracts (including rosemary, sage, lavender and jojoba seed oil) to nourish brittle strands; dyes hair only on the surface; won’t damage or dry out the hair cuticles; colors can be mixed to suit your preferences; safe for damaged and fine hair types

PERFECT FOR: A commitment-free hair makeover

”Couldn’t be more satisfied with this hair color treatment! I love how my hair turned out after application (tried the green blue one), both color-wise and texture-wise. Also, this is the only hair coloring treatment that has a fruity scent. Will purchase other colors next time.”
– title** (from aprilskin.com)

WHAT YOU GET: (1) box of Turn Up Color Treatment

STEP 1: Wash your hair with shampoo (don’t use conditioner or treatments).
STEP 2: Lightly dry the your with a towel.
STEP 3: Put on gloves and gown, then apply the product on the hair.
STEP 4: After applying thoroughly, wait 10 minutes to achieve a natural tone or 20 minutes to achieve more vivid color.
STEP 5: Rinse out the dye with lukewarm water.

Additional Information 1. If the treatment is used on darkhair, the color may not appear at its fullest tint.
2. Since the color fades away gradually and naturally, use a seperate towel to thoroughly dry your hair after shampoo.
3. If more vibrant color is preferred, wait little longer after applying.
4. If stronger tint is preferred, apply the Turn Up Color Treatment on a dry hair.
5. To prevent the color fading quickly, dry your hair completely after use.
6. Using a conditioner or treatment immediately after coloring is NOT recommended.
7. Dyes can easily tint the skin, so wearing gloves and a protective gown are strongly recommended.

April is the beginning of spring when new life begins. April Skin symbolizes having beautiful skin like the spring. A natural and hypoallergenic beauty brand from South Korea, April Skin’s products regenerate your beautiful skin from within with the help of nature.

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Lovely smell

This product smells so good. It wont damage your hair instead it will nourish it. I bought this when it was on sale. I have a super black hair which is the reason as to why this product didnt color on my hair but it does makes my hair soft and smooth. I recommend to use their bleaching treatment first before using this to make it color on your hair.

3 months ago
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Hello Pink Pandas!

I got this as a gift for my sister, and she really loved it! I was the one who volunteered to be her hairstylist for the day hahah and so I was the one who colored her hair using this. I chose to give her this 2-in-1 hair color plus hair treatment because first, she loves to color her hair, and second, her hair is already a bit damaged and frizzy because of the coloring and stuff like that. The results? Instantly smooth and soft mane with a tinge of pinkish red (because of her pre-dyed hair) in it!

4 months ago
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Was given to me as a gift and it's the best gift ever!

I got this Green Blue color from a friend last Christmas and I paired it with the Turn-up bleach from the same brand. At least this one doesn't smell bad like the bleach counterpart. This is so far the best Christmas gift someone has ever gifted to me. I got my hair rocking the entire Christmas! It also fades out gracefully.

4 months ago
Certified Buyer

Given the chance, I would love to try again!

I've always wanted to have teal/blue-green hair but my field won't allow it (so far). I had a month's vacation so I told myself, "It's now or never!" I opted to buy this instead of semi-permanent colors (even though they might offer more vivid colors) since I only have one month. I bleached my roots with April Skin's Turn Up Bleach first before applying and Turn Up Color Treatment softened my hair from the bleaching and it gave me a gradation of blue to green hair (my hair was bleached unevenly because I only bleached my roots, my ends are lighter than my roots). It also has a lovely fruity scent. I highly suggest bleaching your hair first, the lighter the hair, the more vivid the color. Also, for thicker and longer hair you need more of the product if you want a more vivid color and better coverage.

5 months ago
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Affordable color!

I love this color treatment because it not only colors my hair but it also makes it look healthy and shiny. I don't experience dry hair when I used this because it moisturized and hydrated my strands. The color is so pretty too! Although it says that it doesn't last longer than 2 weeks, mine lingered for a couple of days more :)

6 months ago
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undamaging your hair from bleach

after bleaching my hair turned dry like crazy but thankfully this product saved it. its like a conditioner that brought all the moisture back to my hair. perhaps because my hair didnt turn completely white or almost white after bleaching, the color wasnt as vibrant as i hoped it'd be. i bought the greenblue btw. it still looked super cool. the shade i got combined w/ the blonde got so many compliments. so besides saving my hair from dryness and its a good coloring product, over all an HG. if only this isnt a temporary one. if you wash your hair w/ just water you wont see the dye coming off but once you use shampoo or conditioner you'd see the pigment coming off. so yeah it'll gradually lost the color but a week later my hair is still a shade of green, it hasnt completely come off but it wasnt as vibrant as before. so the vibrant-ness of the dye will depends on how bleached your hair is.

6 months ago