Airy Ink Velvet by Peripera

Airy Ink Velvet

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CLAIM TO FAME: A light-as-air lip stain that’s perfect for gradient lips

FAST FACTS: Provides natural-looking color; feather-light texture delivers long-lasting softness; exclusive applicator tip allows air to pass though for a weightless finish

PERFECT FOR: A soft, K-drama lip

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Airy Ink Velvet

Apply directly to dry, clean lips.

As beauty brand Clio’s playful little sister, cosmetic company Peripera is cute, cheeky, chic, and dreamy all at once. Inspired by Peri, a fairy from Persian mythology, the cosmetics company embodies a cool, romantic, and youthful tone. Known for their pretty packaging and celebrity collaborations, it’s no wonder Peripera has become irresistible to women everywhere. Sample their chic lip tints and cool cushions—all worthy additions to your makeup collection!

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Top Reviewer

Tattoo my lips

This is my first ever lip tint since I'm not comfortable wearing lipsticks or anything aside from lip balm. I have natural red lips so I didn't see the need to use lip tints. But the hype's crazy. My friend asked me to buy this for her when I was in Korea. So I then tested it and fell in love with it. It's as if you didn't put anything in your lips. Feels really natural. One bottle will last me a year I think. Haha.

23 days ago
Top Reviewer

Frequent retouching is a thing of the past!

This tint is like a tattoo. It will last you ALL DAY. Eating, drinking, anything- and your lips will stay bold and vivacious. Perfect for busy women! You can trust this product stays on perfectly without having an urge to check if its still on. Retouching is a thing of the past

about 1 month ago
Top Reviewer

My Brown Coral

I don't know where to start with this product. Color pay-off is really good. I love how it feels moisturizing, kinda buttery but still okay, on my lips but it shows a matte-like texture. If you're a beginner to K-beauty, tints by peripera are a must to try. I became an instant fan of my brown coral since it looks very k-popish, perfect for my age. This is now my go-to tints whenever I go out. It is quite expensive compared to other products but this one definitely does not disappoint.

3 months ago

Looks so soft on my lips

I love love airy ink! I've always been looking for a tint that can cover my whole lips since I have dark lips so I have a difficulty of evening out the color. I saw a blog about this and decided I would like to give it a try. I got the shade Glimpse brick brown and truthfully, its the best tint I've ever used. It looks really natural on my lips and it also feels light on my lips so I didn't feel any discomfort while using it. But Glimpse brick brown is quite light in contrary to its swatch, it looks more of a nudish shade. If you want a gradient lips effect, try to get a little bit darker shade than #8 since its light, its not ideal for gradient lips.

3 days ago
Top Reviewer

Got Glimpse Brick Brown and would probably buy the others too!

I loooove this! I hate the feeling of dry lips and this doesn't dry my lips. The texture is new to me, it's smooth and I don't really know exactly how to describe it haha but i like it because it feels comfortable. It's also really easy to apply because of how the wand is. I apply only one layer of this on all over my lips but I've seen others use this to do a "gradient" effect too. It's not completely transfer proof but the color does stay on the lips, it kind of "stains" the lips. It's a great product and I'm happy with the color I got, it looks natural, a little darker than the natural color of my lips but it still looks fine for everyday. I would definitely buy other shades of this!

5 days ago

Soft Looking Doll-like Lips!

Got mine in 05 Elf Light Rose and I've got to say, it's the first time I've actually liked a pink lippie. If you've always been into brown-red shades such as myself but would want to try going for an MLBB pink shade, then this one is definitely for you. It's a muted warm color and is very wearable for an everyday look. Especially if you have pink undertones then this one would surely add a a girlish youthful glow on your face. What's more, even when I don't wear any lip balm the formula glides on very smoothly. You'd really get that soft pillow-y effect on your lips that along with the pastel shade, is a very pretty combination.

15 days ago