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Apple Cider Vinegar Toner with Vodka and Witch Hazel

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Addicting smell. Clean face

It must be the vodka but its so addicting to smell πŸ˜… Tried it for the first time and WOW it truly removed all that icky dirt in my face! Will see with further use, whether it can combat my big pores and pimple prone face. Impressive for the first try!

7 months ago

Bbye redness!

With a week of using this product, I can say that I think I am now saying goodbye to the redness on my face. It slowly evens out my skin tone without the harsh feeling. This is a great toner for me. My mom notices the difference it does to my face, too.

11 months ago

My very own genie in a bottle <3

I've been using this product for almost two weeks now and my face have changed drastically, existing pimples dried up faster, pimple marks are reduced, the small bumps on my forehead and chin are gone, my skin had even out, turning my dull face to a brighter even out complexion. I have the most sensitive-oily-dry-acne prone skin, so I'm super happy with this toner it's gentle without any tingling sensation when I applied it all over my face. If you wish to clear away your facial problems well look no further, your genie is here so go and buy it!

6 months ago
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For a cleaner face

My pimples appearance were lessen and lessened day by day after using this apple cider vinegar toner.It also soothes my skin making redness and itchyness dissapear...This one is great for oily skin too cause it difinitely minimize the sebum build up of skin. It feel so refreshing each after use.

7 months ago

It Works!

It works for me na nagkaka pimple everytime na ma e expose sa dust and dirt. And if i have monthly period. Im trying to use other products to minmize or to quickly dry up my pimples but medjo matagal mag work but this Apple Cider napansin ko, 2-3days dry up na pimples ko and na lessen na din. I always reccomending this product to my friends and family. Thank you! Worry-Free user here. 😊

about 1 month ago
Certified Buyer

Love it!

I tried this because my usual facial mist was out of stock. I'm so glad that I did! This is super refreshing, and calms my skin down right after a workout, or whenever it gets too hot and I get extremely sweaty and flustered, The peppermint really helps in cooling down the skin. I also spritz it on whenever I need to freshen up, or when I need a quick mood lift, as the scent is amazing. Overall I've seen a general improvement in my skin after using it.

7 months ago

My Bestie Toner!

Since being preggo, i started having those hormonal acne thingies and it bugged me so much. I used to use Clinique anti blemish toner but my oh my it broke me out even more so i figured why not try a more natural alternative? I have read articles on how apple cider vinegar and vodka helps rid of acnes and having said that, this toner has both of them! I purchased it and the smell is light and yummy bubble gum-ey! And it calms my acne sooooo much that I have stopped my search for the best toner because this is my HG na! :) i finished up bottle after bottle after bottle and i aint planning to switch as this toner works for me! :) less ingredients for better result!:)

about 2 months ago
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For oily and acne-prone skin

I've been using a lot of all-natural products geared towards acne, because I have oily-combination (sensitive with dry patches), acne-prone skin. My complexion has really improved, my skin is brighter and clearer. My acne scars have also lightened in the process. I really loved this toner because right after applying, I can feel it actively calming my skin at the same getting rid of remaining oil/dirt. I don't like anything minty, but this has a cooling/soothing effect that doesn't really bother me. I apply it with a cotton pad because it stings my eyes when I spray it directly to my face (even with my eyes closed). I use it every morning and night. I noticed that while this helped with the oily parts of my face, this also caused my dry patches to be worse. I stopped using it, but I recommend this to people with oily and acne-prone skin. Just don't forget to moisturize.

3 months ago

Pimple Scar Gone :)

Bought this a week ago but I am instantly in love with it. I already stopped using all the other toners I used and gave it away. I already noticed the good effects on my face. I have a pimple scar on my face because I popped it and the 2nd day of using this, I noticed it already faded and now it is totally gone. I wanted to buy 2 more bottles because I use this a lot and my first bottle is almost done but they are sold out. :(

4 months ago
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Effective, refreshing, and omg, the smell is <3

I love this. It's so refreshing on the skin. I love that it comes in a spray form so you can just spray it on when you don't have time to use a cotton ball. When I do use a cotton ball, one spray is really all it takes to apply the stuff on my whole face. And it actually picks up dirt that my heavy duty cleanser (and konjac sponge) somehow failed to. And and and, it smells really great. So great, in fact, that my fiance asked me if he could use it as a cologne.

9 months ago
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Certified Buyer

Highly Recommend!

I really really like this toner! I only wish it came in a bigger bottle. I like how it doesnt dry out my skin and has this cooling effect whenever I use it. I think it did help reduce the redness on my face also it didnt break me out which is great! Its also great that it is organic πŸ’•

9 months ago

The best toner I've ever used!

I can't even begin to describe how amazing this product is!!! I ran out of the toner that I was using (which didn't make that much of difference to my oily-combination-acne prone skin) so I made the impulsive decision to switch to this one! I read about the benefits of apple cider vinegar so I gave it a try. With just one use I was already thinking about getting ten bottles of this because it felt so cool and refreshing afterwards! Seriously, the best feeling! I'm very happy with the smell as well and the fact that it makes the face feel so soft after it completely dries. Now that I've been using this for three weeks, my skin lightened a bit and became softer to touch, my acne scars also lightened and I rarely have breakouts anymore. This works better after using the ACV soap from the same brand. Will definitely repurchase. :)

2 days ago


This product is all natural thats why it caught my attention and i decided to try. I didnt have any regrets when the product arrived because my skin fell in love with it upon my first try. The presence of peppermint was very cool and refreshing on my face. Together with vodka and apple cider, the smell couldnt get any better. All in all, this is one great product i wouldnt want to run out of.

9 days ago

Definitely my holy grail item must have! I super love it!

I've been using this product for around 2 months now and my face has drastically changed. I used to have super bad acne breakouts but this product has DEFINITELY SAVED MY LIFE! My face started clearing up in just a few weeks time and leaves my face super smooth! I usually directly spray the product all over my face instead of applying the product on a cotton pad as the bottle states because i feel like I utilized the product more by spaying it directly to my face. Then, i just slightly pat my face with my hands and let it dry. I spray the toner onto my face at least 2x a day (in the morning and before i sleep at night.) I also spray before I apply my make-up on and also after removing my make-up. This product is definitely my holy grail item must have! I super love it!

10 days ago

Goodbye nightmare with this toner!

I just purchased this product because I got tired of preparing my diy toner and to give it a try because of all the reviews (yes, I've read it all!). After my first day of use(day and night), I already noticed the changes it made on my skin the next day! My existing acne dried up! And after 1 week of use, my pores got tighter, lightened the pimple marks and no more new acne! Will buy again for sure!

15 days ago

2nd bottle! Yay!

I was choosing between this and Beauty Bakery's Witch Hazel mist. I've tried both and both are great, but i find myself leaning towards this in terms of repurchasing decision. 1.) Because it's a toner that can double as a mist, while the Beauty Bakery one is a mist that I feel like it wont double as a toner. 2.) I like the smell better. 3.) It has a more obvious cooling sensation 4.) It helps with calming my breakouts and cystic pimples, like whoa 1 day after it's less red and a little more flat. 4.) Bottle is lighter, hence perfect when traveling. I feel like apple cider vinegar has a great effect on my skin and this is why I just clicked "Add Cart" for this month's purchase. <3

15 days ago

A must-have beauty essential!

Bought this because of the reviews it's receiving and it didn't fail me! I have pimple marks I want to get rid off and I heard apple cider vinegar helps with that. I've been using this for a week now as a toner and facial mist (just be wary of your eyes) and I feel it does lighten my blemishes a bit and dries out my pimples. Its citrusy smell is addicting and I feel it moisturizes my skin. Definitely buying one again!

18 days ago

Instant results!

I'm just on my third day of using this product but I can already see the results! I have sensitive and often dull looking skin which borders on redness. The toner feels light yet I feel my skin has tightened and visibly brightened. My daughter also started using this for her pimply forehead and she said that it has dried up her pimples. I thought the reviews were all hype, but this toner really works! I just bought another bottle because I read that it sometimes runs out of stock. Ps I love that it comes as a spray.

19 days ago

Really lessens oiliness!!

I have tried so many products out there, and so far, this, together with the skin genie apple cider facial wash has been the most effective in battling oiliness. For me, uber oily face at the end of the day is a thing of the past now! The smell and the refreshing feeling after usage is also a plus!

19 days ago

First Time ❀❀❀

It was only here in Beauty Mnl that I came to know the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar to our skin. Started googling further details about it and when I was confident enough to try it, I immediately purchased it. Hindi ako nagsisisi na tinry ko 'to. It gives my skin a refreshing and clean feeling every after I use it as my toner. I also noticed that every time I use it, it gives me a glow. However, it's not yet long lasting. Hehe. It's just days that had passed since I started using it and I think the effect will be more visible and long lasting as I continue using the product. Kudos to Skin Genie πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

20 days ago