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Anti EYEging

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It's so effective, it's mostly on the waitlist hahahaha

First of, this is not a solution for dark circles. This is a solution for tired eyes, so do not expect your dark circles to magically disappear, nope, it won't. However, what this little lovely treasure will do is to make that puffiness disappear after all the stress and sleepless nights you had. It is that puffy and saggy looking bags that make your undereyes appear darker than it should be, so when your eyes are relaxed and the puffiness is gone, your undereyes will start to look fresh and brighter, that's how this product works. If you want to get rid of that dark undereyes, start drinking a lot of water and start sleeping in at least six hours. Then use this product here to aid that miracle you are looking for. As for me, I have dark undereyes and really depressing bags so I started looking for eye cream and eye masks to improve it, and found this. Since that day, I will never let this little rolly be missing in my pouch. Oh and I don't understand why others think this will smell bad after few uses, no it does not. I dunno what they're talking about, but of course, please do wash your face properly before applying the product for hygienic reasons, and yes it is wet and it is supposed to be wet because the skin in your eyes is too sensitive, imagine rolling something dry and rough on your undereyes. No, right? BUY IT.

10 months ago
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Love It

Affordable eye moisturizers are rare, so I had to try this out. So far so good. I haven't noticed dramatic changes, but it does keep my eye area moisturized which is what I'm after. Please ensure your eye area is clean before using, don't just casually whip it out of your bag and use it in the middle of the day. You can also try dabbing it instead of rolling so as not to tug your eye area and so you won't dispense more product than you intended.

7 months ago

Dark circles no more!!!

Do you know what happens when you have dark circles? You'll feel and look old! I feel so old whenever I'm stressed. When I used this anti-eyeging every night, it does wonder every morning I wake up! Don't believe me? Try it for yourself but take note that you must religiously apply it every single night! Dark circles no more!

3 months ago

A great buy!

I already saw a difference after the first night of application. It doesn't really have a cream consistency -- it's more gel like -- but I prefer it that way. I woke up to eyes that looked really well-rested even if I only have about 5 hours of sleep. To be honest, this has to be one of the greatest products ever. IT'S SO CHEAP AND IT WORKS! I'd definitely buy this again once I run out!

4 months ago


I am one of the human being who had been blessed to have purchased this magical product before it was out of stock. Being an architecture student, having a puffy eyes are so normal but heck, I'm tired of seeing myself having it on the mirror so I bought it. I've read so many positive feedback on this product and I'm hoping that it will give nice effect upon using it (since the product arrived just earlier) The first thing I noticed about it is the smell - I swear, I love the smell. Also, I tried putting it on my wrist (just to test it out) and it didn't feel stick at all and it absorbs as soon as you put on your skin. Seriously, I will buy it as soon as they restock it.

3 months ago
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Worth a try

I ordered this for my sister since she is in search for a eye cream that could help her reduce or even diminish her eyebags. She's been using for around three weeks and so far she is liking the result. She wakes with less puff eyes. She have not noticed anything yet on the reducing dark circles but she's happy whenever ahe wakes up :)

7 months ago
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Your next best friend

I have been using this product for a week now and I must say that it really does the job when it comes to brightening and minimizing my eyes after applying it the night before. I just love how it makes my wrinkles not noticeable at all, which is a plus for me because that's usually my number 1 problem when it comes to my eyes. Will definitely buy this product again.

11 months ago

You have to try this!

I have been using two different eye serums/creams on my eyes and this is what I use at night. It has a cold feel to it that makes it refreshing especially right before going to bed. In the morning you won't longer have tired eyes. I love how it makes my eyes brighter even when I am obviously losing sleep. Buy this! Affordable and it works!! AAAANNNNND IT'S LOCALLY MADE!!!!

about 2 months ago


I'm an eye cream junkie! I love eye creams and I must say this one is a standout! I love how it makes my eye area smooth and relaxed after applying it over night. Plus it's cheap and organic! I must say Skin Genie is a favorite! Been using it for 3 weeks now and even on the first use you'll experience the effects of the product overnight :)

about 2 months ago


I purchased this item about 2weeks ago, and guess what?!?!! Puffy eyes no moreeee!!!! Its so effective and im loving it! It is perfect for every girl who always sleep late at night due to a busy schedule or having a lot of errands to do. Im definitely buying it again once ive used up my product. Go buy it!!! It makes me feel so fresh every morning I wake up.

7 days ago

Good moisturizer and depuffer!

This works on the eye puff! But my dark undereye did not lighten up. I like that it is very easy to apply. I also like that it gets absorbed into the skin but it takes some time. So I would look like my under eyes are wet and I figured out a way to prevent that, since it is kinda hard to control the product that is dispensed through the roll-on applicator, I just roll a bit and spread it gently around the eyes. Gently people, since the skin around the eyes is not very elastic so when you tug it too much it won't retain its original skin. I regret not taking care of the skin around my eyes, (sleeping till 3 am always, rubbing, tugging, harshly wiping etc). So having this cheap and effective eye moisturizer is a life saver for cheapskates like me. Take care of your eyes while you're young, and it is never too late to do so as well! ;)

8 days ago

puff be gone!

I was on the look for an eye cream that will help me get rid of my ever so "tired-looking-eyes". All the products I saw were so expensive so when I came across Skin Genie's Anti-EYEging, it felt like heaven sent. Being a senior college student, stress and sleepless nights are your best friend and I always look like a zombie the next day and this helped me a lot to get rid of it. I read another review about this here on BeautyMNL and yes it won't get rid of your dark under eyes so if that's your main problem I suggest looking for another eye cream out there. I'm not done with my bottle (and I use it twice a day; AM & PM) so for its price I'd say its a MUST ♥

14 days ago

Buhbye Tired Eyes!

I agree with one of the reviews of this product, this does not get rid of dark circles and noticeable wrinkles...but! This gem definitely helps in getting rid of large eye bags and tired eyes. It only requires a little bit of product for your eyes to look refreshed! When I only get a few hours of sleep, I just dab a bit of this and then I look like I got 8 hours of shut eye. I recommend letting it set and dry a bit before putting on makeup or another layer of skin care product.. Other than that, this is definitely a must have!

18 days ago

No rush :)

My eyebags used to be puffy and dark (I rub my eyes a lot) but after almost a month of using this product, I have less dark eye circles and less puffy bags...The improvement wasn't instant but gradual and that makes me feel the this is safe to use.Love the fact that hubby noticed this too ♥ Will repurchase soon :)

23 days ago

Hooray for this local brand

So glad it was in stock when I was doing my shopping at BeautyMNL. I love the smell!!! Plus, it's super easy to apply. Keeps the eye area well-moisturized. Re dark circles, maybe I have to wait for a few more days or weeks to see a significant change. I also love the fact that this is so affordable and it's from a local brand. Support local!!! <3

27 days ago

Affordable and effective :)

Been using this product for a month and i would definitely say that it does its job! No more tired-looking, stressed-out eyes! I use this everyday, under make-up and before going to sleep at night. This makes my eyes look brighter, revitalised, and less puffy. All love for this product.

28 days ago


A VERY HELPFUL BESTFRIEND FOR PUFFY EYES!! WOULD BUY AGAIN ❤❤❤ As a dancer and a student I'm a nocturnal person and I'm blessed to find this product!!! My face feels enlightened specially the eye part. Whould totally recommend this for ppl with sleepless nights. For glowing and a non tiring look. Less haggard and more tantalizing eyes.

29 days ago

One of my best purchases yet!

I have been so used to seeing large under eye bags on my face, as a hardworking student. In my 2 weeks of using this though, my eye bags are noticeably smaller. They haven't totally disappeared, but they're totally not as big as they were only a couple of weeks before. I've also noticed eyes also look fresher and more alive albeit the daily late-nighters. I would definitely repurchase this! Recommended for (hard-working) accountancy students haha <3

about 1 month ago

Eye see you

I find it hard to sleep early at night so the result in the morning is the eyebags. I think this is one problem in a woman's life that even makeup sometimes can't hide. So I stumbled upon this product. Anti eyeging...sounds funny but hey, it really does wonders. Got this, tried and what did I got? A lesser puffy eyebags. No joke. I got what I deserve. 😀

about 1 month ago

holy grail!!

i've been using this for almost a week now and it didn't disappointed me. at your first use you could already see the difference. here are just some warnings. first of all it doesn't lighten your under eyes it is only capable of reducing puffiness nothing else. second of all it has a scent i'm sure not every one will like the scent speacially to think that it would be placed under your eyes. but i really do like the smell since it's not that powerful. third of all if you just want to buy this because it's cheaper than eye cream then don't purchase it because as i have said this only reduces puffiness while eye creams lightens so it really wouldn't do anything to your dark under eyes. this is really a steal so get one for yourself!!

about 1 month ago