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Anti EYEging

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It's so effective, it's mostly on the waitlist hahahaha

First of, this is not a solution for dark circles. This is a solution for tired eyes, so do not expect your dark circles to magically disappear, nope, it won't. However, what this little lovely treasure will do is to make that puffiness disappear after all the stress and sleepless nights you had. It is that puffy and saggy looking bags that make your undereyes appear darker than it should be, so when your eyes are relaxed and the puffiness is gone, your undereyes will start to look fresh and brighter, that's how this product works. If you want to get rid of that dark undereyes, start drinking a lot of water and start sleeping in at least six hours. Then use this product here to aid that miracle you are looking for. As for me, I have dark undereyes and really depressing bags so I started looking for eye cream and eye masks to improve it, and found this. Since that day, I will never let this little rolly be missing in my pouch. Oh and I don't understand why others think this will smell bad after few uses, no it does not. I dunno what they're talking about, but of course, please do wash your face properly before applying the product for hygienic reasons, and yes it is wet and it is supposed to be wet because the skin in your eyes is too sensitive, imagine rolling something dry and rough on your undereyes. No, right? BUY IT.

about 1 year ago
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Love It

Affordable eye moisturizers are rare, so I had to try this out. So far so good. I haven't noticed dramatic changes, but it does keep my eye area moisturized which is what I'm after. Please ensure your eye area is clean before using, don't just casually whip it out of your bag and use it in the middle of the day. You can also try dabbing it instead of rolling so as not to tug your eye area and so you won't dispense more product than you intended.

about 1 year ago
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Dark circles no more!!!

Do you know what happens when you have dark circles? You'll feel and look old! I feel so old whenever I'm stressed. When I used this anti-eyeging every night, it does wonder every morning I wake up! Don't believe me? Try it for yourself but take note that you must religiously apply it every single night! Dark circles no more!

8 months ago
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I am one of the human being who had been blessed to have purchased this magical product before it was out of stock. Being an architecture student, having a puffy eyes are so normal but heck, I'm tired of seeing myself having it on the mirror so I bought it. I've read so many positive feedback on this product and I'm hoping that it will give nice effect upon using it (since the product arrived just earlier) The first thing I noticed about it is the smell - I swear, I love the smell. Also, I tried putting it on my wrist (just to test it out) and it didn't feel stick at all and it absorbs as soon as you put on your skin. Seriously, I will buy it as soon as they restock it.

8 months ago
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A great buy!

I already saw a difference after the first night of application. It doesn't really have a cream consistency -- it's more gel like -- but I prefer it that way. I woke up to eyes that looked really well-rested even if I only have about 5 hours of sleep. To be honest, this has to be one of the greatest products ever. IT'S SO CHEAP AND IT WORKS! I'd definitely buy this again once I run out!

9 months ago

Be careful. It's too sweet even crawlies like it.

This is good. The reviews are all accurate so yes, it is effective. Just a warning: the formulation of this is sweet. Kind of like edible sweet. So when you put this at night, make sure the bedroom is clean or else some bugs (esp cockroach) might bite your eye area. I had that experience and eugh... it was disgusting and my right under eye area was swollen af. For 2 days! Nevertheless, still a good buy.

about 1 month ago
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Worth a try

I ordered this for my sister since she is in search for a eye cream that could help her reduce or even diminish her eyebags. She's been using for around three weeks and so far she is liking the result. She wakes with less puff eyes. She have not noticed anything yet on the reducing dark circles but she's happy whenever ahe wakes up :)

12 months ago
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Your next best friend

I have been using this product for a week now and I must say that it really does the job when it comes to brightening and minimizing my eyes after applying it the night before. I just love how it makes my wrinkles not noticeable at all, which is a plus for me because that's usually my number 1 problem when it comes to my eyes. Will definitely buy this product again.

over 1 year ago
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Gift for aunties!

My under eye always look sleepless and tired because of my job and I'm using many products for it to lessen the baggy looks in it but nothing helps.Until I found this product, my technique is i'm storing it inside refrigerator so that when I apply it before I sleep it has cool feeling for my under eye and gladly I found my perfect product for my problem. It's affordable and easy to use. I will definitely buy another for my mom and aunties it's perfect give aways for them

17 days ago

Hello Younger-Looking Eyes!

This one's another item that caught my eye when I was browsing BeautyMnl for a gift for my mother. It came in the Prettiest-Girl-in-the-World pouch with other skin care items so I bought one for myself as well. I've always been conscious about my right under eye being way darker than my left side, so I was excited to try this. It's refreshingly gentle like its scent. My under eyes have visibly lightened after a few weeks of using this, even my husband noticed. They're still a bit dark to date, but at least they're now pantay despite my lack of sleep. I like that it's Inexpensive and easy to use, too!

4 months ago
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Goodbye, tired eyes!

The key to this product is consistency -- you have to be patient and apply this every single night to see the expected result. I am definitely a night owl and I had this very bad habit of rubbing my eyes all the time so unfortunately, I acquired dark circles around my eyes and they made me look stressed all the time. I've been using this for three weeks now and I must say that this works for me! My face really looked dull before mainly because of my panda eyes (very big, puffy, dark circles, yikes!) and now even my mom noticed that I look glowing because my eyes appear brighter. It is very cheap compared to other eye serums/creams but it really does its job and the tube will last you a long time! :)

5 months ago

You have to try this!

I have been using two different eye serums/creams on my eyes and this is what I use at night. It has a cold feel to it that makes it refreshing especially right before going to bed. In the morning you won't longer have tired eyes. I love how it makes my eyes brighter even when I am obviously losing sleep. Buy this! Affordable and it works!! AAAANNNNND IT'S LOCALLY MADE!!!!

7 months ago
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I'm an eye cream junkie! I love eye creams and I must say this one is a standout! I love how it makes my eye area smooth and relaxed after applying it over night. Plus it's cheap and organic! I must say Skin Genie is a favorite! Been using it for 3 weeks now and even on the first use you'll experience the effects of the product overnight :)

7 months ago
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Loving this.

What I really love about this product is the roller applicator, it perfectly fits into the area of my eyes and i love the fact that, it gives me an eye massage even my husband loves it. I also love the consistency of this product, the coolness that it gives to your eyes will always make you feel not to forget your daily routine, that I must use this product everyday because of the goodness that you feel every time you wake up in the morning.

1 day ago


super gusto ko tong product na to hahahahha kahit nakikigamit lang ako sa ate ko gustong gusto ko talaga kasi umiffective siya saken nawala niya ng onti yung pagka dark dark ng under eye ko in 5days lang ata na ginamit ko siya. hindi naman yung literal na matatanggal pero alam nyo yung process na pinapaunti at pinapalighten nya? ganon yun kaya love ko talaga to! oorder na talaga ako para hindi na ako nakikigamit sa ate ko hahahahaha!

1 day ago

Dull Eyes No More

I almost always suffer from lack of sleep in med school. It does show because while others have puffy eyes, I do get a really bad case of dark circles. It really makes me look dull, tired, and old. Eye creams are really expensive but this one is not so I tried it because I was already desperate. Lol. Lo and behold, the blackness has significantly reduced the first time I used it. What I really love about it aside from its efficacy is its watery consistency. It's not sticky, doesn't dry up and crumble, and is consistent.

2 days ago
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Affordable yet really good!

I've used Skin Genie Anti Eyeging for more than a month now. It seems to improve the appearance of my dark circles, but that's not the important thing for me when it comes to eye moisturizers; what I focus on is whether they hydrate the sensitive eye area well. And I'm happy to say that this does the job fantastically! I have oily skin but of course the thin skin around the eyes is drier, so I moisturize religiously. Remember, you may not see the effects of eye moisturizers now, but you will thank yourself much, much later. Will surely repurchase this affordable but good eye moisturizer again!

3 days ago

Puffy Eye No More!

I use this before I go to bed and before I apply moisturizer during the day; especially if I’m working the night shift, para di masyadong halata na graveyard duty or if I’ve been up late and just had a few hours of sleep-it makes me still look presentable-no puffy eyes or darker circles, hahahaha! Just spread the liquid evenly before swiping another roll😊

6 days ago


I usually have tired eyes and dark circles because of lack of sleep, stress and school workloads so I was finding an eye cream or something to soothe my eyebags or correct it naturally without the need to put concealer. This product is very effective and you can already see the results after a week. It wont instantly make your dark circles disappear but you can notice the difference that your eyes wont look tired than before, plus its so handy! And it goes with a roller, so its very convenient to use! Will buy this again :)

7 days ago
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I'll definitely buy again!! ;)

Been using this product for around three weeks and I love how it feels when I apply it. It has this cooling effect that relaxes the muscles around the eye area. It is best to apply during night time before you sleep or during the day when you need to relax your eyes after spending long hours in front of your pc. The best part of it is that it is very cheap compared to other eye cream and you will definitely get more than what you paid for.

8 days ago