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It's Real Squeeze Lime Mask

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Top Reviewer


This face mask really lightened and moisturised my face when I got back from a short trip to the beach. The scent is also calming. I will definitely use this again.

almost 2 years ago
Top Reviewer


It moisturizes my skin deeply and it can be easily absorbed by my skin.

almost 2 years ago
Top Reviewer


The mask is not soaking wet which makes application a breeze. It has a citrus yummy scent. My face looks radiant and smooth after use.

almost 2 years ago

<3 this mask

This is one of my favorite masks from Innisfree. It has very refreshing light lemon scent ulike other masks that smells like car freshener. It's drenched in enough essence that i love because it won't drip once i put it in my face.This is very moisturizing and it really helps to brighten skin.

9 months ago
Top Reviewer

Facial at home!

I love this mask! Lemon is known for whitening the skin and for getting rid of dark spots that's why I immediately chose this one from the rack. This gave me a facial feeling because the scent is so refreshing and I feel so pampered whenever I used facial mask on my skin. I LOVE the glowing effect that this product gave on my skin and will definitely repurchase this wonderful product!

9 months ago
Certified Buyer

I can't wait to repurchase this (and I'd buy in bulk if I could!)

I like alternating this sheet mask with collagen enriched ones just to strike a balance, but it does a pretty job hydrating the skin as well. This mask helps keep blemishes at bay; it fades acne scars and brightens up and energizes the skin. I think this is a godsend, too, especially for ladies who are constantly under a lot of stress since it's a multitasking sheet mask. Two thumbs up for this!

10 months ago

I was so happy I found you

When I first learned about 10-step korean skin care, I immediately look for face masks here in BeautyMNL. I was reading reviews of innisfree face masks then I decided to try this scince it is lime. I really love citrus-y products. When I tried it, I love it because my face became plump and healthy and bright after I use this.

7 days ago

The best!

The best facial mask that I've tried so far! My face was so smooth, radiant and very refreshing!! And the citrus scent was so relaxing. So for those who are stress this facial mask is great for you once a week self treat! Just dont forget to remove the mask!😉

13 days ago

Love it!

I just bought 2 pieces of this variant and I'm loving it! Thanks to the wonderful smell and soothing feeling that you get from this product. As of the moment, i am ordering again this variant. Well, I also wanted to try the other variant. Thanks Innisfree!! 2 Thumbs Up!!

13 days ago
Top Reviewer

Refreshingly Satisfying!

I used to buy real limes and improvise a mask using it but since I'm too busy right now, I ended up buying this one. After cleansing my face, I spread this mask evenly on my face and kept it for about 20 minutes. It's somehow sticky after removing but I noticed my skin became clearer, brighter and hydrated. Guess, I need to repurchase again. Kudos to this! :)

19 days ago
Top Reviewer

Love love!

I love face sheet masks! Especially Innisfree brand. This mask does not disappoint. This leaves a very brightening effect on the skin after. I love lemons, though this smells a little chemically. Nonetheless, I think that this variant is a good one to try. As with all innisfree sheet masks, this one also is saturated with essence.

20 days ago

Great purchase

Excellent texture on this thin mask makes application easy!! Super-thin sheets were a hit, it felt like a second skin!! Hydrating powers that it made my skin glow. Also appreciated the size and form-fitting!! Didn't slip when I talked or moved around.This lovely, soft scent mask made my face looked better than ever!!

25 days ago
Top Reviewer

One of the best

Definitely one of the best sheet mask i've ever tried. Innisfree is a good brand for a reason. I have tried variety sheet mask from this collection and i have loved each and everything!!! I really recommend this sheet mask!! Its always sold out too so get it while it lasts!

29 days ago

Nice face mask!

I love this mask due to the lime scent it gives me feeling of refreshed skin and it does moisturize my face nicely without any tingling feeling that you would get with other facemasks of other brands. I am definitely going to repurchase this mask along with other masks of Innisfree! :)

about 1 month ago

Nice Hydrating Mask!

I gave this mask for my sister who is a first-timer in doing Korean skincare. She said that this mask is very cooling and hydrating. It also has a lot of essence because her face is very wet as if someone splashed water on her haha. It's brightening and very comfortable to use. She will use it again next time. Great product!

about 2 months ago

Glowy skin

I purchased this product because it said it was perfect for dull and spotty skin types. I have a few dark spots on my face so I wanted to put it to the test, and I was pleasantly surprised! I noticed that my dark spots had faded slightly. It also has a very fresh scent to it and is very relaxing

about 2 months ago
Top Reviewer

Brightening 😍

I hoard on masks whenever I get the chance. The innisfree masks are the only ones that I really liked. This one is one of my favorites. It smells nice and feels nice on my skin too. I put one on whenever I feel like my skin looks dull. This mask gives my skin the extra Vitamin C it needs to look more alive! ❤

4 months ago

Love at first use

I just tried this yesterday before going to bed and I love it. I woke up with a bright face. I think it also dried out my pimples in my jawline. But what I love the most is that it made my skin smooth and plump, especially along the area where you would contour because that's the driest part of my face. I'll definitely repurchase again.

4 months ago

Instantly brightens my face the morning after

There are really wide variety of sheet masks available in the market and I chose Innisfree because it's made of natural ingredients and it has good reviews too. And this sheet mask did not disappoint! My face looks instantly brighter and radiant when I wake up the next day.

6 months ago

Instabright, instalight

The universe being unkind to me lately, I have been suffering from breakouts this past couple of weeks and my face is all pockmarked and unsightly. Right after I use this I saw INSTANT brightening of my skin, and red acne marks lightened noticeably as well and I was like- Ahaha, universe, who's laughing now. My skin looked super fresh! And for only 65 pesos, we can make this as a regular thing going on. I picked up a tip somewhere: once you're done with the sheet, gently rub it all over your neck to share the love. I am on the waitlist now and plan to stockpile on this item because it is holy grail.

6 months ago