Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm by Innisfree

Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm

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CLAIM TO FAME: A cleansing balm that banishes breakouts for clearer, cleaner skin

FAST FACTS: Absorbs sebum and oil with Jeju volcanic clusters; unique formula melts as you massage it onto skin to dissolve blackheads; purifies, moisturizes, and smoothens; leaves a fresh, shine-free finish

PERFECT FOR: Oily skin prone to blackheads in the nose area

Works for me
July 6, 2016
”I love this product! It works really well for me because when I use the blackhead extracted [sic] tool this product makes it easier to remove! Works great and will buy again.”
–anah R (from innnisfreeworld.com)

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm

Before cleansing, apply an appropriate amount onto area prone to blackheads. Use fingertips to massage for 3 to 5 minutes and use cleansing foam or lukewarm water to rinse off afterwards

Innisfree is the first natural Korean brand that shares the benefits of nature from Jeju Island. The brand is committed to an eco-friendly green life that works in harmony with the environment while helping to preserve it. Their research and development team thoroughly studies the benefits of nature and uses its pure ingredients to bring you healthy beauty products. Innisfree’s eco-conscious and socially-aware campaign includes packaging every product in eco-friendly containers, contributing to reducing carbon emission, using only 70 percent natural ingredients in skincare, and returning 1 percent annual profits to the community.

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Certified Buyer


I've used Tony Moly's Egg Pore Blackhead Steam Balm ever since it came out and I never thought I would replace it, but this Innisfree Blackhead Out Balm has proven me wrong! While some people might find it tedious to constantly rub the product over your skin for 3-5 minutes, I do think it beats pasting on a nose strip and waiting 15-20 minutes before peeling it off. While the nose strip may be preferable because it takes less effort, I have yet to find a nose strip as effective as this product (or Tony Moly's counterpart, for that matter). The thing about blackheads is that they come back in a few days, depending on how large your pores are and how oily your skin is, so nothing beats regular treatment. This product is great for that because unlike a nose strip, which tears off a thin layer of your skin while yanking out your blackheads, this product glides smoothly over your skin and leaves it intact. Moreover, it's a MUCH better alternative to squeezing blackheads out with a tool, which can damage your pores in the long run if you do it regularly. So in short: BUY AND USE THIS PRODUCT. I use it three times a week and people have noticed how clear my pores are, particularly on my nose. It's a definite must-have!

2 months ago
Certified Buyer

Really effective!

I've only been using it for a week but i already saw improvements! for me, i didn't notice anything after my first use but after using it everyday i've noticed that my whiteheads and blackheads have lessened! Now whenever I use it, I can actually see some whiteheads that are getting rid of when washing it off. I apply it first on my skin and massage it in then I leave it for 3-5mins then I wash it off with the innisfree jeju volcanic facial wash!! I've found out that that combo is really effective :)

3 months ago
Top Reviewer

Love using this regularly

Used on its own, it works okay. The balm melts on the skin, similar to cleansing balms. It does make comedones a little easier to extract. I found that it works best when applied after a BHA and/or clay mask though. I use this regularly to deep cleanse my nose and chin areas.

9 months ago
Certified Buyer


So my skin had a major reaction from a liquid highlighter that resulted to super clogged pores. I had loads of sebum build up on my chin and to add up to it, CLOGGED PA. Sobrang daming tiny bumps on my chin! :( I tried this, hoping it'll help remove the whiteheads/sebum buildup on my chin. I was probably rubbing for more than 10 minutes. And I suddenly felt like there were granules that were coming off, and it was actually WHITE HEADS. I was so shocked to see them actually come off. So I massaged my face some more, GIIIIIIRRRRLLLLL NAAALIS TALAGA YUNG WHITEHEADS. Although hindi may natira pa rin, pero madami yung natanggal! I WAS SO RELIEVED THAT THIS WORKED FOR ME. LIFE SAVER. Im gonna try it again after a day or two so i dont irritate my skin as much. BUT THIS IS E F F E C T I V E!!! MUST TRY esp you need to get some gunk off of your face. SO EXCITED TO MAKE ALL OF THOSE ANNOYING BUMPS GO AWAY. I cant wait!

about 1 month ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Gives me skin so smooth and clear <3

I can't imagine my life without this blackhead balm!!! I'll have to admit, I was kind of skeptical about this at first because the results didn't show after the first use. But with continued use, my nose and cheek area, where my pores are the largest, are thanking me now! It gives me a deep clean I could never get with my normal facial cleansers. My nose and cheek area appears smoother and clearer now thanks to this product. Love it love it love it!

about 1 month ago
Certified Buyer

Lifts even the tiniest whiteheads! :)

Actually, I bought it out of curiosity. I read the reviews and it looks promising so I tried and it totally works for me! It kinda looked like a cleansing balm - once you put it it your face (esp on the problem areas: nose, forehead, cheek and chin), it will melt and start lifting those blackheads/whiteheads while you massage it on your face. I love that it makes my skin soft and smooth to touch after rinsing, and it made my pores look smaller than it usually is. Definitely worth a try. :)

about 1 month ago