Jeju Volcanic Blackhead 3Step by Innisfree

Jeju Volcanic Blackhead 3 Step Program (1ea)

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CLAIM TO FAME: A 3-step solution that removes deeply-rooted

FAST FACTS: Deep cleanses and purifies pores; eliminates blemish-causing impurities deep within that clog skin; absorbs excess sebum as it moisturizes; tightens, and firms for a smoother look

PERFECT FOR: Large pores

Super effective!
September 11, 2016
”This 3 step program actually does it’s job and works amazingly well! Ever since I started using nose packs I was always kind of disappointed in how little came out even after doing a facial steam bath. When I tried this out I actually had pretty high hopes and I wasn’t disappointed again. The first mask was very effective in softening up the skin for the second pack to get out all the blackheads. The gel mask felt very soothing afterwards. Amazing product!”
–Zo R (from innisfreeworld.com)

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Jeju Volcanic Blackhead 3 Step Program (1ea)
NET WEIGHT: step1 1.3ml step2 2.1 step3 3.3ml

  1. After cleansing, take out the pore opening sheet and apply it over your nose. Let sit for 15 to 20 minutes then slowly remove the sheet and gently wipe off the sebum that has come out of the pores.
  2. Apply enough water on the nose. Remove the clear film from the “Blackhead Out” sheet with dry hands and apply it over your nose. When the sheet dries completely after 10 to 15 minutes, slowly remove it starting at the edge.
  3. Take out the pore-tightening mask and thoroughly remove film to place over clean nose. Remove the mask after 10 to 15 minutes and gently pat the remaining essence for penetration.

Innisfree is the first natural Korean brand that shares the benefits of nature from Jeju Island. The brand is committed to an eco-friendly green life that works in harmony with the environment while helping to preserve it. Their research and development team thoroughly studies the benefits of nature and uses its pure ingredients to bring you healthy beauty products. Innisfree’s eco-conscious and socially-aware campaign includes packaging every product in eco-friendly containers, contributing to reducing carbon emission, using only 70 percent natural ingredients in skincare, and returning 1 percent annual profits to the community.

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Certified Buyer

Small but terrible! Awesome product!

I love products that address whitehead and blackhead issues especially because not all ladies have the time (& money) to go on regular facials. Do not underestimate the power of this small little pack! Super effective - you can definitely see your blackheads and whiteheads come off. Going to Korea soon and this one is in my TO BUY list!

19 days ago
Certified Buyer


OMG! Out of all the blackhead removers I have tried THIS IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE! I seriously have problems with my nose having blackheads and I have tried ssooooooo many different nose packs, black/white head removers, but out of all those products I have tried, this Jeju Volcanic pack is the MOST EFFECTIVE! Like after removing the blackhead out sheet you will really see that your blackheads were removed! And I really liked it seeing that it really removed those blackheads out of me I got really excited and I'm gonna buy more of this! You must use this too if you have blackhead problems like mine!

about 2 months ago
Certified Buyer


I've had ugly blackheads ever since I was a teen, and I've just used this product and most of my blackheads were removed right after I used this product. I think that this is great because it was very easy to use, it made my nose's pores look smaller and I had much less blackheads!!! I love Innisfree and all their products, I can't wait to try out some more!

5 months ago
Top Reviewer

No more black heads!

These are nice and affordable for us teenagers. These are very effective too. I love that they easily remove blackheads without spending too much money for a facial. This removes all my blackheads and makes my nose super smooth and clean. I recommend using one weekly. It makes a big difference.

7 months ago

Good first try

I got this as a gift from a friend who just visited Korea. The first thing I panicked on was that the instructions I got were in Korean, but nonetheless it was easy to follow. The first step softens your nose, the second one removes everything and the third step really places this cooling feeling over it. :) My blackheads are gone but I did notice some redness on my nose which eventually subsided after a day. My face is quite dry and sensitive so I don't know if it is the essence, but it was a good try. :)

2 months ago
Certified Buyer


I've used the 3-step pack from Nature Republic before, but I think this one is definitely better. I was very excited to try this product (I love Innisfree!), and this one certainly didn't disappoint! I didn't really notice if the first step really did anything, but the second step was obviously effective--my whiteheads were easily removed! The third step was very cooling as well. I liked that there was a lot of essence that I got to spread over the rest of my face. I hope the essence would really work to keep the pores clean and tight! So far my nose is still clear of whiteheads (it's been 2 days, which I think is a feat). Although this product is a little more expensive that other packs, I am definitely repurchasing it!

6 months ago