Egg White Peel Off Mask by Mistine

Egg White Peel Off Mask

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CLAIM TO FAME: A peel-off mask that minimizes the look of pores and helps banish breakouts

FAST FACTS: Firms and tightens skin to reduce the appearance of imperfections; formulated with egg whites to effectively remove dirt and impurities; helps treat pimple-prone complexions; clears, clarifies, and brightens with citric acid; boosts moisture levels with hydrolyzed elastin for a soft, youthful look

PERFECT FOR: Oily skin prone to blackheads

May 2, 2017
”I wanted a good deep cleansing peel off mask with egg white in it for all its amazing properties. This mask is great! So affordable and really makes the skin feel smooth and tight. You need a decent layer on so it can peel off easier. It may even take off fine hairs on the face, which I thought was awesome. Repurchasing!”
–Amazon Customer (from amazon.com)

WHAT YOU GET: (1) Egg White Peel Off Mask

Apply evenly to face, avoiding the eye area, brows, hairline, and lips. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes or until dry. Gently peel off and rinse well with water.

With over 6,000 products categorized into 5 major groups—Body Care, Personal Care, Makeup, Skincare, and Fragrance—Thai brand Mistine aims to be your trusted one-stop shop for beauty. The brand has been given a certification for quality by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in Thailand, and a safety certification at the standard level from Germany’s TUV ISO 9001:2000. Mistin has also been voted and awarded the Superbrand seal in Thailand.

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Certified Buyer

Love it! Super affordable and great to use :)

I originally bought this mask because I wanted to find a mask that could clear up the gunk in my pores. It didn't exactly do that (like how you see charcoal masks removing people's blackheads), but for the benefits that the product gave me, it still managed to make me fall in love! I've been using it for almost two months now.

The mask is pretty viscous and sticky, but feels refreshing on the skin as it dries. I like applying it liberally to my skin so it's easier to peel off. Once I take it off and rinse my face with water, my skin feels tighter and smoother. It does have a noticable smell in case you're sensitive to that, but it doesn't really bother me. It doesn't hurt too much to remove either. I like how it brightens up my tired and dull skin. It helps control my oiliness. However, it does make my skin feel slightly dry, so I would recommend using the product right before you moisturize.

I would definitely repurchase this product, since I love the benefits it offers for the reasonable price. I love it!

4 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

Good peel off mask

This peel off mask is very easy to apply but quite painful to remove if you cover the entire face. Also tried it thicker and still hurt. It removed some impurities but made my skin a tad dry. I still use it though for my nose and chin and apply moisturizer always. Since it's affordable i think it's a good peel off mask. Not the best but still works.

6 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

very affordable peel off mask

Some beauty gurus say egg whites / albumin are good for the skin. However, I'm not really into putting fresh eggs on my skin (fear of salmonella!). So, while browsing products at BeautyMNL, I stumbled upon this Mistine Egg White Peel of Mask. It's made from Thailand and it's affordable so I tried it. It promises to "help tighten pores, firmer and smoothen skin as well as reduce acne, acne scars, redness and less breakouts. After applying this mask, your face will be become tighten, amazing whitened, poreless, tighten, good oil balancing, supple and in good texture." I followed the instructions. I spread it on my face and let it sit for 20 or so minutes. I couldn't move my face / I couldn't talk for 20 minutes ("tiis-ganda") . By the way, I find the scent too strong but at least it's not stinky as real egg whites. When I peeled off the mask, my skin felt dry, I had to put on a considerable amount of moisturizer. To be fair, the mask somehow tightened my pores. I'm not recommending this for those with sensitive / very low pain threshold. In my personal experience, I found it painful to remove and it's really drying on the skin. For the price, I shouldn't be complaining.

9 months ago
Certified Buyer

Looove this product! 💖

Super affordable peeling mask! I only tried it once. So far, it's pretty good! I am satisfied as it really helps clear up my skin. I feel like my face is finally cleaned and refreshed! Also I didn't have a hard time peeling it off and I didn't feel any pain. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

10 months ago
Top Reviewer
Certified Buyer

It just smelled nice.

I got a little hyped about the product when i read the description. Sadly, for me at least, I think it did nothing. When I first opened it, you can clearly smell the fragrance. When got some of the product, I noticed it had a LOT of shimmers, which i find necessary for a skincare product. It was nice to wait for it to dry because it did dry quickly, but I didn't notice a difference. It pulled nothing out of my skin. My blackheads (which i hoped it could have pulled off) could even be able to breathe over the mask because when I peeled it off it had pore holes were my pores were supposed to be. Overall, at least in my case, it didn't do anything for my skin.

10 months ago
Certified Buyer

A must try!

I discovered this peel off mask because of a youtuber so I ordered it in BeautyMNL. It is very affordable considering the size of the bottle. With the product itself, it is a somewhat clear thick liquid, it smells good (however, when you put it on the area under your eyes, your eyes will sting a little bit maybe because of the chemical that it contains but all you have to do is close your eyes for awhile) and it comes off in one go. I first tried it with my nose area and it did get a few gunk out of my pores. One difficulty I experienced is that because it is clear when you apply it on your face, I was not sure if the amount that I put is enough or not.

11 months ago