Aloe Vera Moisture Soothing Gel

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Better than cream moisturizers

I used to have super oily skin. Whenever I wake up in the morning, my face is as oily as a frying pan. But when I started using aloe vera gel, my skin significantly improved! I made a HHN Tea Tree Oil & aloe vera gel mix, and use it as a moisturizer. I always wake up with nice glowy healthy looking skin. No more oily morning face! It's a good base too for make up, just let it dry & set first.

10 months ago
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A multi-purpose gel that does not disappoint!!

Last year, the first time I met my makeup artist used aloe vera for my skin before putting on makeup. I didn't really notice its effect since my skin didn't have dark spots then except that the makeup actually lasted for hours. I was using a water-based moisturizer til I got these ugly pimple marks this year so I contacted my makeup artist to seek for skincare advice, she then recommended aloe vera as my moisturizer. I immediately browsed online for this at the right time!! Bought this during the flash sale which it only cost for 50% lesser than the SRP. After receiving the product, I used it right away after taking a bath. It works as hair mask especially when left overnight, my hair never looked and felt so good!! As moisturizer that reduces dark spots and redness, it's better than my previous one that seem to have no pimple fighting effect at all. As a sleeping pack, expect waking up with a glowing skin without the shine on your t-zone. Oh, and you can also spare a little and refrigerate and voila!! Refreshing eye mask!! I'm so glad I found this, now I'm able to save up money because no need to buy another lotion, lip serum, etc. I recommend this to those seeking for a hassle-free hair and skin care without having to break the bank!

21 days ago
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Refreshing and moisturizing without the lagkit

I suffer from dermatitis. This moisturizer helped relieve the itching from rashes along with my topical steroid cream. When my rashes were really bad and flaky, my dermatologist had me use physiogel, which while VERY emollient, felt rather stick and uncomfortable, leading to more scratching... It was a horrible endless cycle! This gel is moisturizing enough without feeling hot and sticky! I use this as moisturizer prior to putting on primer or makeup, which leaves my face feeling slightly cool and refreshed. I also use this as a night time moisturizer and I noticed that my face isn't as oily anymore. The tub is humongous so it would likely last me a while but will definitely repurchase when I run out.

about 1 month ago
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Best moisturizer ever!!!

I love this product and I love the smell of it. Very effective on my skin, because my skin type is sensitive, so ok sya for me. I also noticed that I don’t get dark spots when I use this gel on my acne. It works as a hand cream as well and is a great alternative for shaving cream. It leaves the skin soft, moisturized.

about 1 year ago
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Two thumbs up from a no-pooer

I am an no-pooer (I don't shampoo to wash my hair) and I only use natural ingredients as shampoo. Aloe vera gel is one of my staple needs and this aloe vera gel is as natural as it can get. Being 1oo% aloe, I am confident that it has no added harmful ingredients that can damage my hair.

about 1 year ago

Hydrating at its finest!

The first time that I tried this Aloe Vera Moisture Soothing Gel is when I got free sample here in beauty MNL. I tried it and I was satisfied by the way it does on my skin. It really freshen my face and looks healthy. I told it to my cousin and she purchase it right away as she was looking for a moisturizer. Now I can seen the big difference this product made to my cousins face, it looks healthy and it whitens. Her pimples easily dried up and no more breakouts. So I must say that I really recommend this to those who have acne prone skin, you can mix this gel with Human Nature Tea Tree Oil for my cousin does that. Its definitely worth it!

2 days ago
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Fuss-Free Moisturizer!!!

I love how this is a gel moisturizer and very cooling to the skin! I've been using this for a month now and my classmates would tell me that my skin looks great and that they do not see the pores on my face which made them envious - which I love how flattering their compliments are. I used to put on moisturizers that have oil in it like olive butter and it just does not want to set in my face as good as this product is! Back then, I did not know that if I had oily skin, I should use a water-based or a gel-based moisturizer. Once I read that article in Bloom The Magazine, I immediately purchased this one. Lo and behold, I would have fewer breakouts with this moisturizer and I said goodbye to my oily morning face! However, I definitely would not use this as a base for my foundation as it leaves my skin too dry - but not dry as in dry, I mean it would not be dry after at least 5 minutes but I do not have the luxury to wait that long just to finish my makeup in the morning - that the foundation would not glide as smooth as with a primer on. So use a primer after moisturizing your face using this Esfolio Moisture Soothing Gel Aloe Vera.

6 days ago
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Love It!

Compared to Natures republic's this one has 100% aloe vera gel though I cant really tell their difference since I've tried both already. It is best to calm skin frim sunburn and serves as a great moisturizer. You can also use it for your body. My skin feel so smooth and clear.

15 days ago
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Refreshing and Moisturizing!

I super love this, I have dry skin for my body and it gets itchy at times due to dryness.. I love using this on my body, it moisturizes and also it feels so refreshing at the same time. I love applying this right after batch and also before I go to sleep. Its like a reboot for my skin. surprisingly, its not sticky after it sets. It gets absorb my the skin. Love this! I will definitely buy this again.

15 days ago
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All Around Goodness

This product has been such an all-arounder! it's amazing to use to hydrate both your skin and scalp to the point where all dryness and blemishes would just fade within a few days of use. It's 100% Aloe Vera as well so I think it's very worth it for its price. I also recommend on using this as a sleeping mask if you don't have a sleeping mask already. It doesn't feel sticky so you'll be comfy even with sleeping on it.

25 days ago
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Aloe vera love!!!!!! Perfect for sensitive skin!

I have super sensitive skin, and suffer from eczema during allergy season. This soothes my irritation and moisturizes my skin without feeling sticky. It has a very natural, mild and fresh scent, and unlike any other aloe veras in the market, it contains 100% aloe!! I really love esfolio's! Definitely buying more!

29 days ago
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Does what it claims

This was a staple in my bathroom during my college years. I would get sunburns quite often (probably because of all those whitening creams I kept using) and I would come home and my face would be red and hot to the touch. I applied this all over my face and it really did soothe my skin. It gives a cooling sensation to the skin and takes away the redness. Nowadays, I don't get sunburnt so much anymore but I still keep it around.

8 months ago

Love this multi-purpose gel 💕

I was able to try this product as a freebie on one of my purchases here in BeautyMNL. I used this for 3 consecutive nights and noticed my acne scars lightened and my face actually brightened. It’s light, easily absorbed and smells nice too! Will definitely purchase a whole bottle soon!

about 22 hours ago
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Morning Glow!!!

I usually woke up with an oily face but after purchasing this product, It gave me that #wokeuplikethis wonderful look. I never experienced waking up with a nice glow, hydrated and moisturized skin but after using this, WOW!!! Totally amazing. I usually use this before I sleep or after exposure from the sun cause I have to keep in mind that for oily face to say bye bye, the skin must always be hydrated. Give it a try too.

3 days ago
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No more rashes!!

I’ve been using aloe vera for almost a year now. I realized hiw much my skin became supple and soft. What i like aboit this product is ita 100% unlike other brands with lower percentage. It leasens redneaa inflammation and itchyness. Good choive for people with sensitive skin like me! It also hydrate dry skin and lessens flakes.

4 days ago
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I LOVE THIS. I've been using this for two weeks and I've seen significant change in my skin. Aside from using it as a sleeping mask, I also put it on as a moisturizer in the morning. I prefer if it were in not in a tub though, but that aside, I only have praises for this product. So much love!!!

6 days ago

drink up, henny

I have been using this for months now and I can say that this, besides hydrating and moisturizing my face (and thus keeping oiliness at bay), is fantastic at soothing redness/inflammations almost right away. I religiously slather this on at night (marvelling everytime at how my face just drinks it all up) and even before makeup, at day (but waiting a couple minutes after application until the tackiness fades). At 300mL, P349 is a steal and lasts at least months!

7 days ago

Aloe-Vera baby here!

I got to try a sample of this product and it made me so happy! When I first tried Aloe-based products, I fell in love at first use. It really is a wonder plant with all those effects that it can give your skin. The Esfolio Aloe Soothing gel is a very good moisturizer. I like that it keeps my skin hydrated and it helps heal it. I will definitely purchase a tub of this.

9 days ago
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The Perfect All-Rounder!

I bought two of these during the sale recently, but I wasn't really expecting a lot from the product itself, but it worth its weight in gold, and more! First of all, it's not sticky at all so it's suitable to use during both day and night. Before I head out for the day, I put on a minimal amount (TIP: if you're on the oily side, I'd suggest that you only put the smallest amount on your t-zone during the day, to avoid the unnecessary shine) and at night, I like to slather it on and leave it for me to rinse off in the morning. My skin actually looks brighter now - and I've only been using this for a month, not to mention that it did lessen the oiliness on my face a lot! It's also very lightweight on the skin even if you accidentally put on too much. I don't really have time for elaborate skincare regiments, so this, coupled with the good ol' cleanser, a mild astringent from beauty bakery and toner, it helped lessen my blemishes and really gave me better skin in no time! It also helped to calm down eventual breakouts, though the occasional hormonal pimples really can't be avoided. I will definitely repurchase once I'm done with the 2 tubs!

11 days ago
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Love Aloe Vera wonder effect

I bought this when it was the anniversary sale because nung time na yun is nagtitipid ako and I really really want to have this one. I've been using it for almost 2 weeks now and I'm really loving the result. I love how it's fast absorbing and feels so cool when applying on your face. I also loveeeee the smell of this. It is really soothing. I use it as a moisturizer day and night. Aloe vera really does some wonder on your skin. Totally recommending this ❤️

13 days ago