Original Click Stick SPF 15 by Carmex®

Original Click Stick with SPF 15

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Beat chapped lips with a chic little stick you can tote around in your makeup bag. Fortified with SPF15 and crafted with just a little bit more wax than a regular lip balm, Carmex®’s Click Stick balm keeps its shape and texture at even higher temperatures so you won’t have to worry when you bring it to the beach. It’s specially formulated with Camphor, Menthol and Beeswax to give lips a delightfully cooling tingling sensation when used. Wear it under or over lipstick or simply swipe some on for a quick hydrating fix.

This product contains salicyclic acid and should, therefore, refrain from being used by anyone who is allergic to aspirin.

Voted 2007 Kiss of Approval Beauty Award, CosmoGirl UK

Net Weight:
4.2 g

- Provides broad spectrum sun protection (against UVA and UVB rays)
- Ingredient petrolatum aids moisturization and creates a long-lasting water barrier, providing water resistance for up to 80 minutes
- Formulated with cocoa seed butter for added moisturization
- Unrivaled staying power thanks to the incorporation of candelilla wax

How to Apply
Apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply after 80 minutes of swimming or sweating, immediately after towel drying or at least every 2 hours.

It was love at first swipe when we put on one of Carmex®’s ultra-moisturizing balms! What started as a homemade remedy for cold sores and chapped lips is now a cult hit and must-have item for professional makeup artists, celebrities, and even athletes such as NBA Superstar Lebron James. The no. 1 most recommended lip balm by pharmacists in the US, Carmex® was born in 1963, when Alfred Woelbing concocted a salve to heal his own cold sores and chapped lips. He decided to put his salve on the market, and through word of mouth, the demand for his product grew so large that he abandoned his stovetop production and finally made his way to build their factory in Wisconsin. Today, Carmex® remains a major competitor in the industry, continuously creating innovative new products for fans and new customers.

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Certified Buyer

Best for chapped lips

I tried using other lip balms for my perpetually chapped lips, but I keep coming back to this product. There's just nothing else that works as good as Carmex!

about 1 year ago
Top Reviewer

Highly recommended!

The hands-down best lip balm I've tried in my life!!! The only thing that combats the dryness of my lips. Better than the high-end lip balms.

about 1 year ago
Certified Buyer

For my sensitive lips!

I love wearing matte lipsticks howeverI have a very sensitive lips. It gets dry and chapped whenever I apply any kind of lip product. Carmex did the job in keeping it moisturized and fights the dryness cause by lip products! Other kinds of lip balms seems to make my lips chapped more. Carmex doesn't! Very cheap and does it job. I wear this a few minutes before putting on the lipstick.

21 days ago
Certified Buyer

Made me a convert!

I have to say that I had been using the same brand of lip balm for the last five years and I’ve never tried anything else (I’m just trying different variants). But Carmex Original Click Stick with SPF 15 is just a deal breaker! My lips have been a lot smoother and I never experienced dried and chapped lips since I started using this product. I swear. No kidding and no exaggeration. Just take note that this lip balm is thick and is kinda heavy on the lips. I suggest that instead of swiping, just dab it on. Also, make sure to have it really settled before apply lipstick. But overall, it does the job really well! Plus it has SPF. I love products with SPF. :)

22 days ago
Top Reviewer

convenient and effective

As i age i find my skin and even my lips became drier. So im more into hydrating products. Till i found this stick balm. This helped me a lot in soothing my dry and chap lips. I always have this around. In just few swipes i can have the hydrated lips and no more dryness. This is very convenient to use and very hygienic compared to those in jars as you wont need to dip your finger just to get the product.

26 days ago

Chapped lips, no more!

This smells sweet and somewhat reminds me of something from my childhood. My go to everyday and every night buddy that keeps my lips hydrated and moisturized. It really does the trick and lasts for a long period of time at a very reasonable price. I swear, the best 'lipsaver' ever!

28 days ago