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Reviews Brands Best Sellers New Arrivals

To be in good physical condition, you have to consider all aspects of fitness. It’s not just about the workouts you do, it’s also about wearing the right clothes so you can move more freely, using the right equipment based on your objectives, and allowing yourself to rest and recover. By doing so, you’ll get more satisfaction from your workouts and even see results much faster.

With help from BeautyMNL’s wide range of fitness products, you can be well on your way to reaching your fitness goals. From activewear made by the most trusted global brands to nutritional supplements that boost your body’s performance, you can approach fitness in a more holistic manner. BeautyMNL carries brands like Outdoor Voices, Puma, Burlington, and Ava Athletica for activewear; Towelite, Fitlab, Harbinger, and Dry N’ Lite for accessories; Triggerpoint, SKLZ, Manly, and Perfect Fitness for equipment; and GNC, Roarganics, Carman’s, and Herbs of the Earth for sports nutrition.

Take care of yourself and achieve fitness not just by working out but by working out the right way with the best fitness gear and supplies. What’s more, you can finally process returns of apparel (excluding socks) via our Partner Hubs in key locations within Metro Manila. Get your high-quality and authentic fitness products from trusted brands by shopping online at BeautyMNL. No more waiting in line to pay or sitting in traffic for hours—we’ll deliver your purchases straight to your doorstep. We’ve also made it more convenient for you to pay for your orders with various payment methods. Apart from using your credit card, you can also pay through online bank transfers, PayPal, or even cash-on-delivery (COD). We’ll also send you alerts just in case the product you want is out of stock. It’s our way of making sure that you can focus on your fitness goals. Let’s get physical, beautiful!