We know you can’t resist a good deal (and neither can we). Make the most out of your shopping experience with BeautyMnl vouchers. Below, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about using vouchers, so you can get the most bang for your buck.

Where can I find vouchers?

BeautyMnl vouchers can be found in your Cart at checkout.

1. Click on your Cart on the upper right corner of the app.
2. On the Cart page, click on ‘See more vouchers’.
3. Scroll through the different types of vouchers and read through the mechanics.

What are the different voucher types?

There are (3) different types of vouchers:

Shipping fee discount vouchers fully or partially cover shipping costs (P50 within Metro Manila or P95 outside of Metro Manila). The voucher can be applied if your cart meets the minimum spend value and T&Cs.

A Discount voucher offers a reduction in the price of a product, brand, or your total cart value. It can be offered as a percentage off (i.e. 5% OFF) or as a specific amount off the price on site (i.e. P50 OFF). The voucher can be applied if your cart meets the minimum spend value and T&Cs.

A Freebie voucher adds a free sample-sized or full-sized product to your order. The voucher can be applied if your cart meets the minimum spend value and T&Cs.

How can I apply a voucher?

Vouchers can be applied when T&Cs and minimum spend value is met.

1. When you’re ready to checkout, go to your Cart and click on ‘See more vouchers’.
2. Applicable vouchers will feature a red ‘Apply’ button on the right side . Choose from the list and click ‘Apply’.
3. The voucher will be applied to your order.

Note: Some vouchers are automatically applied to your cart once minimum spend and T&Cs are met.

How can I identify the number of vouchers applied to my order?

You can view all applied vouchers in your Cart.

1. Click on your Cart.
2. Scroll down to ‘Special Offers’. All automatic and applied vouchers will be listed below it.

Can I use multiple vouchers?

Yes, most vouchers are stackable. However, an error will alert you if a non-stackable voucher is applied with multiple vouchers.

Why can’t I apply a voucher?

There are a few reasons why a voucher cannot be applied:

- The voucher reached its maximum usage limit.
- The voucher is valid for single use only and has already been redeemed.
- The voucher is not applicable to the items in your cart.
- Minimum purchase required was not met.
- Freebie stock has already run out.

Can I remove a voucher?

Yes, vouchers applied can be removed.

1. Click on your Cart.
2. Go to ‘See more vouchers’.
3. Click ‘Remove’ on the vouchers you do not want to redeem.
Note: Automatic vouchers cannot be removed.

For more questions about BeautyMnl vouchers, shoot us a message at sos@beautymnl.com.