The BeautyMnl VIP Club is a loyalty program designed to upgrade every member’s shopping experience, by allowing them to earn Glow Points and enjoy perks, like free shipping and premium freebies.

How Does It Work?

The first step to becoming part of the BeautyMnl VIP Club is signing up and creating a BeautyMnl account.

After your first successful purchase, you automatically become a member of the BeautyMnl VIP Club. At this point, your account will start collecting BeautyMnl Glow Points with every order. Glow Points are as good as cash and can be used to pay for your next purchase.

After 12 months, you will be assigned a membership status or tier (Gold, Platinum, or Diamond) based on your total spend.
To access your membership details and benefits, click “Hi, + your name” on the upper right corner of your screen and click ‘See Rewards’. If you’re using the BeautyMnl app, simply go to the “You” tab. Your total spend is tracked in your VIP Club page during the 12-month earning period. The tracker only updates once your package is marked as ‘Delivered’. Shipping fee is not included in the computation of your total spend. Gold and Platinum members earn 1 Glow Point for every ₱100 spent. Diamond members earn 2 Glow Points for every ₱100 spent. 1 Glow Point = ₱1.

What Are The Benefits of Each Tier?

Note that your rewards from the BeautyMnl VIP Club are individual and non-transferable.

How Do I Redeem My Rewards?

You can use your BeautyMnl Glow Points as a discount for your next purchase.

During checkout, you will have an option to apply your Glow Points to your current cart and deduct this amount from your total bill. Glow Points can be used in conjunction with all modes of payment.

You can track the number of Glow Points you’ve collected in the Glow Points page on your profile.

REMINDER: Glow Points used in a BeautyMnl purchase are forfeited when the order is cancelled.

Get twice the Glow Points on your birthday month.

Your birthday treat will be applied automatically once the month starts and will be active for a period of 31 days. This is regardless of the start date of your VIP Club membership. If your membership status is upgraded or downgraded within your birthday month, the Glow Points you’ll earn will be based on your new membership status.

Four (4) exclusive free shipping promo codes will be sent to you via email as soon as your membership is upgraded to either Platinum or Diamond. This promo code can also be viewed in your VIP Club page. Free shipping can be applied to any order, no minimum spend required.

Apply VIP freebie vouchers at checkout based on your membership tier. Freebies may vary for each tier.

Will My Membership Expire?

You can enjoy the rewards of your current membership status during the benefit period of 12 months.

After the benefit period, if you were not able to reach the minimum spend to maintain your current membership status, your rewards will be downgraded to the status equivalent to your total spend.

Example: If your Platinum membership status starts on Nov 8, 2021, this will expire on Nov 8, 2022. On Nov 8, 2022, your membership status will be updated based on your total spend.

To keep your current membership status from expiring after 12 months, make sure to reach the required total spend. You can track your progress in your spend tracker.

For more questions about the BeautyMnl VIP Club, shoot us a message at