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Zin is the sister company of Whisk, specializing in gourmet salts that are great for garnishes, rubs, and marinades. Using the best of local and imported ingredients, Zin is able to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with quality products.

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About Zin

Foodies in Metro Manila have doubtlessly heard of Whisk salad dressings. Zin is the sister company of the QC-based Whisk, and it follows its brand-sibling’s path, this time taking on the world of gourmet salts and seasonings. Zin gourmet salts all come with reusable bottles, each with a handy adjustable grinder that makes it a snap to add that bit of culinary pizazz you can’t find just anywhere.

Zin gourmet salts are sourced from all over the world, and an astounding variety can be found on Beauty MNL. With products such as Garlic Chili Salt, Himalayan Salt & Black Pepper, Triple Pepper Blend, Himalayan Pink Salt, Coffee Salt, Cajun Salt, Natural Sea Salt, Rosemary Lemon Salt, and their ever-popular Bestsellers Gift Set, you’ll never run out of ways to surprise your palette and keep your family and friends wondering what kind of magic you were adding to their meals.

Get your Zin salts and seasonings, as well as other gourmet goodies at Beauty MNL. No need to go to the other end of town, or another part of the country to find that one magic ingredient. With Beauty MNL, you can have your Zin salts delivered straight to any address in the country.

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