Don’t panic, it’s organic! All-natural, non-allergenic, and of premium quality — that’s what Zenutrients promises with every product. What started in 2007 as a way to create skincare items that addressed the needs of people with allergies and sensitive skin has now become a well-loved brand with a line of delectably pure products for your every need. Each of their offerings is specifically handcrafted to be nothing but good to your skin — so you won’t need to do anything but use them knowing that your skin is in the best of hands.

Therapeutic Massage Oil ZENUTRIENTS
₱358.00 ₱286.00
Green Tea Massage Oil ZENUTRIENTS
₱345.00 ₱276.00

About Zenutrients

If you are looking for a brand that can take care of your worries from head-to-toe, then Zenutrients has got you covered. This brand boasts of using only all-natural ingredients, which are a big plus in today’s line of skin care and hygiene products.

The story behind Zenutrients began with one man’s experience in dealing with hereditary skin ailments. Back in 2007, the brand was simply known as ZEN. The original creator of ZEN and his family suffered from skin asthma and psoriasis. His main goal was to find a natural skin care alternative that can make his skin healthy once more.

He found his answer by using virgin coconut oil, so began bottling and selling it. In no time, he incorporated the magic of virgin coconut oil into other products such as massage oils, lotions, and more. These became a massive hit among people with sensitive skin.

Since Zenutrients’ creams, ointments, lotions, and the like are made from Mother Nature’s creations, they are environmentally friendly and non-toxic to the user. Plus, with an all-Filipino workforce staffing the brand, purchasing anything from Zenutrients supports the local beauty industry.

Even if you are not suffering from any skin illnesses, you can fully enjoy the experience that is Zenutrients. At BeautyMNL, we have dozens of Zenutrients products that will surely satisfy all of your senses and address your needs.

Does your current shampoo fail you with every wash? Switch to Zenutrient’s Gugo Strengthening Shampoo and feel your locks thicken after constant use. Think your lips are slowly chapping? Dab a little bit of Zenutrients’ Strawberry Lip Butter and see the cracks disappear. And if you are in need of a quick spa treatment, order their Spa Set 3 to relax and unwind, without stepping out of your home.

All of Zenutrients’ products are made to rejuvenate, soften, and treat even the most difficult of skin types. So if you are interested in the products by this brand, don’t forget to add them to your BeautyMNL shopping cart.